Filled With All Joy & Peace In Believing!

Filled With All Joy & Peace In Believing!

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope.

Romans 15:13 AMPC

The Pattern

As the days and years go by, I am beginning to see such a clear pattern in the lives of God’s children. As I read the memoirs and autobiographies of saints from hundreds of years ago, I see the same exact pattern which confirms what the Lord has been showing me.  And finally, what I see written by the Apostles of Jesus Christ in the Bible confirms the very pattern the Lord is showing me to be true in my own life, the saints I know, and those from long times ago.

This pattern is simply this: every child of God, once truly born again, goes through a time, sometimes a long time, where though they are saved, and have believed in Jesus as Savior, they come to find out that they are still the same old sinner they have always been and in fact, they are now aware of just how utterly vile they truly are.

This realization turns into a long drawn out battle within themselves, in search of the truth as to whether they are truly saved or not.

They go through long times of ‘trying’ their best at being ‘good’ — only to find out more firmly how utterly vile they are and how unable they are to be ‘good’. They are thrown into times of despair and depression at seeing their continual failures and fallings and are prone to focus only on themselves, their mishaps, and their inability to do better which ever repeats the cycle of defeat, despair, and hopelesness.

Misunderstanding & False Teaching

I don’t know about you, but I am just apalled at all the utter misrepresentation and false teachings out there that claim that we can some how be “good” and earn salvation or merit with God or that teach that we need to work on this and that thing and make ourselves perfect and changed in ourselves.

It comes to us as from an “angel of light” and therefore it is hard to see past! But have you ever felt like a preacher or someone else claiming Christ has put some kind of pressure on you to change things and make yourself different or better or holy or what not and it felt like they were putting on your shoulder an impossible weight that you can’t possibly carry?

That’s how you know it is not from God!

The Fight Of Faith

If you are reading this right now — I pray that you might see and understand what God has done and given to us in His Son, that you might be set free from those impossible weights put on you that only lead you down into more despair and hopelessness!

We are meant to build each other up with LOVE, not weigh each other down with the impossibility of becoming something better in ourselves!

This pattern in the children of God is all having to do with BELIEVING ON JESUS CHRIST and trusting in HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD that the Bible says CLEANSES US FROM ALL SIN.






And the greek word used in that passage (1 John 1:7) means that this cleansing is PERPETUAL — meaning — IT KEEPS ON CLEANSING US FROM ALL SIN.

The Blood of Jesus KEEPS ON CLEANSING US from ALL SIN!

If we are FAITHFUL TO CONFESS our sins —- Then His Blood is continually cleansing us from ALL SIN.

Known or unknown sin. All sin!

Sisters! The rest and joy and peace of God are right there for us WHEN WE BELIEVE — believe in Jesus’ PERFECT finished work! When we believe in the CLEANSING POWER of His blood!

When we stop looking at our own failures and sins, and flee immediately at the time of them to Jesus, and confess them, and receive forgiveness and cleansing for them! 

This is the ‘good fight of faith’ Paul talks about! The fight is against the devil who likes to come to us when we fail and tell us how we are not saved and how we are so far from God and grace! In that moment, that is when we need to lift up the SHIELD OF FAITH at the flaming dart of accusation, and STAND FIRMLY on the SOLID GROUND OF CHRIST JESUS’ PERFECT FINISHED WORK!

And immediately, the battle is WON! Because of HIS VICTORY! “Because of the BLOOD OF THE LAMB”!

This is the solid truth my friends —– if you ever lose His joy and peace and rest again — remember this:

The only one who can satisfy the heart is Jesus Christ — and putting your faith in HIS finished work!

This is why God does not allow us to find any satisfaction, rest, joy, or peace in other things, places, people — nothing but His beloved Son who’s perfect Blood was shed on the Cross for our SINS!

If you are not delighting in this fact then that is why you are miserable! In every new trial — will you cling to Him and look only to Him still? Don’t let the trial steal your joy and rest in His finished work!

When you are looking to your husband for some kind of satisfaction, you are lusting after other things, when Christ’s finished work alone and your faith in Him is the ONLY way to the rest and joy and peace and love and presence of God!

Instead of looking to our own failures, we must look to His VICTORY!

‘Look to Him and be saved!’

It is so simple, people literally can’t believe it, and continue on trying to ‘prove’ their worthiness and righteousness! How sad! How wrong and how much of a slap in the face to God for providing us with His Son’s Blood to cleanse us and make us ‘irreproachable in God’s sight’!

And this is ONLY the beginning! But as I am learning, it is the whole battle, the whole lifetime journey, and the end of it all for us —- ‘believing on Him whom He has sent!’

Why were the converts recorded in the letters from Paul so loving and persevering under hardship? Because they were given true light from Heaven to see that their life and inheritance was found in Jesus Christ, and that the things of this life and world were nothing compared to the glory we await in His coming! Eternal life in Jesus Christ was more to them than anything and it was from this so great salvation that the converts learned to love and to live as new creatures in Christ.

No different in themselves, but never looking at themselves again, having put their eyes and focus firmly on Jesus Christ and His perfect, satisfying, atoning work for US!

Why are Christians near and far so utterly cast down and miserable? It is because they don’t know that their only rest, joy, and peace will be found in BELIEVING! Just as Paul wrote in Romans 15:13.


‘Growing up into Him in all things’ means that we come to the FULL knowledge of the Son of God — meaning — we learn in these battles what He truly IS to us — the perfect sacrifice — and then we grow in that knowledge and are able to help those who are behind us. Until we ‘all come to the unity of the faith and the full knowledge of the Son of God’!

He is much more than just the perfect sacrifice —- and as we go on with the Lord, and learn, we discover more and more of what and who Jesus Christ really is for us as our gift from God. And as we learn, our foot of faith gets planted deeper down into the solid rock and firm foundation so that we are more and more ‘unmoveable’ and are not tossed to and fro like children by diverse teachings and different doctrines that distort and corrupt the pure gospel of Jesus Christ!

The pure gospel is that Jesus Christ offered up His own body as the perfect sacrifice to atone for all our sin, and by His blood we have been purchased, washed clean, and cleansed from all sin! And it is by believing in Him, and steadfastly believing in Him that we will come to full salvation when He returns to stand in our place, and deliver us from the wrath that is coming on all those who have refused this precious Love and Life!

You will not find in the Bible any line that says we must do or be anything in ourselves to earn salvation. You will find the very opposite —- that we have done NOTHING to earn it, and can never earn in by doing or being anything in ourselves.

Will you believe it friend? And find true rest, joy, and peace in believing today? And offer up praise and thanksgiving to God for so great salvation in Jesus Christ the Lord?!

Blessing, honor, glory, and power be to God forever and ever!



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