Becoming Christ-like Women

Becoming Christ-like Women

Are you concerned about becoming Christlike?

Isn’t this the thing that has become so totally misunderstood, so as to lead many Christians in the wrong direction entirely—to the point where we most likely believed at one point that we had to literally imitate Christ. We had to see what Christ was like, and then imitate Him in our own natural strength and life. We made lists of Christ-characteristics, and we told ourselves we would follow this list of things to be like Christ. But what we found was that, it was impossible. We knew in our mind that we shouldn’t do this or that, because it wasn’t very Christ-like, yet we found ourselves doing that over and over at the slightest provocation.

For example, we all know, even unbelievers know, that yelling and screaming is really not the best course to take when trying to get your spouse to understand you. It is not rocket science to know that we shouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, etc. Yet—- no matter how hard a person tries, they will never be able to master those things because given the right circumstances, any person in their natural life will succumb to those knowingly wrong behaviors when under the right pressure and circumstances.

For the longest time, especially in trying to become a godly wife, it seems that we try over and over to not get mad, to not be selfish, to not do this and that or the other thing. We made resolutions to NEVER do that again. Yet, we find ourselves doing the same old thing and it leads us to the point of despair eventually when we realize it is impossible to imitate Christ, even though we believe He has delivered us from these God-forsaken behaviors!

So What Is The Answer?

If only I knew then what I know now—- and that is why I MUST pass this on to you sister!

The only way that we ever become more like Christ is by the Holy Spirit opening our inner eyes, and granting us revelation in the knowledge of God in Christ. 

I know how hard this was for me to grasp–I’m talking, it’s been YEARS now that I’ve been trying to understand and seeking God to understand what this means. And even in the midst of not really grasping it, the Lord was doing this very thing that I am going to attempt to explain as the Lord enables me.

For the first 2 years of marriage, my husband had never failed to remind me that I wasn’t “changing”. My sorry’s meant nothing eventually because I would keep doing the same things over and over. I knew I was wrong, and I felt sorry for doing the things I knew were wrong like getting mad at him, yelling, being irritated and never content, controlling, etc. But even though I knew in my own mind that these things were wrong and unacceptable, I couldn’t stop no matter how or what I tried to get myself to stop reacting in the flesh–for that is really all it was!

I prayed, asked the Lord to change me for years. I kept clinging to some hope that the Lord would come in and make me different! He would somehow change me so that I wouldn’t do these things anymore. I was hoping for that, and it never came or happened. I gave up repeatedly, and felt as though I was walking around in the dark, not knowing what the heck the Lord wanted from me, since I kept asking Him to take over my life and make me different.

What was He doing then all those years that I struggled? He was making me to see just how utterly hopeless it was for me to ever try to imitate Him, or try to be godly without His Spirit behind it and in charge of it all. He allowed this to be drawn out over YEARS, years of no inward change, no true character transformation, no true anything, all in order that I would come to the point where I actually, truly GAVE UP.

At the point of SERIOUSLY giving up, that is when what I described above as the Holy Spirit opening my inner eyes and granting me revelation of the knowledge of God in Christ, happened.

When this happens to us, it is as if a flood of light comes into our inner man, our heart, our understanding, it is in our mind, and the thing that the Holy Spirit lights up becomes something that literally changes us from that point on.

We call it “seeing”,” the eyes of our heart being enlightened”, as the Word says.

What the Spirit lighted up in my heart that day to deliver me from the constant cycle of sin and defeat was: that in the Cross of Christ, I died as a member of the sinful human race in Adam, and with myself died all my personal interests for life. This is something that only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us inwardly.

When He reveals it to us, we are delivered from:

  • getting mad at our husbands because they aren’t doing what we want for us
  • yelling, screaming, throwing fits because we want our own way
  • feeling offended by our husbands behavior/choices

All the things that have to do with “I” and “ME” no longer have power over us when we see with the inner eyes by the revelation of the Holy Spirit the actual meaning of the CROSS of Christ.

