The day I left from the wilderness—I didn’t know I was being set up for an ultimate test of contentment in the middle of a storm.

Everything ran smoothly until I got to the third airport where I was to wait for my last plane to reach the final destination.

I had a 2 hour layover as it was, so I was not in any hurry to begin with.

But as the hours went by, the plane kept getting delayed.

At around 10:00pm or so, we boarded a plane, and assumed we would be leaving.

But after sitting in the plane for a long while, we were told that there was something wrong with the systems and we would not be leaving.

We de-boarded the plane.

Next, we find out that the flight is cancelled altogether.

People all aroud me started panicing, getting angry, and freaking out. I saw so much dirt pour out of the hearts around me when something happened that was out of their control.

I was hit with some fear, and I definitely didn’t want to be stuck in a dangerous city at that time, but I was saddened by all the reactions around me.

But I realized very soon that the Lord was working there. He was doing something. He was setting something up—-a Divine appointment!

The airline was setting us all up at hotels nearby, and I met a woman named Maryann. I asked her if I could stay near her and go to the hotel with her, since we were put up in the same one. She was older and alone. She wasn’t able to get her luggage and only had the clothes on her back. We got her a travel kit, and then made our way to the shuttle bus station.

After a while, the shuttle finally came and brought us to the Hampton Inn. We got our own rooms and they were actually very nice.

The accomodations were very pleasant. I couldn’t sleep, however, due to all the anticipation and thoughts about when I would actually be leaving. The flight was rescheduled the next day at 6 pm. This was hard to think about and accept, but I had no choice.

The next morning, I got up early, and sought the Lord. I had just finished praying about the Lord moving in the situation to get us home sooner—when a knock at the door came. It was Maryann–she had been on the phone with the airlines all morning, and finally got through and found us 2 seats on a straight flight in the next 2 hours!!!!!!!!

WOW!!! God is SO GOOD!

The whole time—from the night before to the flight home—-All I could think about was how the Lord was in control—–even in the midst of all the uncertain chaos—–He was in control. And I knew that I could trust Him to work it all out!

He was teaching me that even when I have absolutely NO control over something—–HE DOES!!! And I can TRUST Him to keep me safe—-and to work it all out. There is a purpose for it all—-and we either have a choice to panic and worry—–and try to take over and work things out ourselves—or we can rest in His unfailing LOVE and trust Him!!!!!

Perhaps the Lord wanted to use me in Maryann’s life in some way!

From experience, I can truly say that the Lord is faithful—-and He is in control! And He is always orchestrating things to produce in us the character of Christ Jesus our Lord. NOTHING happens by chance in the life of a believer——there is a lesson in EVERYTHING that happens, if we only take the time to seek the Lord about it.

These are the things and times when our hearts are exposed——when things are out of our control.

Either peace, joy, and rest will errupt—-or anger, frustration, and evil.

In myself I could never have been content in a situation like the one I went through. It was a scary place—-I was scared! I didn’t know a single soul. I was by myself in a dangerous city.

But the Lord was there with me. His Spirit kept me at peace through that situation, when once I judged in my heart that the Lord was in control, and I put all my trust and faith and hope in Him to deliver me!
He is faithful—–and He loves us.

But What About The Small Stuff?

I have a friend that once said at a small group how easy it is to trust God when you lose your job, or when something major is happening—you don’t even question God, you believe He will provide for you and He will come through in a Divine way sooner or later……. but what about when your kids are freaking out and you feel like you just want to go run and hide in the bathroom?

Why are we able to remain calm in the midst of serious chaos, but when something so minor happens, we totally lose focus and act as if it is the end of the world?

That is something to seriously consider as we move on in our lives and in finding contentment no matter what đŸ™‚

Share: Have you ever been in a terrible situation and the Lord kept you in perfect peace as your mind stayed on Him?

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