Distraction Steals Your Life!

Distraction Steals Your Life!

At this time I feel led to share about how we can become so easily distracted and how that totally just steals the life right out of us and holds us down in bondage when we are meant to have Life in Christ in an ever growing way which means that we are emancipated from all that holds us down in a corner!

What Is Your World?

In order to get to the root we have to ask what exactly is holding us in life and constraining us in the way we go and the way we are and all things?

It can be things like:

  • our own desires are always on the horizon
  • our marriage
  • our kids
  • our job
  • our earthly life
  • our personal problems with all of the above
  • the ways of the world
  • a religious system that is an outward form that we adhere to in our life

If we are born from above, should any of these things listed be our world and all that we see in front of us at all times?

Do those things really speak of a new life in Christ at all?

The Holy Spirit Has One Object

When we are born from above, and truly have experienced the Lord Jesus in our heart by the Spirit, and have experienced the Cross, the thing that becomes our world is CHRIST! When anyone, (just look in Acts in the Bible), is truly filled with the Spirit, the only thing they talk about and think about and work towards or for is CHRIST, and that Christ will be filled in all things!

This is because the Holy Spirit has ONE object in coming which is to bring ALL THINGS INTO CHRIST that are currently OUT of Christ and in the power of darkness. 

If our life is not about Christ, and if Christ is truly not on our horizon, and if all things in our life are not truly connected to Christ and for Him and His purposes—then something is wrong with our relationship to the Lord.

When we are filled with the Spirit, we are not going to be daydreaming about our life becoming better. We will not be praying for God to do this and do that so that we can be happy and have the life we always wanted. We will not be worried about the things of this life or world and the world will no longer consume us in our mind and in every other way!

” But far be it from me to glory [in anything or anyone] except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) through Whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world!” Gal. 6:14 AMPC

We will have battles about things in our life that are seeking to take the place of Christ, and we will be called upon by the Lord to surrender those things to Him and not allow them to take over our mind and lives because He is to have that place, and nothing else! Letting go to God is something we all learn when we are truly being led by Him!


I’ve been noticing that every time the Lord seeks to reveal Himself in new ways, immediately after, something of earth comes to distract me in some way. I notice it too in those I fellowship with. There is always something coming to distract them and totally take their eyes off of Christ!

And if we are not aware of this tactic of the enemy, and we are not careful, we will just totally go off the line and be caught all over again in our selves and the things of this life, and we are therefore totally paralyzed spiritually!

Most of our anxieties and fretting is because we have allowed something of this life and of earth to swallow our horizon and become the only thing we can focus on!

If you think about it for a minute, you will see that every time you are distracted it is because you are focusing on something of this life and earth, and what will happen, and hoping it will be ok and work out.

Especially in our marriages, if we are just totally consumed with them, with our husbands, how our husbands are treating us or not treating us, if we just set our mind totally on them and what they are doing all the time—–we will fall FAST. It seriously never fails!

Focus On Him

In these times where we are realizing that our self with all its own wants and desires is sliding up and taking over our mind and lives, we need to deliberately stand against ourselves and side with the Spirit!

“Lord, is it really right that I should be feeling this way about X? Does this speak of a Holy Spirit filled life that I am worried over X all the time? Are these worries and feelings really for YOU Lord, and that You will have Your place in X?”

See, the Holy Spirit is out for ONE thing—to bring Christ into everything.

  • When people are saved, it is in order that Christ might have a place to dwell.
  • When marriages are healed, it is in order that Christ might be represented fully in that marriage.
  • When eyes are opened to see Christ in the heart, it is in order that Christ will be increased in us and have a larger place for expression through us.

Everything in our life is in relation to CHRIST, and the increasing of CHRIST! 

To women who are married to unbelievers or backsliders—let me just ask you this: is all your pain and sorrow and suffering of heart really because you just want the LORD to have His rightful place in your husband’s heart and in your marriage? Or is all your pain and suffering and sorrow of heart because you are not getting a good marriage partner and the love you feel you rightly deserve from this man?

Our hearts can be So deceived! And we can be sorrowful all for personal reasons, and the Lord stays out of that! He does not come in to meet our personal desires and fix our lives just for us!

The only thing the Lord is after is to make a place for CHRIST!

And until our whole life and our one true desire is that the LORD has His rightful place in our own hearts, our marriages and families, and everything in our life—-He will not come in to do anything. We will waste all our days on feeling sorry for ourselves and we will give the enemy an open opportunity to speak lies to our hearts about the Lord and His goodness! “See, your God doesn’t answer your prayers. He doesn’t care about you! He wants you to suffer and have nothing!”——–learn to recognize the enemy’s lies!

No, in order for the Lord to move in any situation, there must be a truly opened way for CHRIST and CHRIST ALONE!

“And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.” Col. 3:2


“You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.” Isaiah 26:3


Let us seek the Lord to be aligned in our hearts with His will and purposes for our lives, that He may be ALL IN ALL!!! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Distraction Steals Your Life!

  1. Amanda!

    I had to bookmark this post!! The Lord is really speaking to me through you. Over the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with my own desires and coveting the lifestyles of ungodly people. (Especially women in “spiritual” leadership positions because unfortunately they “justify” those desires). Thank you for reminding me to “stand against myself and side with the spirit”. My husband always tells me to forget what it seems like and have confidence in what I know. You guys are so right! The more knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of Jesus I gain the more my own desires try to compete for my focus and affection. It’s so draining. But I’m glad that I read this post. Now I can start calling myself out and exposing these desires as the DISTRACTIONS they really are. And when you questioned the hearts of wives with ungodly husbands!? I’m not even in that situation but I know about being sorrowful for personal reasons all to well. I praise God for you sis! Thank you for sharing your new life in Christ, it is not in vain.

    1. Brandi,

      It is true that we can lose our focus so easily—over things we don’t even realize! I am so glad you are hearing the Lord! That is what we all need most! This is high time to stay focused on the Lord and His things! I am so glad you are seeing things for what they are and that you are ready to push it all aside to stay focused on Christ! 🙂

      Oh don’t we all know about being sorrowful and upset over our own things!!!!!! What the Lord wants is for us to have a heart for HIM and HIS things, and feel the pain for His people and their spiritual lives! That is the only acceptable sorrow in Christ!

      I pray that our hearts be turned to the Lord and that He might purify our hearts and continue to create Christ in us for HIS glory!!! 🙂

      You are just as much a blessing to me sister and I am so thankful we have found each other!!! <3


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