Contentment day 33- Overcoming Discontentment

Contentment day 33- Overcoming Discontentment


“Oh, how far I have been from this grace of contentment which has been expounded to me! I have had a murmuring, a vexing, and a fretting heart within me.”

“If a man’s body is of such a temper that every scratch of a pin makes his flesh to rankle and be a sore, you will surely say, this man’s body is very corrupt………..So it is in your spirit, if every little trouble and affliction makes you discontented, and makes you murmur, and even causes your spirit within you to rankle.”


I don’t know about you, but I am humbled in the fact that I have had a very discontented spirit. At every little trouble and affliction I have become discontent, and complained.

But thanks be to God, I was blind, but NOW I SEE!!!

The amazing truth that our Lord has shown me over these past few months is that every SINGLE time I am discontented, it is because I AM STUCK IN THE NATURAL MAN.

When things are going MY way, and the sun is shining, and the sky is blue, of COURSE there is songs of praise, and joy in my heart!

But when everything comes against me, and comes against MY interests, the song goes out, the joy is gone, and worst of all, I LOSE THE ABILITY TO “SEE” THE LORD IN EVERYTHING!

DOUBT COMES IN. AND UNBELIEF IMMEDIATELY TAKES OVER, the moment I step off of the ground of the SPIRIT, onto the ground of NATURE.

See if this isn’t true for you as well—–this process—— it goes something like this:

  • God has opened my spiritual eyes to “see” Him in a new way, and my heart is full of His presence and JOY!
  • I can see the Lord’s hand in everything going on in my life, and I am praising Him and worshipping Him!
  • I am walking in the Spirit by faith, and I am focused on CHRIST all the time. Everything that happens, I see through the eyes of faith, and I am watching as the Lord works “miracles” it seems, everyday!
  • Things have been looking up, and the things I’ve prayed about are starting to happen. I am SO overjoyed, I can’t contain the songs of praise on my lips!!!
  • Little things don’t bother me right now, I am just SO THANKFUL that God has opened my eyes and given me revelation in the knowledge of Him


  • Out of nowhere it seems, something MAJOR/DRAMATIC happens in your life, and some of the things you cared about MOST start falling to pieces before your eyes.
  • At first, there is still that bit of freshness in my spirit, so I am not quickly brought to discontentment or complaining. I can still SEE that God is in control, and that God is with me!
  • IN ONE MOMENT’S TIME——I begin to start thinking about HOW ALL OF THIS AFFECTS ME, and I am instantly transferred from heavenly ground, to NATURAL ground.
  • Now comes the doubting, and ultimately the UNBELIEF.
  • AT this point, I am spiritually blinded. I can’t see the Lord. I feel he has left me. I have no joy in my heart, and I am full of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, and thoughts of how I am going to control my life now.
  • More things start to fall apart as I set off in the mind of the flesh, and allow the self to rule in the place of Christ in my life.
  • Now I am open to deception from the enemy. Now I am in total weakness and uncertainty, and I have no faith.
  • I start to blame God, and think He did this and I don’t undertsand why!
  • At this point, I am FILLED TO THE TOP with complaints, discontentment, and murmuring!


  • Slowly, I start to think that maybe I’m the wrong one here, and that I have somewhere along the lines messed up.
  • And now I set back on a journey to seek the Lord.
  • I slowly start to realize that after all, I was counting on the things I WANTED to keep me content.
  • I slowly realize that I have sinned by idolizing things again.
  • I start to repent, as I slowly begin to see my sin as the Lord reveals it.
  • I begin to think I need to earn back the Lord’s presence, so I set off to do things right, but I only get pushed further back, and feel more distant to the Lord.
  • I slowly realize that I need to surrender ALL things to the Lordship of Christ.



  • IN A MOMENT’S TIME, my eyes are OPENED again, and I see the LORD! He has been leading me ALL LONG!!!!!!!
  • And I see how VILE, how utterly helpless I am to do anything apart from Him.
  • I confess ALL my sin, and I turn with my WHOLE HEART and MIND back to FOCUSING ON CHRIST.
  • And there is NEW JOY, NEW REST, AND NEW PEACE!!!!


SHARE: I am really curious as to how others get through to God when they feel they have lost His presence!

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