A Heart Searching Question!

A Heart Searching Question!


“In holding onto that someone or something, have you really been satisfied or content?”

This question is most heart searching if you allow it to search your heart.

“Holding onto” here is not literal—it is when you cherish something in your heart so much, to the point that if that someone or somthing was taken out of your life, tragically, willfully, or out of your control—— your life would fall apart. It would be the end of all for you.

That Someone

That someone can be anyone—your husband, sister, brother, friend, pet, child, mother, father, best friend, cousin, aunt—–anyone. It can be anyone. And the point is that this someone is someone you are NOT willing to separate from. You are not willing to let go of them. In your mind, you will do whatever it takes to protect that person, keep them alive, and make sure they are in your life. You may even give up your own life, your own time, $, your very heart—–in order to believe that you have “control” in whether they are in your life or not.

But what will search our hearts is this question———-

In holding onto:

  • that relationship
  • that friendship
  • that husband that you can’t make love you
  • that child
  • that parent
  • that sibling
  • that pet

Have you really found satisfaction, and honestly found true contentment?

If we are honest, we will have to say ‘No’.

That Something

That something is much much broader—– it can be ANYTHING.

It can be:

  • your home
  • your money
  • your car
  • your tv
  • your phone
  • your couch
  • your clothes
  • jewelry
  • appliances
  • household items
  • shoes
  • candles
  • lawn mower
  • purse
  • gym membership
  • time
  • bed
  • pictures
  • camera
  • ipod
  • ipad
  • computer

It can go even further to the very issues of our own heart and be:

  • your wisdom
  • ideas
  • reasonings
  • desires
  • interests
  • feelings
  • will

And when all is said and done–and we are faced with a trial that threatens the removal of something we hold oh so dear——– we have GOT to let this question search our heart:

In holding onto those things—-have you honestly found satisfaction and true contentment?

I bet the answer will be ‘No’.

And that is ok!

Are we willing to pay the price?? the loss of ALL things, whether literally or figuratively—in order to gain more knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ?!

Some other questions to consider:

  • what are you holding onto?
  • what can you not imagine having to give up in your life?
  • what are you most afraid of losing in your life?
  • if you had to choose between God and X—which would you choose?
  • are you willing to give up your very rights in order to follow the narrow path?
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