Blog Timeline

Blog Timeline

Here you can enjoy seeing each post in chronological order if that might be easier for you to navigate! 🙂

2/15/18 Simple Housewife

2/13/18 Submission For ‘Dummies’

2/12/18 “Men Are Not Women” — & Other Obvious Things No One Really Knows

2/11/18 The Unsatisfied Wife

2/3/18 Learning From Other People’s Mistakes

1/31/18 What Happens When You Let Your Guard Down

1/16/18 Should A Christian Wife/Mom Work? – Part Two

1/15/18 Should A Christian Wife/Mom Work? – Part One


12/14/17 Filled With All Joy & Peace In Believing!

10/27/17 “I Want To Have A Peaceful, Gentle, & Quiet Spirit!”

10/23/17 Nobody Wants To Die

10/17/17 Letting Go Of What We Want!

10/12/17 Lip Service Is Free!

10/11/17 Even If Your Dreams Come True — You Won’t Be Satisfied!

9/28/17 Are You Feeling Miserable, Resentful, & Powerless In Life?

9/16/17 Dead To Self-Interest, Alive Unto God

9/5/17 Learning To Be Happy With Yourself

9/2/17 Have You Always Been Rejected In This World?

9/1/17 Are You DEATH-GRIPPING This Life And World?

8/31/17 Foolish Faith

8/29/17 Losing Your Appetite For All Except God

8/21/17 The Lord’s Desire For A Surrendered HEART

8/15/17 Trials Of This Life Are His Mercies In Disguise!

8/10/17 Is Your Heart Hunger Truly Satisfied?

8/7/17 The Rest & Peace That Are Found In Accepting God’s Will

7/28/17 Are You Praying For Restoration When Life Falls Apart?

7/27/17 Finding In God What You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

7/8/17 Loving Him, Just For Him

7/7/17 Living Totally Dependent On God In A Self-Sufficient World

6/28/17 Waiting On God To Fulfill His Will

6/3/17 How To Show The Ones You Love That You Value Your Relationship

5/27/17 Introspection Leads To Spiritual Death

5/26/17 For Those Being Attacked & Who Are Feeling Hopeless!

5/18/17 It Is Not What I Am, But What Christ Is That Matters!

4/19/17 The Greatest Man Repellant

4/3/17 I Want To Feel Beautiful & Wanted & Have Self-Esteem!!!

3/29/17 It’s All About ME, Right?

3/23/17 A Feeling We Should NEVER Ignore!

3/20/17 The Things That Happen To Us

3/17/17 When Your Husband Is Trying To Fill The Void In His Heart

3/16/17 When You Feel Like The Lord Has Left You

3/13/17 Distraction Steals Your Life!

3/9/17 “It’s Like Two People Living In A Small House Who Can’t Stand To Be Around Each Other!”

3/8/17 What Truly Delivers Us From Continual Failure In The Christian Life

3/7/17 He Throws Us Into It And We Don’t Know What To Do!

3/6/17 Putting Our Problem In Proper Perspective

3/5/17 When Your Husband Is Giving Up On God

2/27/17 When You Feel Like Giving Up In The Christian Life

2/25/17 For The Spiritually Defeated And Weary

2/22/17 Feeling Like It’s Never Enough

2/19/17 Living Triumphantly In The Midst Of Difficulty

2/16/17 When You “Just Can’t Do This Anymore!”

2/14/17 A ‘Heavenly’ Housewife

2/13/17 What Is Gained By Reckoning Ourselves Dead By The Cross

2/10/17 Becoming Christ-Like Women

2/9/17 The Process Of Being Truly Transformed By Christ

2/6/17 Stop Trying To Fix Your Marriage!

2/5/17 Are They Seeing The Grace of God In Us?

2/4/17 “This Is Not Working. I am NOT Getting What I Want!”

2/2/17 The Biggest Mistake A Wife Can Make

1/28/17 Lifting Marriage Onto Higher Ground

1/26/17 Earthly Life According To The Mind Of God

1/22/17 Dealing With A Really Negative Man or Person

1/18/17 “Seeing” Christ Jesus—The Freedom From ALL Bondage!

1/17/17 “I Become Weak In Order That….”

1/16/17 “Every Plan I Ever Had Did Not Go My Way In Order That….”

1/15/17 “I Despaired Of My Self In Order That….”

1/14/17 “My Marriage Fell Apart In Order That…”

1/13/17 “I Lost My Job/Money In Order That…..”

1/12/17 “The Consequences Of A Wrong Step Happened In Order That….”

1/11/17 “This Happened In Order That….”

1/6/17 Giving Your Husband His Rightful Place

1/4/17 “I Let Go To God, And Nothing Is Happening Or Changing.”


12/31/16 Let Us Reflect On This Past Year!

12/28/16 “I Feel Like I Have To Earn My Husband’s Love!”

12/24/16 The #1 Reason Women Become Discontent In Marriage

12/23/16 He Says I’m Crazy, I Say I’m Hurt

12/22/16 Are You Discouraged? Depressed? At Your Wit’s End?

12/18/16 “I Thought Things Were Going Great In My Marriage, What Happened?”

12/14/16 “I Shouldn’t Have Said That!”

12/13/16 “I Want To Be Close To Christ, But I’m Too Sinful.”

12/8/16 The Things Of This World Grow Strangely Dim

12/7/16 “I Have To Ask My Husband First.”

12/5/16 Why God Risks Our Rebellion

11/23/16 The Way To His Heart—By This Apple Pie!

11/22/16 “If It Were Me, I would….”—Words That Kill!

11/18/16 What To Do When You Really Are Right and He Is Wrong!

