A ‘Heavenly’ Housewife

A ‘Heavenly’ Housewife

Something that has been on my heart lately that I feel the Lord would have us look at is the bringing together the spiritual life, the new way of life in Christ, and the earthly life as a housewife! Perhaps many women are not housewives today, but whether you are a housewife who stays home all the time or not, you are still a wife (or a girlfriend, fiance, sister, friend, daughter), and an employee somewhere—-and what I feel the Lord will have me share at this time applies not only to being a literal housewife, but to whatever occupation you are in at the moment, whether married or single! No one is excluded in this new life in Christ, this new way of life in Christ by the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God is in them!

And just to be clear, when we say “heavenly”, it is the same as saying “spiritual”. It implies that this is a NEW way of life, a different way of life than that of the earthly, worldly way of life that we once knew and lived that was only focused on our self and what we wanted in life, much to our own shame and regret in times past.

Defining “Heavenly”

I don’t know about you, but I too went astray in my own imagination for a while thinking that “heavenly” and “spiritual” meant something that it totally is not. At one time I thought it meant away somewhere out beyond, like some mystical place, something that is above us out in space, and that being spiritual meant that you can’t be in this world or do anything that regular human people do. Like it was wrong to still literally be on earth or something if you are now spiritual.

Thankfully, the Lord cleared that up, and from a different post about what makes a spiritual woman spiritual, we saw that it is just that a spiritual person is any one in whom the Spirit of God is dwelling, and governing! So in the same way, when we talk about heavenly life, we just mean the life of a child of God who is indwelt by the Spirit, and who is being led and governed by the Spirit, from heaven, where Christ is. Whether heaven is an actual “place” somewhere doesn’t matter, what matters is that we recognize that there is a mighty power that is not of this earth, that no man on earth can have or stand up to because it belongs to GOD alone, and it is only by His grace that we ever partake in this Divine nature and power as out from His Life in us—it is never in us as our own possession, it is only in the Holy Spirit that is joined to our spirit.

Having said that, we can focus on the thing at hand, namely a heavenly housewife (or whatever you do)!

Another Source Of Strength

Whether it is being a housewife or being a supermarket cashier, when we are born from above, and the Spirit of God is in us, and is in control of us, so as to lead us in the way we should go that is of God, then we are operating on a daily basis from the strength of Christ’s Risen Life in us, and not our own strength.

Because we have a secret resource of strength that no other human has that is not in Christ, we are called to be far above all those around us who are not operating from the Life of God in them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we are “better” than anyone—- what I am saying is that, because we have the life of Christ as the source of our strength and life, we ought to be able to handle whatever we face in a day in the power of His might. We ought to be able to get done at our home or job what is required, and then some. We are called to be “fervent in business”, not slothful. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit, and enabled by Him to do what we could otherwise never do in and of ourselves, apart from Him!

And just a note to be clear, being filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean we are exempt from physical weakness/sickness and things like that. We are still in theses natural bodies—we haven’t yet received our glorified bodies. But the thing is, even though we are in these dying bodies of weakness and limitation, the Holy Spirit inside of us, at our very center of our being, is able to strengthen our spirit with His MIGHTY POWER THAT RAISED JESUS FROM THE GRAVE, and enable us, even though we are in natural weakness, to do His will each day, whatever it might be. So even if we are sick in our bodies, if the Lord has something for us to do in a day, we are called to exercise faith in His Life in us, and appeal to His life and strength and lay hold of His life in order to be quickened inwardly to do what He is calling us to do!

This also applies to anything we might have to face because chances are, if we are seeking to live by the Spirit, we will definitely be assailed and attacked –spiritually– by the enemy in any way possible. It will come in the form of our children acting especially out of line, things breaking, plans being changed, random insults from all different people—anything that will try to get us to REACT IN THE FLESH. Because here’s the thing, if we react in the flesh, then the enemy WINS! He has succeeded in bringing us down out of our heavenly position in Christ. In that instance, it is for us to seek the Lord inwardly to place our faults under His Blood, and to appeal to His life in us to strengthen us with His might, that we may proceed in the power of His resurrection Life and not our own natural life! And what we find is that we can face all the provocations of the enemy, and get over the enemy by living by faith in Christ’s life in us through it all!

