contentment day 34- MURMURRING = UNGODLINESS

contentment day 34- MURMURRING = UNGODLINESS


“These ungodly ones are murmurers; murmurers in Scripture are put in the forefront of all (in reference to Jude v. 14-15). You had need to look to your spirits; you may see that this murmuring, which is the vice contrary to this contentment, is not as small a matter as you think. You think you are not as ungodly as others, because you do not swear and drink as others do, but you may be ungodly in murmuring.” Burroughs p. 85


If contentment means to have a peaceful, quiet spirit that comes only by the grace of God through His Holy Spirit dwelling and filling our very hearts—–then the opposite would be the murmurring, complaining spirit that is from the flesh.

I have been one of the worst complainers alive. I seriously used to complain all day everyday. Even when I had all I could ever want, I complained. If one thing was “fixed”, I found something else that was worthy of complaint. I always saw things from a cynical half empty glass perspective. I was completely 100% negative.

When things looked like they weren’t going my way, I would immediately:

  • show my irritation by making “UGH” sounds
  • start thinking the worst possible case scenario for whatever was happening
  • see how it would affect MY LIFE, and how it was getting in my way, and I would be all the more complaining about how it was ruining MY life
  • say to myself how much my life sucks
  • feel like the world was out to get me
  • believe that nothing good ever happens to me and I never get my way or what I want

And a host of other unpleasant thoughts that stemmed from a complaining, murmurring spirit.

And I didn’t just go through this for like major events in life—-I would go through that process if I accidentally dropped a spoon in the kitchen out of clumsiness.

Try to imagine me acccidentally dropping a spoon, and all of a sudden saying “UGH” “seriously….why did I have to drop that?! WHY”……………, it was that bad.

If the vacuum cleaner cord was stuck under the couch leg thingy, I would have a nervous breakdown as if my life was ending.

If when my son was a baby he woke up or wouldn’t go to bed when I wanted him to, it was literally the end of my life.

It wasn’t until I started noticing that my son was getting mad at inanimate objects that I realized how messed up I actually have been in my life to get mad and blame my unhappiness on dropping spoons and getting vacuum cleaner cords stuck under the couch.

Thankfully, that is not the end of the story!!!

So, after a while, if when the cord would get stuck (recurring test in my life lol), I would start saying out loud in front of my son “I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!! ITS SERIOUSLY MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!” And he would laugh hysterically and say “YEA RIGHT YOU HATE THAT VACUUM MOM!!!” and after a while, I convinced him that I love the vacuum now and now he’s over it and sees my effort in changing my attitude, thank God.

(It’s amazing how much kids imitate what they see. We are wise to watch every thing we do and say!)

Mixed with that revelation was my husband always telling me how negative I was and how much I complain about everything.

Funny, I used to think that me just expressing my every thought and feelings was just normal.

Apparently it is complaining when it is negative.

I finally got the memo, and by God’s grace and power alone, I have seen Him work in my heart to change this attitude drastically over the past 6 months!

But 29 years of habit sure is hard to kick.

It is very tempting to start complaning when things start falling apart all around you.

It is very tempting when things are not how you would want them to be.

It is even more tempting when NOTHING seems to be going right in your life.


The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh (Matt. 12:34).

If there is an abundance of:

  • “WHY ME”
  • “do I really have to??”
  • “UGH”

Then you can be sure your heart is full of FLESH and the spirit of murmurring!!!!

If there is an abundance of:


Then you can be sure that your heart is full of the SPIRIT OF GOD!!!!

The attitude we have is the aroma of our heart.

Let that really sink in.

If I am claiming to be a satisfied, contented wife in Christ alone—–there is absolutely NO ROOM for the ungodly complaining I used to do.

Sure, I can share my feelings, but with a humble heart, not a selfish, prideful heart.

God is willing to empower us with His Spirit in our innerman in order to change the aroma of our hearts!!! I pray He will make it a reality in us all.


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