Contentment Day 11- His Will IS My Will

Contentment Day 11- His Will IS My Will


“You must make God’s providential will and his operative will, your will as well as God’s will, and in this way you must come to contentment. A Christian makes over his will to God, and in making over his will to God, he has no other will but God’s.

Burroughs p. 31


This is a step above just desiring God’s will. It is actually accepting and making God’s will your own will. It is accepting every moment of each day as God’s will, knowing that He is sovereign over ALL things, and especially the life of His child. It is taking every situation to the Throne of God and seeking His will, His plans, His mind on the matter, and accepting nothing less that His. It is desiring what God desires.

This is how we come to be content, when we surrender to God, and accept that what comes into our lives each day, is only because HE has allowed it. His purpose is to bring glory to Himself, and He does this in so many ways.

Jesus “came to do the will of His Father who sent Him”. The words “thy will be done” were the driving force behind all that Jesus did. The Bible says he poured out His soul unto death. The soul is that part of our inner man which is made up of the natural will, mind, and emotions. Jesus denied Himself (soul) by never acting out from His own plans, desires, outside influences, thoughts, or anything that we as humans normally do without even knowing it. He never did anything that was not inspired solely by the Spirit of God working in Him.

It is that undivided heart that is wholly given up to do the will of God. If we have any personal interests, any second considerations other than that of God’s glory and His will, we will not be content because we have other desires that are waging war against the Spirit of God within our heart.

I used to get SO upset when I was stuck behind a slow driver. I was so in a rush in my own heart to just get to where I was going, I couldn’t even stand to be stuck behind a slow car. It caused turmoil in my own soul and anxiety–thinking I would be late, I need to move faster, etc. etc. But then one day, I read a devotional or something from a book, I don’t recall what, but God showed me that I got so mad about the slow cars that I came in contact with every day (talk about repeat trials), because it was MY WILL that I was solely living by. I wanted to go faster. I wanted to be free to move and not stuck behind someone else totally out of my control. I WANTED CONTROL! I couldn’t be content if I WASN’T IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING!

Now, I am in no rush whatsoever. That silly lesson has stuck with me to the point that if I get behind a slow driver, I am happy! Because I know God is in control, and He has allowed this hold up for whatever reason. I can be content because God is on the throne, and not the car in front of me, and not my own self.

This is a life long process—-I am definitely still learning what it means to have NO other will but His. It is hard. We have to constantly seek God to search our own hearts and reveal to us what is hidden, what things we are willing that are not of Him.

The greatest indicator that we are after our own will is when we get disappointed. It can be about anything. If we are disappointed, it is because we had expectations, and our own desires and will apart from God’s.

But when God’s will is our will, when we accept whatever comes our way, knowing He is working all things for good and for His glory, we can be content no matter what!

That is restful, that is peaceful. That is the way to contentment.

When we are filled with God’s Spirit, the Bible says it is God who is working in us to will and to do of HIS GOOD PLEASURE!!!

We can never resolve in our own hearts to do the will of God. HE must carry it out from His life within us! We can do nothing. Our works are as filthy rags, the Bible says.

We must surrender our whole being, all of our lives, every part of our lives, to Him, and allow His Spirit to fill us up, and carry out God’s will!

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