Are You DEATH-GRIPPING This Life And World?

Are You DEATH-GRIPPING This Life And World?

Friends, I want us to seriously ask ourselves this question: Am I building a kingdom in this world?

For time?

For this life?

Is all I ever work for right now about my life here and now?

Is all I care about and worry about having to do with the temporary things and affairs of this world?

  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Health
  • Money
  • Job
  • Life working out the way I want it to
  • Pleasures of this life

These are the things that the world focuses on, not God. 

God is not building a kingdom here, or seeking to win the nations back. That “christian” song is from the devil not the Spirit of God.

God is taking people OUT OF THIS WORLD spiritually in all these generations past, a people for Himself, and He tells us in His Word that we are to be as PILGRIMS AND STRANGERS here, not building any kind of kingdom here!

Jesus Himself warned us in Luke that we need to keep our HEARTS free from all the THINGS OF THIS LIFE and the CARES OF THIS LIFE because it WEIGHS US DOWN.

If all we are focused on is holding onto and building up OUR LIFE HERE ON EARTH —— we are in for a rude awakening!


So many people, including myself, have sought God to know His will in situations PERTAINING TO THIS LIFE only, and have not ever gotten a clear answer or heard from Him specifically what they ought to do.

It never occurred to me until today that the reason is because GOD IS NOT FOCUSING ON THIS LIFE, He tells us to LET GO OF THIS LIFE in order to find the TRUE LIFE in HIM!

So many people, including myself, have been caught up trying to figure out God’s will in terms of temporary situations such as their work, money, children, marriages, etc. And all the while, the Lord is silent because unless we are concerned about doing God’s will for HIS OWN PURPOSES and pleasure, not for the here and now, but for eternity, He has nothing to say to us!!!!

All He has to say is that we are to LET GO OF OUR LIFE HERE, take our hands OFF of this world, and surrender our entire being up to HIM!

God is not concerned about whether we put our kids in public school or private school friends. These things are temporal and have no eternal value unless GOD’S WILL is DONE IN THESE things for His glory!

The things themselves (money, job, marriage, kids lives, etc.) are not what matters—- it is whether or not we do God’s will in terms of them all, which comes down to SURRENDERING THEM TO GOD, and giving it all up to Him in our hearts, and allowing HIM to give or take away according to His own will and purposes!

But if all we are doing is death-gripping these things of this life, and worrying about making them work out right, or accomplishing our own will in and through them —- we are not in the way of God and we are to take this as a serious warning!

Foolish Time Wasters

I grieve over the utter waste of time I spent on focusing on how to FIX MY LIFE that was TOTALLY CHAOTIC and falling apart because I did not LOVE GOD!

I was death gripping my life, my marriage, my son’s life, our money — EVERYTHING.

I was consumed by it all, trying to make it work how I WANTED it to go — only for it all to fall apart over and over and over!

GOD IN HIS LOVE AND MERCY saved me FROM MYSELF and finally opened my eyes to the utter foolishness of wasting my time on these things and He asked me to LAY IT ALL DOWN and let HIM decide what I should or shouldn’t have in my life!

And the Lord was pleased to give everything back to me, when I realized it no longer mattered if I had these things or not, as long as I was doing God’s will!


Don’t Waste Your Time

If you were like me trying to fix things here, trying to build my own little kingdom here, always focusing on the here and now, and the things of this life —- please hear what the Lord is saying — it is a WASTE OF TIME.

Every single thing on this earth is going to BURN TO THE GROUND!

Nothing, no marriage, no school, no bank account, no car, no house, no NOTHING is going to be brought into HEAVEN —- it will all PERISH!

Why are we wasting our time focusing on what is going to DEFINITELY BURN?!

So what if our kids don’t go to some private school?! So what if our car is 20 years old! So what if our house is not a million dollar mansion?! So what if we only have $40 to our name?!


I am as weak as you friend, whoever you are. I’ve been down and out — but I’ve never gone without. I always had my parents to take care of me if things were THAT bad. I’ve always had help in this world, just like the rest of this pampered and spoiled society. And I honestly don’t know what it’s like to seriously have nothing and be naked and starving. Most of us have never known that, and probably never will, thanks be to God.

But in the midst of all this, in the midst of God allowing us the temporary comforts and things here, can you honestly say that He is making you to HATE THIS WORLD?

I know He has been doing that with me over the past few years.

I see, by His Grace alone, the futility of the things of this earth and life. They will not matter in the end. It will all be burned.

When my 8 year old gets upset about his stupid toys breaking or anything pertaining to what will burn, I remind him that IT’S ONLY A TOY and you CAN’T BRING IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE!

I want it to be ingrained in his mind that THIS LIFE IS PASSING AWAY and there is NOTHING  more important than JESUS CHRIST!

Free yourself up friend from the weight of this perishing world, and seek the Lord our God with every part of you, and be freed from the things that only hold you back from coming into the true joy and freedom that is only found in Jesus Christ!

If you are in a country where there is nothing like the disgusting spoiledness of America, you are BLESSED my friend! You have an opportunity to know the Lord like most people in America never will because they rely on themselves and all the comforts they have here! If you have nothing, you are in the BEST PLACE to know Christ in fullness because He can’t fill up what is not EMPTY!

The Lord has taught my heart to not put any hope or trust in VAIN RICHES. They will BURN. They have no power!

It is the Lord alone who is our Help, and HE alone is our fountain of ALL RESOURCES!

Let us set down any weight of this world we have been trying to carry, and come to the Lord Jesus, and surrender it all up to Him, letting go of this life, and offering up all that we are to Him and His will — that we might become spiritual women who love God above ALL, and who wait upon Him, and do only that which He asks us to do for His own purposes and glory!



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