Another Kind Of Character

Not only is our source of strength different when we are living by the Spirit, but we will have a different kind of character in all that we do when we are living out from the Spirit. Whereas once all we could do is complain and throw a pity party for our self about our work, now we are empowered to do our daily work with a heart of joy and patience! We don’t become angry or ungrateful, but rather, we are thankful and we praise the Lord in all that we do because we are not doing it to please men, but we are doing everything as unto the Lord!

If I was sitting with some housewives hypothetically, and all they were doing is complaining about their daily chores and things they had to do at home, and I chimed in with my own complaints, how am I different than they are?

I have the Lord, I don’t feel that way about being a housewife!

I do what I do by faith in the Son of God, and I am thankful and so grateful to be able to live the life of a housewife in the strength and power and might of the Holy Spirit everyday for His glory!

Think of the Lord Jesus when He was on earth—everything He said and did was an EXPRESSION of the Father! In the same way, if we are to express Christ, it is going to be in our daily activity, our daily relationships! In whatever we have to do, the most ordinary obligations, we can express the character of Christ so as to be an abiding testimony to His Risen Life in us!

But be careful here, because this is not just something we can sit down and decide upon to do. We can’t just in our own resolution decide that today, in all that we do, we are going to express Christ. This can only be done as we surrender fully to the HOLY SPIRIT in us, and appeal to the Life of Christ in us to rise up and face each day, each situation as we co-operate with Him! And then as we proceed, we have our minds set on following the Spirit in all things, so as to express Christ and give Him glory!

We must ever remember that the only way Christ is to be seen through us is by us first having faced the Cross and accepting that in Him, we are dead to our self and our natural life in us, and it is now only the Lord and His Spirit! When once we face the Cross, and it should be a daily thing, then the Lord has an open way to work in us to will and to do of His good pleasure!

Our daily life and what He has called us to do each day is not about us or what we get out of it or for our own benefit in any way—or it is not of God at all. When we are living by the Spirit, we know now that everything is FOR and BY the Lord in us, for HIS PURPOSES! Realizing this will also save us from ever getting upset when things don’t go our way in any day or way.

Behaving Like New Women

One other thing that we should look at is just the summing up of the past two things: heavenly behavior. If we are truly being led by the Spirit, we will be behaving in an altogether new way than we once did when we were not living by the Spirit! The Holy Spirit within as Lord has an incredible super-natural ability to transform us from the inside out, so that how we behave is truly different and it grows progressively as we more and more surrender to the Spirit, and apply the Cross to what is of the old man and the old way of living!

And remember, this is a progressive thing! No one becomes a complete expression of Christ over night. It is over a our lifetime! But nevertheless, we must keep our eyes on the thing at hand, and press on towards the prize of the on-high calling in Christ! We must ever keep our eyes and heart open to the Lord to work in us towards His object in view which is a people who are filled with all the fullness of Christ! In other words, a people who are spiritual, who are spiritually mature in Him.

And the only way to God’s desired end in view is as we continually face the Cross each day, allowing it to put to death in us everything that is NOT Christlike, and putting on what is Christlike.

God has a heavenly way of life for His people, and it is our lifetime journey here on earth to learn this heavenly way so that the Lord will have a living representation of His mind about things in the earth! That is the goal here—the desired end of God!

Doesn’t that just cut out from underneath us everything we ever thought life was for and about!?

If we belong to God and are moving with Him by the Spirit, we will face this sooner or later—that God has a specific purpose for calling us up and out of this world system—- to become conformed to the heavenly way of life, in order to be a living representation of the mind of God here in the earth!

Let us seek the Lord for this way of life, that He will have an open way to work it in us for His glory and purposes! 🙂



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