Contentment Day 2- Surrendering to GOD’S WILL

Contentment Day 2- Surrendering to GOD’S WILL


One of the fastest ways of finding out who we are really serving in our heart (self or Christ)  is when a thing happens that we wish did not happen, or that we have no control over whatsoever.  

Those who are wholeheartedly seeking the Lord and are purely devoted to Him are surely tested and tried in this matter of the will because it is totally tied up with being content. When a thing happens, our hearts are exposed according to our attitude and reaction to the thing.

We usually think we are all for God’s will, until something happens that goes against our desire or our own will.

And then we start asking, “why”?

The Lord is ever purifying our hearts to get us to the place where truly we can say, “Your will be done, Lord”.

There have been many times that I have forgotten that it is simply to accept His will each moment of the day by accepting whatever comes each day in the form of the people we have to be with/work with/ live with, and in the things which happen to us. It is accepting the ACTUAL conditions and tests permitted by God and laying down our OWN will.

This plays out in many ways.

We learn that we can not control other people, the weather, traffic, or anything really, not even our own SELVES! Think about that.


The only thing we can do is allow God’s Spirit to fill us up and lead us each day to do His will for His glory! This is the way Jesus went, and in order to truly follow Him, we must too learn to lay down our own will each day and accept HIS!


When we try to control anything, we will find fear behind it and all over our minds and hearts.

We are scared that:

  • we will be late
  • our kids will behave poorly in school/anywhere
  • our husbands will shut down emotionally
  • our husband will divorce us
  • our kids will grow up to become a violent gang member or worse
  • our husband/child will die
  • we will die before our children grow up
  • we will lose our money,house,cars,possessions
  • we will have to take over and lead the family
  • the debt won’t be paid off
  • we will lose health insurance
  • we are not good enough/pretty enough
  • we will never have a husband/children of our own
  • the economy will collapse

We are scared about everything. And most of the time, we don’t even know how truly worried we are until it is brought to the light! If you take a good look into why you do anything, you will probably find that it is all based off of some kind of fear!!!

If we are living out of fear—-we are definitely living as if we can control anything, and we can not. This is a weight that we were never meant to carry!!! GOD IS GOD! We are but dust! It is not OUR responsibility to make the world go round, or to make anyone do ANYTHING. It is our job to seek God, trust in Him, and let Him do what only He can do!

True contentment that springs up from the heart in any circumstance only comes as we lay down our own will, plans, desires, fears, etc.

We have to cast all of our care onto Him who is able and willing to care for us as only He can do! Letting go of all these things will clear out some major space in our souls for the peace of God.


When I was blind, I honestly didn’t know just how much I was worried. I couldn’t see that I was so fearful and trying to control everything in my life, my husband’s life, my child’s life. I was trying to be God. And I couldn’t. It was frustrating because I thought I knew best (Pride much?)! I thought I knew what God’s will was and that I had to “make” it happen!

After kindergarden, I decided that homeschooling would be for the best for my son. Even though his father and stepfather highly disagreed. I knew what was best, so I justified my breaking God’s command to “submit to my husband in every thing”, and I justified disrespecting my son’s father. See what pride does. I also justified why I wanted to homeschool by believing it was God’s will. I HAD to homeschool my child because it was MY responsibility to make sure he gets exactly what he needs.

Actually, I was scared. Scared of the public school system brainwashing my child. Scared he would grow up and get mixed in with the wrong crowd. Scared he would get in trouble every day and embarrass me. Scared he would be abused/mistreated/bullied. Scared he would be kidnapped.

The outside world was no longer safe, and it was MY job to make sure my son was protected because clearly, I couldn’t trust anyone or anything except MYSELF.


Not only did homeschooling turn out to be harder than I thought, I was constantly AFRAID that I wouldn’t be able to teach him what he needed to know and that I would be thrown in jail for child neglect! SERIOUSLY?

Do you see the weight I carried on my own shoulders all in the name of “God’s will”?????


Well, thanks be to GOD who, in my blind and troubled days, came forth with a light so bright, I couldn’t see anything else except HIM! After He opened my eyes to all the sin I was cherishing —– pride, disrespect of my husband, of God, bitterness, idolatry of self, control, etc.—— He lead me on to see that I had taken my son’s life into my OWN hands (even though it really was never in my hands), and that I had totally gone against HIS WILL, thinking I was doing His will!

HIS WILL was for me to SUBMIT TO MY HUSBAND and to RESPECT the wishes of my son’s father about our son going to SCHOOL!

I was so shocked.

And I immediately repented, and enrolled my child back in public school mid year and have never looked back!!!!!


Glory Hallelujah!! ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!

He truly can do the impossible—– He can give us peace in the midst of a storm. He can give us TRUE HEART REST when we lay down our OWN things, and TRUST in HIS!!!!

Thank you Jesus!

I needed peace in my life, I needed rest, and true contentment to get me through that situation—and JESUS provided it. I did nothing. HE did everything! Amen!



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