Eve and Idols Part 3

Eve and Idols Part 3



If you haven’t please read Eve and I dols part 1, and 2, before we continue with the topic today about how we end up chasing after other things that can never deliver us life, or really satisfy our hearts. 

Why We Chase

One thing that sadly entered into the heart of women at the fall of mankind is a mistrust for God. When Eve was convinced that God was holding out on her, and took of the forbidden fruit, women were left to face this fallen Eve nature. Fallen Eve nature is marked by this deep inner thing—-this mistrust for the heart of God.

  • It is this deep-rooted belief that God is not going to save us.
  • That God is not trustworthy.
  • That God will not deliver all that we need.
  • That He is not really the source of life.
  • The deep-seated belief that we have to follow our own understanding.

Eve forfeited her confidence in God, and was convinced that she had to make a better life for herself by taking things into her own hands. 

This leaves all the women born in the line of Adam and Eve with this same mistrust of God in the heart.

And this is exactly why we chase after other things to fill the never-ending longing found in our own hearts—apart from God.

“I’m On My Own”

See if this is true of your own life—— especially after you have been called by God, and have given up all to follow Christ.

  • Have you ever felt that God has abandoned you?
  • Can you identify any places in your life that you don’t trust God?
  • Where do you feel like you are on your own in life?
  • Where do you doubt Him as faithful?
  • What areas do you feel you have to strive to save yourself?

Now go a little deeper, and see what:

  • Strikes fear in your heart
  • Strikes sadness in your heart
  • Strikes grief in your heart

We can trace the root of our idols by looking at the pain we have in our own hearts. Pain from not feeling loved. Pain from rejection. Pain from abuse. Pain from traumatic events in our lives. Pain from repeated failure. Pain from regrets. Pain from disaster. Pain from the loss of a loved one. Pain from illnesses.

When we really stop and look at what pain we have in our hearts, we find the source of our needs. And these needs are the things we seek to fill with either Christ Jesus, or an idol. 

The pain we find in our heart points to our desires/needs. And these desires/needs are what we seek to satisfy either by Christ Jesus, or an idol.

LOVE- an example

I don’t think any woman would argue that our desire to be loved is on the top of our lists. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t desire this. Whether our parents loved us or not, we all long to be loved in life. Women who have been abused and rejected in life are set up for chasing after love in all the wrong places. If this has been the case in our lives we need to ask:

  • What have I looked to to heal this pain?
  • Where has my overwhelming hurt led me?
  • What do I seek to relieve and satisfy the hunger caused from this pain?

Either way, our pain in life has always led us somewhere—-either to Christ, or an idol.

Women who are hungry for love have two choices———– Christ OR Idol.

What we believe will bring relief to our pain will be the thing we seek most.

In the places we believe that we can not trust God, we can see that there is pain in that place.

  • These are the places that we seek to save our own life—the places we need to self-protect.
  • These are the places that we have to take from the tree of our own understanding for fear of missing out or being more hurt/rejected/unloved.
  • These are the places that we demand from idols what they have no power to do.
  • These are the places we trust ourselves instead of Christ, for fear of what might happen if we let go and surrender.

It is because we have felt abandoned before, and like we are alone, that we believe we need to save our own lives and trust ourselves to fill the need instead of turning to Christ Jesus who has the living water that will satisfy our hearts.


There is only one way in this to arrive at the true source of life. We must give up all the things we seek to relieve our pain, and turn to Christ in repentance! We have to look unto Him for all things, and seek Him. He is the answer to all. He is the only One who can save us!He alone has authority over all things in heaven and earth—–He is unlimited in power. He has the ability to meet our deepest needs—–no one and nothing else can do that. Turning to Him means we stop seeking the things of this world and life to bring us true life, peace,  and hope. We stop believing in things to satisfy our hunger. We turn instead to the One True God, and believe that HE ALONE can satisfy our thirsty hearts. And He is faithful. We must allow Him to expose every idol, and we must turn from them, that He may have the room to become our heart’s satisfaction!

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