contentment day 20- Knowing Him Inwardly

contentment day 20- Knowing Him Inwardly


You have to know Him.


Above all else, the Lord wants us to Know Him!

What does knowing Him mean?

It is in terms of an intimate relationship.

It is about having His mind as our mind.

“We have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16).

Think of it this way— we can know of people, in general, on an acquaintance level. But it is an entirely different thing to live with a person, and know them in a much more intimate way. Just like in marriage, overtime, we come to know our husbands and we get a sense of their mind in general about things, so that we don’t have to seek any outside advice or answers because we have an ongoing intimate relationship with them, and we have come to know their mind on things and matters in general, which enables us to make decisions based off of what we have come to know personally of our husbands. 

It is the same with” God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent” (john 17:3). We spend time daily with the Lord in worship in spirit and in truth. We have fellowship with the Son in our spirit that is joined to His spirit. We are being conformed to the image of Christ inwardly.

And over time, and through TRIALS, experiences, sufferings, weakness, predicaments, baffling, and pressures——the Lord is giving us opportunity to come to know Him in a real, personal, intimate way!

This is the reason for all such things!

  • when we lose a loved one, we come to know the One who will never leave us
  • when we do not get our way, we come to know the way of the One who knows All things
  • when we suffer for doing right, we come to know the One who learned obedience through suffering
  • when we lose all our $ or possessions, we come to know the One who can NEVER be taken away from us and that He is enough
  • when we are treated wrongly, we come to know the One who was nailed to a cross to die for our sins
  • when we repent, we come to know the Only One who can save us

I believe this is why James wrote that we should count it all JOY when we face trials, because it is only through these that we come to really know the Lord.


And this knowledge of the Lord, this coming to know the mind of Christ so that we can walk each day guided by His Spirit, is the thing that will get us through any time of adversity/trial/suffering/loss. This inward knowledge of God creates in us a confidence and trust that can not be shaken when the world is crumbling all around us. It is by this way that we come to trust in Him and lose all faith and hope and trust in OTHER THINGS outside of us that CAN NOT hold us through each trial.

Knowing the Lord in a real, personal, intimate way is the key to contentment in any circumstance. If we know Him, we will not give way to fear. We will not cling to earthly things to save us. We will not hope in anyone else except Him!

If we look at the hard times in light of this, we may find that He has been trying to work in our hearts all along, to bring us to this knowledge of Him.


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