Feeling Like It’s Never Enough

Feeling Like It’s Never Enough

Do you feel like you need to just do, do, do in order to be enough for God?

Somewhere along the way, what is labeled “Christian life” has turned into  a long list of things we need to do in order to appease God and be good enough and saved enough and justified enough.

Somewhere along the way, the Christian life turned into something that has nothing to do with Christ and Him crucified, and in turn has left many many children of God in a constant state of defeat, bewilderment, and lack of spiritual life and power.

The simple fact is that Christ is not being preached anymore, and therefore it has turned into it being all about us and what we need to do in order to be saved and in order to make God happy with us. It has taken the focus off of Christ, and onto our own works.

How many people have gone through their life so far in fear of judgment, of not being really “saved” because they are not perfect? How many have been under legal bondage to a christian system that says that unless you do X, you are not truly saved (ex- speak in tongues).

If there is any fear in our life pertaining to our faith in Christ, we are in bondage and not living in the freedom that is ours in Christ!

Because Christ has not been preached correctly, many have striven their whole life so far in trying to reach a certain point where they have been perfected and sinless. They have believed that if they teach sunday school, give money to charity, do this that and the other thing—THEN they will be good enough and have earned enough to be good in God’s eyes.

This is so far from the truth!

The truth is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He came in the form of flesh in order to save that which was lost in the beginning–that which belongs to the Father—the worship that belongs to the Father! He had to stand in our place as representing US in our FALLEN HUMAN NATURE, in order to redeem that which was lost in the beginning. When He took our place on the Cross, He FOREVER satisfied God’s requirements FOR US and AS US! And now, Christ is seated at the Right Hand of the Majesty on High and we are seated together with Him in spirit, and what He is as a perfected Humanity, is now what we are BY FAITH!

This means that we can NEVER produce what satisfies God in ourselves.

No matter how much we go to church, read, give money, or do anything that is considered worthy to be good enough to earn God’s favor—-we will NEVER be able to contribute one ounce of anything to God’s purposes in ourselves.

So how do we bring glory to God and arrive at the end to which He is calling us, which is a glorified humanity? BY FAITH IN THE SON OF GOD!

That is the only WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE that we have to hope in, in coming to our destined end of being conformed to the image of Christ!

It begins with accepting the Cross as to our natural selves. We must accept that when He died, we died with Him to OUR OWN NATURAL MIND, WILL, AND HEART. We died to anything in ourselves by which we can reach God’s intended end. And now, we are called upon to live by FAITH in Christ’s RISEN LIFE within us by His Spirit. Christ has been made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and EVERYTHING ELSE that is necessary for us to reach God’s fullness! It is ALL in Christ!

And when we are enabled by the Spirit to apprehend our spirit union with Christ, then we are able to see that all that God wants to do in and through us is ONLY by His SPIRIT in us!

I can write a blog post for the rest of my life, but unless the Holy Spirit is giving me the words and the strength and the energy to write the words, it will all be in VAIN!

I can clean my house and do all the ordinary things of daily life for the rest of my life, but unless it is in the Spirit, by the Spirit’s energizing power within me to do those things—they will all be for nothing and in vain!

In the same way, if you are constantly being tormented in your own mind and heart about not being enough or doing enough for God—- there must be a realization that it is ONLY BY FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS that we are truly born again, and then conformed to the image of Christ as we co-operate with His SPIRIT within us!

That is where the true difference is—-when we truly understand what the Cross means, we can never again strive for anything in the Christian life. If anything good comes about or from us, it is all because the Holy Spirit is in control of us now, and we are no longer trying to do ANYTHING in our own natural power of mind, heart, and will.

The Lord does have a plan and purposes to which He has called us and is calling us now—and the only way to get in line with those purposes is if we are truly surrendered to His will, and His Spirit, and if we are open to the Lord in our hearts to receive His leading into those purposes. We are not all called to do mighty things. Staying home all day cleaning a house and taking care of a family is just as important as a man becoming a spiritual leader! There is no distinction when it comes to the “ministry”. True ministry is simply bringing Christ in wherever we are. It is simply living by the Spirit, so that Christ is seen in and through us to all those we come in contact with. Even if we never really see that many people outside our home—- the Lord is teaching principalities and powers in the heavenly realm His manifold wisdom through us living our lives by His Risen life! (see Ephesians)!

So no matter where we are—let us realize that doing a million and one things will never save us, or change us!

The only thing that will save and change is THE RISEN LORD! That is where our eyes and hearts and hopes need to go in order for the Lord to be able to get His desired ends in and through us for HIS GLORY!

And to be sure, if we are being condemned and feeling a weight of accusation in our hearts all the time—know that it is from the devil and it must not be tolerated for another minute! There is NO CONDEMNATION to those who are IN CHRIST JESUS! Those who live by the Spirit can not be condemned any longer–and you are living by the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwells in you!

Yes, you are not perfect yet. That is why we are being spiritually trained and disciplined in this life time—- in order to learn how to live by the Spirit of Christ in us, and no longer live by the self and it’s worldly ways and wisdom. This is a lifetime journey! And when we do make a mistake, we have the BLOOD OF JESUS as our immediate remedy—and we are to confess our sins to God when we realize, and place those faults under His Blood—and move forward. That is living by the Spirit. When we recognize when we have done wrong, and we place it under the Blood, and move forward in faith that the Lord is cleansing us from all sin as we confess our sins!

That is hopeful, that is LIFE, that is LIBERTY! 🙂


Let us display the excellencies of Christ in us to all of those around us for His Glory!



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