11/15/16 How To Give Your Man The Right Kind Of Love!-Part 2

11/14/16 How To Give Your Man The Right Kind Of Love!- Part 1

11/11/16 Ways To Accept Him As He Is

11/10/16 The Power Of Not Assuming Things!

11/9/16 How To Draw Your Husband Out Of His Shut-down Mode

11/8/16 The Difference Between Showing Him Love & Showing Him Respect

11/7/16 Becoming The Wife He Needs!

11/4/16 When You Feel Like Everything You Do Is Unnoticed

11/2/16 When Your Husband Says, “I don’t need you to tell me what to do”

10/30/16 How God Has Used My Marriage To Bring Healing & Growth In Christ-Part 3

10/29/16 How God Has Used My Marriage To Bring Healing & Growth In Christ-Part 2

10/28/16 How God Has Used My Marriage To Bring Healing & Growth In Christ-Part 1

10/26/16 ” I Say I Trust God, But Then I Freak Out When Things Don’t Go My Way.”

10/25/16 How Much Of Christ Is In Your Marriage?

10/24/16 What Marriage Is Really All About!

10/23/16 What The Lord Has Shown A Precious Wife!

10/22/16 “What Do You Mean, He’s Right?”

10/21/16 “I’m Afraid To Ask Him For Help.”

10/20/16 “I Hate Being Naggy, Resentful, and Miserable All The Time.”

10/19/16 Control Issues

10/17/16 Could He Just Be Stressed?

10/15/16 Should We Be Independent In Marriage?

10/13/16 When You Find Out He Lied To You

10/12/16 But, I Feel So Hurt!

10/11/16 Squashing satan!

10/10/16 Satan’s #1 Object!

10/7/16 Deciding To Be Thankful, Even When I Don’t Get What I Want

10/6/16 Dealing With A Husband Who Doesn’t Comfort You In Sadness

10/5/16 The Key To Intimacy In Marriage: Accepting Your Man, As Is

10/03/16 God’s Confirmation Is Sweeter Than Honey

09/30/16 When Is It My Turn?

09/29/16 But, He Owes Me An Apology!

09/28/16 The Way To God’s Presence Is Not By Being Perfect

09/27/16 Reacting To One Another On The Ground of Christ

09/26/16 Feelings: the devil’s playground

09/23/16 Why Does the devil Hate Us So?

09/22/16 Marriage: The Target of the Enemy

09/20/16 Given the Right Circumstances

09/19/16 A Heart Searching Question

09/16/16 On Seeking God Alone For Answers

09/15/16 The Fear Behind Allowing Your Husband to Treat You Toxically

09/14/16 Responding To Toxicity in Marriage

09/13/16 Is It Him? Or Is It Me?

09/12/16 Why Do I Want To Change?

09/07/16 The Cross At Work In You

09/06/16 From Fear to Faith!

08/29/16 Day 40- A Real Life Example Of Contentment in Every Circumstance!

08/25/16 Day 39- Delighting Myself In The Lord!

08/23/16 Day 38- Overcoming Starts in the Mind

08/22/16 Day 37- When You Let Things Affect You

08/18/16 Day 36- When Your Heart is Torn

08/17/16 Day 35- Murmuring is Rebellion!

08/15/16 Day 34- Murmuring = Ungodliness

08/13/16 The Desires Of Your Heart- From The Archives

08/11/16 Day 33- Overcoming Discontentment

08/10/16 Day 32- Heaven on Earth

08/09/16 Day 31- Won’t Marriage Solve ALL My Problems??

08/08/16 Day 30- As a “Homebody”

08/04/16 Day 29- When Your Husband Doesn’t Want to “Talk”

08/03/16 Day 28- A Precious Lesson From the Wilderness

08/02/16 Day 27- What Is God Doing?

08/01/16- Day 26- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 2 Con’t

07/30/16 Special Reminder To Any Reader 🙂 

07/29/16 Free E-Book Download (My “Wilderness” Experience)

07/29/16 Day 25- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 2

07/28/16 Day 24- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 1 Con’t

07/27/16 Day 23- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 1

07/25/16 Day 22- By The Hand of God

07/24/16 Day 21- Humility Precedes All True Contentment

07/03/16- 3 Weeks in the “Wilderness”

07/01/16 Day 20- Knowing Him Inwardly

06/29/16 Day 19-You Must Be Born Again

06/25/16 Day 18- Your Own Interests

06/22/16 Day 17- Emptiness

06/17/16 Day 16- The Single Most Important Thing For Life and Contentment!

06/14/16 Lightbulb Moment 

06/14/16 Day 15- Holding Onto His Promises

06/13/16 Day 14- My Outward Comfort Was Taken!

06/11/16 Eve & Idols Part Three

06/10/16 Day 13- Love & Affliction

06/09/16 Eve & Idols Part Two

06/08/16 Eve & I dols Part One

06/07/16 Day 12- Dealing with Bitterness

06/06/16 Day 11- His Will Is My Will

06/05/16 Day 10- The “Duty”

06/03/16 Encouragement For Wives!

06/03/16 Day 9- Adding a Burden

06/02/16 Day 8- By Way of Subtraction

06/01/16   Day 7- The “Mystery” of Contentment

05/31/16   Day 6- True Heart Confession In Prayer (My Own Example)

05/30/16   Day 5- Letting Go Of All Things To Gain Christ

05/27/16   Day 4- You Can’t Just Refrain From Complaining And Call That Contentment

05/26/16    Day 3-The Desires of Your Heart

05/25/16    Day 2- Surrendering to God’s Will

05/24/16   Day 1- Test Your Heart For Idols!

05/23/16    Join Me For A 40 Day Journey On Contentment

05/19/16    Why Am I Never Happy?

05/18/16 The Day My Eyes Were Opened 



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