A Feeling We Should NEVER Ignore

A Feeling We Should NEVER Ignore

Friends, there is something that I have been reminded of that needs to be shared! Overtime in our walk with the Lord, as He brings us closer and deeper into His Life, it seems that now more than ever we are unsure and don’t know! This is actually a good thing! He has broken us more and more over the years, He has broken our NATURAL LIFE with all its own strength, wisdom, and will. He has crushed our plans and left us with nought. All in order that we would not trust in ourselves any longer!

That is just a side note. 🙂

What I want to share today is about a feeling that we should never ignore!

When I was only a few years into my walk with the Lord, even though I did not know what was happening in me and to me because the Spirit was now dwelling in me, I had a very keen sense as to the Spirit and what He was saying in me, even though at that time, I had no idea about the Holy Spirit and what He actually is in us or what He does in us.

I literally had no knowledge of Him, and yet, because His Life was truly in me, His Spirit was able to impress upon my spirit what He was saying, as the mind of Christ in me!

Thankfully, I have all my journals for the past 18 or so years, and every so often, I get the urge to go back and see what I was doing back then and what God was doing in me!

Recently, I was led back to the time when the Lord was working mightily in my heart to open my blinded eyes, and to deliver me from my self! I was in Romans 7 all the way: Doing what I didn’t want to do, and wanting to do what God wanted me to do.

The Lord was making me aware of my deceitful heart. He was showing me how I was unable to keep my word to Him—-my word that I would no longer do X, and then I would turn around and still do it.

I saw my own hypocrisy and hopelessness!

But in this time, friends, there was a feeling that I brought to the Lord that literally was the Spirit of God speaking in my own spirit at the time what I should and should not do!

I wrote something a long the lines of: “Lord, there is this feeling in the center of me that feels sickening, and I don’t know what it means. Why do I have this feeling, Lord? I feel really wrong and uncertain.”

This is the feeling we should NEVER ignore if we belong to the Lord!

It was so strong in me at that time because I was grieving the Spirit in so many ways! And as some time went by, the Lord was faithful to show me exactly what was causing me to feel so unhappy and sick, and it wasn’t until I obeyed Him that the feeling passed!

What I was doing at that time was clearly stated in the Word of God as forbidden by our Lord. And it wasn’t until I literally cut off that thing in my life that this feeling of uncertainty and sickness left!

Have you experienced that? Are you experiencing this right now?

Don’t ignore it! Ask the Lord to clearly show you in His Word what has gone wrong!

This is the Spirit speaking in our spirit— not with audible words, but by a strong feeling within, making us aware of something that is contrary to the mind of God!

What is needed in order to clear that feeling up is obedience to the Spirit in us!

At the time I wrote that, I was not aware of what I was doing against that was contrary to the mind of God. But when He did show me what it was, I was faced with that Word and until I took it to heart, and stopped doing what it said I should never do, I was stuck in that feeling. It wasn’t until I cut off that thing in my life that His true peace and joy and rest flooded my heart!

If we purposefully, willfully place this feeling aside, and continue in our own way, we will be left to ourselves! But if we have a heart that wants to obey God and please Him alone, we will be made to know what we must do and given the strength by His Spirit to obey Him in that!

We can check true spiritual growth by this: when we do something against the mind of God now, we immediately sense the Spirit in us, and we know what we did in that moment that was wrong, and we immediately say, “Lord, place that fault under the Blood”. And then we move forward. If we have true sensitiveness to the Spirit in us, we are able to grow more and more as we put off that old man and stand in the New Man!

I know I’ve shared before that it doesn’t mean that we NEVER do that same thing again, but over time, if we continue to do what the Spirit has made known in us as contrary to God’s mind, we will have a more and more horrible time and feeling after we do that thing again, to the point where we truly give it up because we can not bear to keep grieving the Spirit!

Let us ever seek to be made sensitive to the Spirit in us—for He is willing and able to make us know when we are wrong and when we are not in accordance with the Life of Christ in us!! 🙂



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