contentment day 19- YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN

contentment day 19- YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN


“A soul that is capable of God can be filled with nothing else but God; nothing but God can fill a soul that is capable of God. “

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment p. 24

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3


The Lord has been showing me these past few days what a man (or woman) is made out of. In the Scriptures we find there are referenced three parts of a man:

The body

The soul

The spirit

Personally, I never understood what the difference was between soul and spirit, but the Lord has been revealing it to me over the past few days, and I have been seeing how it is all tied into being truly content.  Praise God!

Before the fall, the SPIRIT of the man, which is defined as the inner most being of a man– the place of intuition, communion, and conscience– was the GOVERNING part of the man, meaning that the soul and the body were SERVANTS of the spirit.

But then that serpent came and subtilty tempted Eve.

WHAT PART OF HER WAS TEMPTED? was it her spirit? or her SOUL?

The soul is that part of us that is referred to in the Bible as the “flesh”. It is the HUMAN NATURE within us that has its own desires, will, and emotions—apart from GOD. It is out of these that man lives—-apart from God.

  • Out of his OWN STREGNTH.
  • He governs his life from his OWN SOUL.


The devil tempted Eve to act from her soul—from her OWN DESIRE— APART FROM GOD.

And that is why humans “fell” and got kicked out of the garden, because they SURRENDERED their SOUL to SATAN! And thus, he became the “prince of the power of the air” and “the god of this world”.


When we think about walking in the Spirit like Romans 8 talks about, I think there can be a lot of confusion in terms of what that means. I am no expert, but over time the Holy Spirit  has been revealing some things to me about it. It is about accepting by faith that our “old man” was nailed to the Cross with Christ, and we were raised in “newness of life” by the Spirit of God joining to our human spirit.

And now, we are growing in Christ, just as we grew from being babies born into the world. God is the Father of our Spirits. He is spirit; therefore, we are made after his image in our spirits. God is not soul—or body—He is spirit. That is why when he first created man in His image, the spirit of Adam was the governing faculty over his soul and body.

The soul was created as the mediator of spirit and body. The soul was made to interpret the things of the spirit into human form to be understood and carried out by the body. But when Adam and Eve surrendered to Satan by acting out from their SOUL instead of referring and deferring to GOD in that moment, the spirit was surrendered to the SOUL, and the soul became allied with the evil powers.

Now, all people who are born are governed by their soul—-their OWN WILL, DESIRES, EMOTIONS. And until they are called of God and until GOD places them in Christ and joins His spirit with their spirit and there is a regeneration by faith in Christ, man can not and will not be able to carry out the Divine purposes of God, or even have true fellowship with God.

The Cross of Christ is the only way to true fellowship and life in Christ. But we can not do this ourselves. We cannot take the Cross of Christ and try to apply it to our selves to die. No, we must BY FAITH, surrender to the Holy Spirit and trust that The Spirit of God, joined to our spirit, is applying the Cross to our SOUL LIFE, and conforming us to the image of Christ inwardly.


And this is how I now see that the only way to TRUE contentment is by way of the Cross of Christ—by living life out from the SPIRIT, and not the soul.

The word of God is the thing that can penetrate to the dividing between SOUL AND SPIRIT (Hebrews 4).

By it we see whether we are of the flesh or of the Spirit. (1 Corinthians is a good book to see what it looks like when BORN AGAIN believers are living OUT FROM THEIR OWN SOUL/FLESH instead of the SPIRIT).

When we are living out of our OWN life/soul—we will mind the things of the FLESH (Romans 8):

our own desires-we will be focused and consumed with what we think will bring true contentment and satisfaction to us in any situation that is not going how we would have liked.

our own will/ what we want to do in any situation-we will be so driven to do what WE think we need to do in any situation to make it better or make it to where we will be ok and content.

our own feelings/emotions– we will base all of our decisions on how we feel, and we will only be content if we FEEL it, by getting our OWN way.


If we are walking in the Spirit by faith, we will mind the things of the SPIRIT—and the mind of the Spirit is life and peace (Romans 8):

-Focus mind on things above where Christ is seated in the heavenly realm

-Desire to bring glory to God by submitting under His hand and being thankful in and through whatever may come

-Set our will to obey God’s will in any situation

-We will deny our own feelings in any situation and TRUST that God is working all things for the good, and we will experience the Joy of the HOLY SPIRIT!

So as we can see, it is by walking in the Spirit that we are able to be content in any situation, because we will not allow our OLD SELF to have even one thought in our minds! We will take our thoughts captive by the Spirit of God indwelling us, and we will subject every thing unto Him to lead us and guide us according to His will.

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