Contentment day 38-Overcoming starts in the MIND

Contentment day 38-Overcoming starts in the MIND




I have seen first hand, in my own experience, how true it is that whatever we think about will pour out of our mouths—whether it is good or bad. It is like our heart and our mouth are connected and it will literally steer us in either the direction of God or sin! It is a very subtle deception and wile of the devil when we are led blindly away from Christ in our thoughts.

Some subtle ways we are blinded:

  • when crisis hits and we are found in the middle of a troubling/scary/fearful situation
  • when we are faced with other people who are directly opposing us in every way imaginable
  • when we see our husband/child/family member making sinful/wrong choices that effect not just them but us
  • when we purposefully watch the news reports/youtube videos that are full of other people’s sins and catastrophe
  • when we value something to the point that we start idolizing it and it becomes all we think or care about
  • by not forgiving other people and cherishing bitterness, resentment, and anger in our hearts without even realizing it sometimes

When any one of these things, or whatever might happen that takes our eyes off of the truth and off of Christ—- we are in a major DANGER zone!!!!!!

What I have experienced and seen happen is that from the point where we ALLOW any of these things to take over our minds and thoughts—-from that point on, there will be found sin, fleshly reactions, spiritual paralysis, veiled eyes and heart towards God, and a sense of loss of the presence and spirit of God!

Even just simply TALKING TO A CLOSE FRIEND or any person—– if we subject ourselves to hear of other people’s sins and problems—we are in potential DANGER. If we are not walking in the Spirit, and we listen to sinful things, even if we are trying to be there and support someone we care about, if we are not walking in the Spirit at that moment-—- we will be led astray in our minds and the very things we hear will defile us if we agree and participate in any kind of gossip! It is SO easy to start bashing someone that has hurt our family/friend if that person is upset and venting to us.


If you are like me, and you have ever found yourself in a period of time where you recognize that your thoughts and the things you are speaking are purely wrong and negative and full of things that are corrupt——-you might have realized that something was definitely not right—- and you may have even prayed over and over about this! But you have not found any solution, and it seems as though God is not really even hearing you, and He doesn’t seem to be giving you any grace or any measure of the Spirit to overcome this heart/mouth issue!

“When we come back to the original Word, the Lord has the answer for all our problems.” —- T. Austin Sparks

I have found this to be the truth. There is a definite answer to the problem of heart/mouth set forth clearly in Philipians 4:8: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

When I looked up each word in the Greek, and came to the Greek word for the english “think on”—- I was surprised but delighted to find out that in that definition, it means we are to think on those things “with a view to obtaining it”.

That means that the things that Paul is instructing us to think about—pure, right, true, just, honest, lovely—- all these things— we are to think on them with a view to obtaining them.

What Paul is saying is that we are to purposefully think about things that are PURE—- what is PURE? God is Pure! His Spirit is Pure! His Word is Pure!!! We are to think about Pure things with a view to obtaining them in Christ!!!! What is Right? Right is Righteousness—– Who is Righteous?? JESUS IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. We are to think about the Righteous things such as loving others as ourself, praising God, loving God with all our mind, soul, body, and strength—- with a view to obtatining them! Lovely things are things that are “worth the effort to have and embrace”—— things like Peace and Unity in our homes and marriages—- having a gentle quiet spirit that does not give way to fear—- God’s Spirit and presence in our hearts—– all with a view to obtaining these things!!!

What happens when I purposefully think about THESE things with a view to obtaining them?


My whole entire attitude is changed in a moment–literally—when I take my eyes off of all the WRONG, SINFUL, EVIL things—- and place them on what is PURE, RIGHT, TRUE, HONEST, LOVELY!

Does this mean that all the problems in this world and our lives go away???



However, we will literally have such peace, the peace of God that passes ALL understanding, when we purposefully turn our thoughts around and place them on the things that we are instructed to. We obey the truth when we think on what is right, true, and honest. We are loving God when we obey this command. We are thinking GOD’S WAY and not our OWN WAY when we purposefully do this.

It will bring:

  • peace to our heart and minds
  • joy to our heart
  • a smile to our face
  • love for others and God
  • the Holy Spirit with Power behind our very words
  • life in the midst of death all around us
  • hope to life
  • unity in our home and relationships

What is it that we all want? Even unbelievers want this—– Peace in our hearts and minds.

But there is really only one way to this:

  • Surrendering to Christ as Lord by obeying His word and trusting in Him to rule and reign in EVERY part of our life—including our thoughts!!!!

When I am harboring and meditating on wrong thoughts—thoughts about what is untrue, what is sinful, what is unlovely—— then I am literally walking in the flesh—- and I am giving FULL PLACE to the devil to come in and take over my thoughts, and lead me to lose LIFE, JOY, MY RELATIONSHIPS, ETC. Because when I am pouring out evil from my own heart it will certainly splash onto those around me, and it will repel and hurt them, and cause them to withdraw from me.

Thinking about things like:

  • what I don’t have that I want
  • what I wish would happen to other people to hurt them
  • what I need that I am not getting
  • what sinful things I have done and keep doing that I seem to have no control over
  • what sinful things others have done to me or other people I know
  • bitterness
  • my own feelings about any situation whether good or bad

I am only setting myself up to be deceived, destroyed, robbed, and killed (spiritually)!!!!


I don’t care what situation it is—whether it is your husband not treating you right, your kids not listening, wanting your life to be different than it is right now, having lost everything—— no matter what it is—- there is a way out. The way out is in obeying the truth, and filling your mind with what is PURE, RIGHT, TRUE, HONEST, JUST, ADMIRABLE, EXCELLENT,  AND PRAISEWORTHY ALL WITH A VIEW TO OBTATINING IT!

That is the narrow road that leads to LIFE, PEACE, AND JOY, dear sisters!

The Bible says there is NO PEACE for the wicked! That is because the wicked have a heart that is full of evil, wrong, untrue, unholy, unpure, defiled, and sinful thoughts! No good thing can come from the heart of the wicked. It is full of HATE. Bitterness. REVENGE. Spite. ANGER. Resentment! And from these hearts come every evil practice in body! All sin starts in the mind!!!!


YOU must get ahold of your thoughts—-and rid them of ALL EVIL and REPLACE them with what is GOOD. That is the way to safety, that is the way to life!

WHAT TIME—YEARS EVEN- has been wasted on what is wrong.

I am thankful—God is the restorer of those years—– He will restore—He will lead us by a way that we have not known. He will show us His ways. He will empower us by His Spirit dwelling in us as we PURPOSEFULLY set aside this evil and subtle trap of the devil in our minds—– and set our eyes on Him, and what Is good, with a view to obtaining it!

Repent—confess to the Lord—and purposefully head in the other direction today if you find yourself in this mess! You will know the truth and the truth shall make you FREE!





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