contentment day 16- the single most important thing that is essential for life and for remaining in God’s will and in full contentment

contentment day 16- the single most important thing that is essential for life and for remaining in God’s will and in full contentment



“A Christian, then, whatever he lacks he can make it up, for he has a kingdom in himself: ‘the kingdom of God is within you’.”  Burroughs p.43


“…..there is a Kingdom of God within the soul, such a manifestation of God in the soul as is enough to content the heart of any godly man in the world, the Kingdom that he now has within him.”  Burroughs p.44

“Thus we learn by experience that the Lord is equal to every situation, that Christ has what we need. Instead of being discouraged, we carry about a spirit of victory, although we have not more strength in us than before. We are just as unable in ourselves as we have ever been. But we begin to discover how capable the Lord is, how great His fulness is in our emptiness. He is the Strength in our weakness, He is the Wisdom for our foolishness. Our resources are no longer earthly resources, they are heavenly resources in Christ.T. Austin Sparks


What are they? They are fiery darts sent by the enemy of God to His children to take their eyes off of Jesus! They are weapons used against the minds of God’s children in order to distract the soul and cause waves of fear, worry,  and anxiety that take over the peace that is found in resting in the sovereignty of God and keeping the eyes of the heart fixed on Him.

If we have not learned to deny our self, and accept what God has given us, anytime something happens that is contrary to what we would have liked or hoped, the hidden idols of the heart will resurface and be used by the enemy to take our eyes off of Jesus.

In any situation, when we are not content in having Christ alone within our own heart, and we need to have X,Y, AND Z to be content, we have stepped out of the place of safety in Christ. We are no longer on the ground of heaven. We have come down to the ground of earth where the prince of darkness rules.

And we lose the single most important thing that is essential for life and for remaining in God’s will and in full contentment: the presence of God within the soul.

  • We can’t have Christ ruling and reigning in our hearts/minds/thoughts and X at the same time.
  • It is either Him or something else.
  • When it is something else, that is an idol.
  • And when an idol is ruling and reigning within our hearts/minds/thoughts, we are deceived and led astray from Christ and can not find contentment because we are no longer trusting in the only One who can satisfy our very heart and soul.


See, when we are lacking anything in comfort outwardly, we have the power of God within to turn to for comfort in our hearts. Think of this—- when we have peace in our hearts—when our minds are not racing with distracting cares and what ifs, when we are free from worry and we are living in peace within our minds—-that is because we are focusing on CHRIST, and we are thankful for what He has provided, and we are not distracted by what we DO NOT HAVE. That is where it all goes wrong—when we think we need something to give us contentment, something we do not have.

It can lead two directions:

  • It can lead in the way of Christ and finding that in Him is all the fullness of God. In Him there is peace, strength, hope, life, victory,  love, joy, patience, kindness, thankfulness.


  •  it can lead to distracting cares, fixing our eyes on what we do not have, and thus forfeiting the presence of God in our hearts and we are now consumed with fear, anxiety, racing thoughts, controlling thoughts, no peace, joy, contentment.


Our hearts can be so deceived at any time that we can think we are being led by God to do certain things and make certain choices, when really it was our own desires to attain our idols that we believe will bring us true contentment.

That is a scary place to be!

The only safe place is to be totally surrendered to the will of God, being thankful for what God has provided already, and focusing our hearts on Christ and remaining in Him, abiding in Him, and finding in Him the peace that surpasses any lack in comfort outwardly.

The treasure we have in earthen vessels is the power of God from His Throne! Christ has been given all power and authority in heaven and earth—-and He is able and willing to impart this power unto His people. The power of God is His very life that He gives to our hearts, and with it all the fullness of God! He is the answer to every need. He is the only way, truth, and life!



The next time you find that in your mind/heart there is unsettled nerves, anxiety, worry, fear, racing thoughts, and distracting cares——-

  • STOP and think for a minute where these thoughts are coming from
  • Decide to change your focus from whatever it is onto Christ
  • Place your trust in God to keep your soul abiding in the presence of Christ
  • Be thankful for what He has already provided you
  • Pray and confess any known idols that are competing for the number one place in your heart
  • Trust Jesus to replace those idols in your heart
  • Exercise faith in Christ to rule and order your life, even when things look uncertain and you are not sure what to do


God is faithful to keep us in the way of His will when we are fully dependent on Him for our leading. Even when we give in to distracting cares, He is able to reveal to us if we are seeking Him whether the way we are heading is right or not. And when we fix our eyes back on Him, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will enter our hearts and we will know that He is with us, and He is keeping us abiding in Him!




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