This is what we call spiritual knowledge. It is this lighting up of Christ by revelation of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, and it ALWAYS produces transformation and true character change when it happens. That is how we know if we have any true spiritual knowledge, if it really has brought us to the point where now that we “see” this thing, we can NEVER be the same again. It produces that kind of change in us, and that is how we know it is from the Spirit, because we could NEVER know this or have the power in it to change if it was just something we received into our natural mind as more information.

(Perfect Example of this: If you have ever seen the movie “Fireproof”—you know the part where Caleb is sitting at the computer, and the pop-up window of the girl pops up, and he goes to click on it to see her naked probably, and something stops him from clicking on it (implies that the Holy Spirit was now in him and he couldn’t do those things anymore). He gets up and reads the Love Dare for that day, and it is all about parasites and how anything that steals his time, attention, and money is a parasite and can not be tolerated, especially in a good marriage. After reading those words, Caleb looks up at the computer across the room (implying that he has just seen with the eyes of his heart by the Holy Spirit that the computer is a parasite and needs to be destroyed!). He then proceeds to obey the Spirit in him, prompting him to destroy any parasite that is stealing his time, attention, and distracting him in his marriage and life, and he rips the computer out of the wall and takes it outside and smashes it to pieces with a baseball bat! What this scene in the movie is really showing is that the Holy Spirit is active inside of him, and is showing him by revelation that he can no longer do the things he once did, and he must get rid of it all, and because he “saw” with the eyes of his heart that day, he could NEVER be the same again!)

This is why Paul got on his knees to pray for the saints that their hearts would be enlightened and that they might be granted a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God and Christ—because Paul knew that it would be the ONLY WAY for anyone to ever grow spiritually and unto the full stature of Christ.

This is the only way we grow spiritually and become Christ-like women!

PRAISE THE LORD I SEE! I did not see this for a REALLY long time! But now I see it—I see that it simply comes down to this: we can not control our own growth or transformation into Christ-likeness. All we can do is seek the Lord for His Spirit to truly open our eyes and give us a fuller revelation of CHRIST in our hearts, so that true change is made and that we may reach unto His desired ends for us in becoming like Christ and expressing Christ in this life and world.

Another example of this revelation of the Spirit that creates true change: when I saw that I do not have the strength in myself to overcome anything, but rather, it was for me to appeal to the Lord’s life WITHIN ME to rise up and face the situation as I co-operate with Him!

Or take the whole revelation of LIVING BY THE LIFE OF CHRIST—-I had to see by the Spirit’s illumination in my heart that now that I am buried in my self, I must only live by the very Life of Christ in me if ever the Lord’s purposes will be reached in my life.

In each instance that the Holy Spirit lighted up something in my heart, after I truly saw it in that moment, MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED and I CAN NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. Once I saw these things, I could never resort back to the OLD WAY. I was literally delivered from the thing I couldn’t overcome because I saw by revelation of the Holy Spirit something of Christ, and it literally was the power to change me from the inside out. Once I saw these things, I was different. I wasn’t getting mad anymore. I wasn’t easily irritated. I wasn’t focused on my self. Everything changed because of this “seeing”.

And so, because I can see now how the Lord is seeking to transform us to become women who are Christ-like, I share it with you, and ask that if you have not had this experience, where the Holy Spirit truly opened your eyes and you saw something that literally changed you from the inside out, that you might seek the Lord for this, and ask Him to faithfully lead you in this way, so that you will have eyes to see, and ears to hear His Spirit! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Becoming Christ-like Women

  1. Wow. This was extremely powerful. The first few paragraphs describe me to a T. I do feel like giving up and continuing to seek God anyway. I have accepted that I, like Paul, might never have this thorn removed but I’ve finally come to the point where even so I still must persist in trying not to make my husband suffer for it.

    1. SIC,

      Refresh my memory about what is going on in your marriage. I wouldn’t even know where to look in all April’s comments! I’m not sure if you mean that it is a thorn in the flesh that you can’t stop doing the things you don’t want to do, or if it is another issue that I don’t remember!! 🙂

      Lots of love,

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