Contentment Day 22- By the Hand of God

Contentment Day 22- By the Hand of God

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(Me in the Wilderness. All alone. With God.)

Wow. The Lord has been revealing to me His purposes in His dealings with me—–in the things He has allowed in my life—-that I have thus far fought against.
He opened my eyes to see what I have been missing all this time: BROKENNESS.
“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart-these, O God, You will not despise” Psalm 51:17
Having a broken and contrite heart is the OPPOSITE of having a PROUD heart. Brokenness is the opposite of Pride.
Being broken is the result of having been disciplined by the Father of our spirit, through the work of His Holy Spirit in us.
It is the breaking of the SELF—the outer man—-the natural man—it is the Hand of God arranging our lives OUTWARDLY–all our circumstances, difficulties, trials—-for the purpose of bringing us to the place of brokenness.
It is the Lord’s Hand upon us, frustrating our SELF Life, and getting us to the place of saying, “Lord, I can’t. You must do it.”
It is the Lord causing something to happen to us in order to deal with and break down the thing within us (natural self). ***** Note–God doesn’t do any EVIL. He is ONLY GOOD. But He allows things, in His sovereignty to happen that were otherwise meant for evil against us, to accomplish HIS purposes.
The things in us that need to be broken are things like:

  • Self-love
  • Pride
  • Cleverness

The Lord will target whatever thing is our strong point—whatever thing in us, NATURALLY, that carries us along in this life—APART FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD.
See, if we have natural strength and ability APART from God’s Spirit living in us, The Lord will arrange (through loving discipline) for that natural strength to be a failure over and over until we learn not to trust our OWN STRENGTH, and until we reach a place where we acknowledge that we do not live by man’s strength, but by the strength and life of Christ within.
Every dealing is aimed at the wounding and weakening of this “self”.
He thwarts our own ways and efforts to kill our will and self—that we may become broken in spirit! That is the ONLY way to be near to God—“God is near to the brokenhearted”.
I see clearly now where the Lord has been dealing with me—with what strong points He has been taking pains to break and soften:

  • self-interests
  • my desires
  • pride
  • my own will

He has been consistently striking me in these areas that I may let go of myself, and embrace HIS WILL AND WAYS!
An example from the Bible is Peter—-after he denied the Lord and was sifted by satan, he lost his confidence of loving the Lord—he became broken!!!!
He was broken of his self-confidence!
The Lord is getting us to a place where we are to lose:

  • self
  • our own strength
  • own power
  • own wisdom
  • own reasonings
  • own judgments
  • own will
  • own desires
  • own feelings

Our “natural man” or self is that part of us that has senses—- it feels.

So the Lord uses OUTSIDE/EXTERNAL circumstances to RULE over our SELF—and break us!!!!
How much does this explain!!!!!?????
See, we don’t grow spiritually by reading the Bible every day. We grow spiritually by DISCIPLINE.

It is the same with children. Children grow and change by DISCIPLINE, not just by hearing our words of direction and correction.

It is a mixture between words and discipline, but mostly discipline!
Think about all the people in your life past or present that you have had to deal with, or had a conflict with, or a difficulty with in your life.

You most likely have blamed the other person for whatever it was that was happening.
But from the perspective of God—people are just tools in His loving hand to be used to DEAL WITH US!

There is no faster way to bring out the utter vileness of my sinful nature than by having someone very close to me disrespect me in word or action. What filth is found in my own heart when another person crosses me in some way!!!! (It is healthy to get angry when your boundaries are violated–however—how you react/respond is what counts in this situation!)
The Lord teaches us contentment by way of this breaking—this self-denial!
He uses:

  • daily trials
  • daily difficulties
  • difficult people
  • hard circumstances
  • physical problems
  • not getting your own way
  • frustrating your own interests
  • financial set backs
  • failures

Whenever you are trying to scheme or plan to make things happen your own way because everything is falling apart and it appears that your only hope is your own self—SEE HOW GOD MAY BE TRYING TO BREAK YOU!!!
And when we are broken, and softened—-that is when we are near to God—and when we have taken our eyes off of our circumstances, off of other people, off of our own interests, and we turn our gaze upon God and His unfailing Love, we learn to be content with Him and Him alone.
A broken person is:

  • easy to deal with
  • easily talked to and easily entreated
  • quick to confess sins and weeps easily
  • prone to acknowledge faults and ready to accept the ideas of others
  • teachable and open to the cry of other people
  • tender before God
  • relying on GOD for all things

An unbroken person is:

  • self-protective
  • focusing on the failures of others
  • blaming people when things go wrong
  • defensive when someone criticizes them, the work they’ve done, or the things they’ve said
  • protective of their time, rights, and reputation
  • argumentative
  • self-confident/relying on their own strength, wisdom, feelings

How are animals trained and disciplined? by being broken. They are hurt. They are stricken until they learn that they are NOT to move along in their own ways—they are disciplined to stay right where they are until they are led otherwise.
This is the picture Jesus Himself used when he invited us to come and take His yoke upon our shoulders and to learn from Him. He was using the picture of how oxen are trained. The experienced ox has been broken, and it is joined with a young ox in the same yoke to train it. The more the new ox rebels, the more it is stricken and broken until it realizes that it is safest when it is steadily yoked and moving along with the experienced ox.
Paul the Apostle said, “From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus” Galatians 6:17 He had been disciplined to trust in GOD ALONE, and not in himself!
I pray the Lord will open our eyes to see where He has been working to break us, that we may draw near to Him, and depend fully on Him, and learn contentment by denying our selves!!

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