Are They Seeing The Grace Of God In Us?

Are They Seeing The Grace Of God In Us?

If we belong to the Lord and have been given His Life–eternal Life in the Son—and we are seeking to live according to His Life in us—then we must know what it is all for—what it is all about! Why we have been given this new Life in Christ–and what the Lord intends for it to do in us!

And not surprisingly, the Lord has made provision for us to come to see and know by His Spirit how this new Life He has given to us is to be expressed and manifested, and for what purposes. He has given us the Bible and in it, if we are enabled by the Spirit to see what is really under all the words, we will have a whole new world opened to us that has to do with the Heavenly life! We will gain insight about the practical matters of our everyday life, if the Holy Spirit enables us as we surrender our whole mind, heart, and body to Him, to be quickened with His energizing Life to see what the Spirit is saying in it all!

Before Others

One of the most practical problems that we all face in this new life in Christ is the problem of having to live with difficult people. Whether they be:

  • an unsaved husband
  • a difficult, negative person
  • a controlling, harsh family member
  • an unloving, heartless person
  • a very strong-willed child

Whatever the case may be—we are all in situations where we have to live closely to someone who is not the most easy to get along with, let alone have a marriage or family relationship with, or any kind of relationship. How hard it is to work for someone who is never satisfied and who is controlling! But no matter the person, or situation—we have been given something that is beyond this world for the everyday, practical matters that arise in connection to these relationships!

New Life & Grace

That something is the most important thing to us now—it is the Divine Life of Christ that has been implanted in us by the Spirit of God that is joined to our spirit! It is God Himself dwelling in our spirit by the Holy Spirit. DEATHLESS LIFE dwelling in us by faith! That alone should wake us up to the boundless resources available in Christ that we are to take hold of by faith for every need and situation!

Now because we have the Life in the Son, we are called to a whole new way of life in Him. We are being taught as sons what is this new life, and how it is worked out in us. That is why we go through trials and sufferings, in order that it will bring us to God and to discover the potentialities of this new Life in us to see us through the whole situation for His Glory. And it is the knowledge of the Lord that leads us in all growth spiritually!

So when it comes to dealing with any person in our lives, we have the Life of Christ in us, which is stronger than any force of death, to see us through by His grace in responding and reacting to those around us so as to show forth the excellencies of Him who has called us up and out of darkness into the glorious Light of life!

What Do They See In Us?

We will get right down to the point here—What are those around us seeing in us on a daily basis? Who are they seeing in us? Are they seeing US in our natural life and strength and mind and wisdom and will? Or are they seeing the grace of God in us, seeing Christ Jesus flowing from us as the new Life from within us in all that we say and do?

  • When our husbands look at us, can they see that we are totally surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ by the way we speak and act and live?
  • Or do they continually see US and our own desires and wants being sought out?
  • Are they seeing that we are for the will of God alone, and not our own will in all things?
  • Are they seeing us assert our self in different situations and decisions, or are they seeing the Lord in His peaceful, quiet, self-controlled Spirit in all situations flowing out from us?

Of course, none of us is perfect, and people are bound to see a little bit of us naturally because we are not yet perfected in Christ—– but if we are living by the Lord’s life, and seeking to follow Him in a new manner of life—then those around us ought to see the grace of God in us, and how He has taken over our lives, and how He has transformed us from a selfish person in ourselves, to a new person made in the image of Christ!

There should be progression in our life—whereas before the Lord got a hold of us, all people saw was our selfish desires and our angry words and our jealousies and our hurtful attitudes and actions. Now, if we are truly born from above, there should be a continual progression and shedding of all that was from the old life! All the anger, malice, selfishness, and such things should be continually let go, and replaced by the Spirit of God and His fruit in us! So that the result is that those around us are beginning to see that we have been changed from the inside out—we are not like we once were.

We are living differently because we have been given new life in Christ! 

And when we go through trying situations, those around us will see that we have faith, a peaceful rest in God because we have come to know Him and His faithfulness towards us.

  • They will see peace when there naturally should be anxiety.
  • They will see joy when naturally all should be despair!

It will become apparent that we are not living off of the strength of our own natural feelings or will or strength. The strength we possess will be seen to be from another source, and not from our selves!

One of the most apparent ways that our new life in manifested is when someone, whether a child or husband or co-worker or whoever—is coming at us in anger or frustration or maybe they are just really hungry and can’t control themselves at the moment and are freaking out about whatever. In this situation, when we are able, by the grace of God working in us to respond gently, not being offended at all, but calmly listening and waiting for them to get them self under control—-that is victory!!!! That is victory!

At one time, we could not respond like this because we were living out from our own natural life. We immediately got offended and we responded in anger or worse to their anger. We could not control ourselves at one time—we felt powerless to respond in any kind of right way. We were so offended, we could not help but be bitter and spiteful in return for their unkind acts towards us!

But now, in Christ, we have come to see that this world is not our home, and we are not fighting a fleshly battle any longer—we are in a spiritual life in Christ, with spiritual weapons! We have a knowledge, a secret strength within us through the Life of Christ, that enables us to see angry people in a different light. And because we are living in a new realm in the power of a new life, we no longer respond to those around us the way we used to.

Now, it is by the grace of God that we respond, and when all is said and done—they begin to see that we are different, and we have been changed, and they will come in this way to see that what we have is what they need in their own life. Not all will see this—but perhaps those around us will see, by God’s grace, what He has done in us!

If we are married to an unbeliever, and we are professing Christ and that He is Lord and God, and that our husband needs Jesus, then they see us getting bitter, angry, yelling, being selfish, being resentful or anything that is clearly the opposite of what we are professing to believe in—what is that saying to them? It surely is not saying that the grace of God is powerful and that He has changed us! If we profess to be living for God and His will, and then our husbands suggest something or a different way than us, or whatever—and they see us asserting what WE want all the time, and trying to control them and the plans—-will they believe that we have been changed? Sadly, they will be pushed further away from the Lord and all that He is and means for us. They will be turned off by it all together—not drawn to it!

Or if we are married to a believer, and we actually do share the same Life in Christ, and then our husbands do something whether intentional or not—that hurts us, and we get bitter, angry, upset and retaliate in any way that is un-Christlike—will they be seeing the grace of God and the love of the brethren in us?! Certainly not! If we do this continually—and show no sign of growth in Christ and do not forgive and move forward on our oneness with them in Christ—they will begin to think we are false and not truly of God at all, which may produce more issues in the marriage than are necessary!

Whatever the case—whoever the person—- it is for us to take heed to this new life in Christ, this new way of life, and all that it entails—and by faith, lay hold on eternal life for our body, spirit, and souls—in order that Christ will be expressed and manifested, and that the grace of God will be shown forth to all those around us!

Let this word search our hearts, and bring us to see what the Lord has given to us in His Son for the everyday matters of life! 🙂


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