Earthly life according to the mind of God

Earthly life according to the mind of God

When I sit and think about all that the Lord has done, is doing, and will do, it is very overwhelming, and it has the ability to make us imagine that all of what is true is not for the here and now. When we talk about and think about the heavenlies, for example, I feel as though that might be just an imagination to some people, instead of it having a REAL meaning for our lives right here, right now, on earth, in this very moment. And when thinking about how we are here, yet not of this world, how are we suppossed to live, then? We still live in homes like everyone else, we work like everyone else, we still have a human body like everyone else, and we still raise kids, drive cars, do all the things that most people do.

So what does our life here on earth look like, or how should it look, according to the mind of God?

Jesus Our Example

When the Lord was here, He looked like other people. He apparently was a carpenter and worked like everyone else. It says in the Bible that people in his town knew Him and who His parents were, and that was why they were really confused as to why he was saying He was from God and from Heaven.

But if we just get past the surface and the body functioning of the Lord on earth as a human, and we look deeper into the very center and spring of his life—we find that his spring of life within was from HEAVEN, and not earth. He lived on earth as out from Heaven. What that means is that although He was literally here on earth, His actual source of Life and power were not from His own natural strength, but rather, His resources in that sense came from his Union with the Father in Spirit. He was joined to the Father–He said, “I and my Father are One”. And He said that everything He did was not from His own source within Himself, but rather, it was from the Father as from within Him, doing the works and speaking the words through the Lord. It was the Father in Him who was doing those things, the Lord said.

In this way, we can see that the Lord Jesus, while living upon earth, was totally DEPENDENT on the Father as within Himself for all things.

The Lord said He could do NOTHING of Himself. That means He couldn’t just decide what He was going to do that day, who He was going to heal, who He was going to eat with, etc. Everything He said or did was directed from WITHIN Himself by the FATHER, because they were ONE in Spirit. And that means also that the Father was living in Him, and through Him. It was not what Christ Jesus was in Himself, everything for His life was IN THE FATHER DWELLING WITHIN HIM.

Because of this union within, everything the Lord said or did was out from Heaven—because that is where the Father is! And how the Lord Jesus walked on earth and lived was the meaning of a Heavenly life!

A Heavenly life is one of total dependence on God! 

Total Dependence

Now, because we are joined to the Lord Jesus—the Risen Christ—- and He is on the Throne in Heaven at the right hand of God—- we are enabled if the Holy Spirit of Christ is dwelling within our spirit,” to walk even as He walked.”

Our life here on earth, for all practical purposes, is to be a life that is totally dependent on the Lord. That is not an outward thing. It is an inward thing, in spirit. We may look like people here on earth, and we might have a home and a car and other things of this life on earth—but the difference between born from above people and all the rest is that they have WITHIN THEM a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LIFE!

And because we have a totally different life within us, all that comes up from us as within us will be different than the rest of the people on this earth.

We will have springing up from within us a different:

  • Mind set
  • a different set of priorities
  • a different way of relating to people
  • a different way of talking
  • a different approach in our business lives
  • a different approach in our parenting
  • a different way of doing things

But remember—this is not OUTWARD first of all. This is something INSIDE OF US that is different, and because we are different INSIDE of us, there will be outward differences too. And that is also why the world can not see who the true Church is—no one can, because it is something INSIDE OF US—–” The Kingdom of God is within you!”

If anything, the world and the people of it will laugh at us, and will think we are totally wrong in life and they won’t understand us at all because we are spiritual people, and we are not like them, therefore they can not understand us!

  • They won’t understand how we can be joyful in times of true sorrow
  • They won’t understand how we can love those who hurt us
  • They won’t understand how we don’t freak out when we don’t get our way
  • They won’t understand how we can submit to our husbands who in their mind are inferior to women
  • They won’t understand how we can forgive others
  • They won’t understand how we are not worried about money and possessions
  • They won’t understand how we don’t care about drinking or going to parties or going to the movies or wherever
  • They won’t understand how we can tell our children the truth about santa!

You get the point 🙂

What truly starts to happen when you are born from above is that you no longer care about this world.

You do not find anything worth living for here anymore. This world becomes more and more estranged in your heart because you are no longer of this world! You belong to a different country—a Heavenly country!

And the simple everyday things are done out from Heaven in the life, because we are totally depending on the LIFE OF CHRIST WITHIN US!

I can mop the floor as out from Heaven because I am not mopping the floor in my own natural life or strength—that has been counted dead in the Cross of Christ. Now, everything is out from the LIFE OF CHRIST dwelling within me!

That might be confusing to some as it was for me, because I had to wonder about the fact that we still need sleep and food and stimulation to keep our bodies going on earth, so how can that be all out from God?

Well, the Lord has shown me that our bodies and our souls (reason, will, emotion) were not BORN FROM ABOVE—they stayed the same when our SPIRITS were born from above. Our bodies still need food and sleep and maintenance and medication and whatever else to function properly, yet, our LIFE SOURCE from within us is no longer from our SELF, it is from the HOLY SPIRIT! And that might seem like an abstract idea, but it isn’t. It can be tested and proved in our lives.

It can be tested by the fact that if we are aware of the Lord’s life within us, and we by faith appeal to His life within us, He will energize our spirit with might by His Holy Spirit, and we will be able to rise up in His Name, and do what we could never have done without His mighty energizing!

Take Paul for example, you read of all his trials and sufferings, yet he wasn’t killed. That was because his Life source within was the LORD and not his own natural life! He was able to depend totally upon the Life of Christ within him to energize him to continue pressing on and on, even when all turned away from him, and he was in prison, alone. Nothing had the ability to quench the LIFE SOURCE from within him—no matter what happened to his body on the outside.

How great is our Lord! We don’t realize how great He truly is, and what He is doing, and has done already in us! He is the all-governing provision for the Life in the Spirit! We can do NOTHING in ourselves, in our own natural strength, wisdom, or mind. Those things have been put to death with Christ! Now, we are called to live a heavenly life, one that is an inward reality, and inward thing, where we sense and know that this world is NOT our home! And the life we are living is one that is totally dependent on the Lord for all things. We can do nothing in ourselves. We still encounter troubles, and we will suffer, but we have a totally new mindset in Christ, and a new source of energy within us of a LIFE THAT CAN NOT BE PUT TO DEATH!


Knowing this, seeing this, is LIFE, is LIBERTY, is POWER, is JOY!

Let us seek the Lord ever more to know His life within us, to be dependent on HIM! 🙂



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