“Every Plan I Ever Had Did Not Go My Way In Order That….”

“Every Plan I Ever Had Did Not Go My Way In Order That….”

This is the fifth post (first & second  & third  & fourth post) I’m doing in the series about things that have happened, and what they were allowed to happen for in terms of what the Lord wanted to teach and reveal about Himself. I am praying it might bless you if you have ever experienced them as well, or if you are going through them right now! 


“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

This one is perhaps the most on-going in my life, and perhaps yours and all of us who are children of God! I have seen the Lord work the most in this way in my own experience, and have learned that He is ALL the time letting me know that my plans do not prevail, but only His!

Strong Will Turned To Nothing

I was that kid who didn’t do anything anyone told me to do simply because I knew better! And now my child is like this, and I see exactly what it must have been like to raise me! NOT EASY! But thankfully, the Lord has allowed me to learn this very important lesson so I have been given the grace to raise such a child and it has in turn actually helped me become less strong-willed myself!

Before the Lord opened my eyes, I would basically despair of life when it didn’t go my way. I always saw things as going against me in EVERYTHING. And before Christ, there was a very hopeless outlook in it all for me. I have journal entries detailing the complete failure of my life in every direction as a teenager. It’s funny to read now, but at the time, it was devastating because nothing ever seemed to go my way in life!

After the Lord got a hold of me, this lesson only intensified! I’m talking about even the daily traffic was against me in my working days. I lived in the mountains with long roads and not that many people on the road at that—-yet on my way to work, in such a rush that I was, I would ALWAYS get caught behind an extremely slow driver. That became a life-long lesson! It didn’t stop happening until I seriously let it go and decided that if the Lord was truly sovereign over my life and in control of ALL things, then He was obviously allowing me to get stuck behind these cars everyday for a reason. And it turned out that He wanted me to learn not only that my plans don’t prevail, but I am not in control of anything!

So as time has gone by, I’ve come to learn over and over and over and over that I can imagine, plan, prepare for things as much as I want—-but the Lord’s plan will prevail and mine will not!

And in these situations, they all happened…..

In Order That

In order that I would:

  • surrender ALL things to God
  • accept His will in all things

My plans in life have been thrown down time and time again. I built this great thing, and it was smashed to nothing in seconds! Plans were frustrated, and my way is not the dominant thing in my life, and it never has been.

I think of Paul and how he was so determined that his way was the right way in killing Christians, he made his plans he set out on his way of doing things he thought he ought to do, and in a moment, EVERYTHING CHANGED. When he came into touch with the Risen Lord Jesus, everything changed and it was no longer his will, but the Lord’s will in his life, and he never looked back!

Are You Being Smashed?

Have you been in a situation or are you currently in one that you feel as though no matter what you try to do, or make happen, it is just not working out according to plan?

Perhaps the Lord is wanting to show you that He is truly in control and you can fight all you want, but His plan will prevail!

We get ourselves into much unnecessary trouble when we fight against the Lord in things. When things are going contrary to us and what we planned and were seeking to accomplish, we can be sure that the Lord is up to something if we belong to Him.

He is sovereign, and He is in control. He is over the weather, our very lives, the days we have here, our children, families, jobs, the whole earth is His footstool! He holds it all together in Himself and He has His own plans and purposes that He is ordering and working out in His universe, and until we come into line with that, we are pushing in vain!

Sometimes the greatest lesson in it all is simply that we don’t know what is best or what needs to happen in life. Especially when things even seem to be contradicting the Lord and His Word in situations. We can’t understand why it is not going the way we are trying to make it go, even for God’s glory—–but then one day we realize that it was all in order for us to see that He is in control, and we are entirely and utterly dependent on Him in this life to see us through whatever He allows.


One of my best friends, when I met her years ago, was battling an evil ex-husband in the courts for her two children. At the time, she was trying everything she possibly could to get those kids to her home for good and away from the the things at the father’s house. No matter what my friend did, it would just come to nothing, or worse, it would go in the father’s favor every time. I witnessed it myself in the courtrooms. My friend would go under every time something came up with the courts, she would despair of life and be on the verge of giving up all. She couldn’t see why the Lord was allowing such things to happen. This was 5 years ago. After a few more years of this, she finally came to the point, the Lord finally brought her to see that He is in control, and it is no use trying to fight against what she can’t control. She surrendered it all to the Lord, stepped out in faith, and allowed the Lord to direct her steps.

Well, here she is, 5 years later, having total custody of her children, having moved away and the courts granting everything in her favor after they came to see how evil the ex truly was and how much he had been lying in the courtrooms about everything. She is on top of this spiritually, as she is in a new found hope and faith, knowing and believing that the Lord truly is sovereign, and that He truly is in control

At the time, she couldn’t see why things were going so against her (she could never find/hold a job, had no support for watching the kids, etc.) all the time, until she was able to see that the reason it all went this way was in order for her to be forced to move closer to her own family and the courts allowed it in her favor. Once she got to where she is now, it was as if the courts and the ex had no power over her at all and she was free to work, raise her kids, and rest in what the Lord had done! But she couldn’t have gotten to that point if everything worked out beautifully over those years where nothing worked out!

This is a prime example of just how sovereign the Lord is, and just how He truly works even when we can’t see and don’t understand why our plans are being totally frustrated!

I pray you might find some encouragement in this! 🙂


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