Finding In God What You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

Finding In God What You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!

I wish I could describe clearly what its like when the Lord leads you to turn your whole heart back to Himself, and when you find in Him all that you have sought elsewhere, but came up dry! It is indescribable joy! It is like the things that were once hurtful have become the sweetest things in the world! It is just amazing when the Lord gets our heart to Himself!

When we are running after wells that run dry and leave us thirsty again, and seeking in the things created what only the Creator Himself can give, we tire ourselves out, and spend all that we have just to never find what our hearts are so longing for.

But in His infinite love and mercy, He sees us where we are, and He sees that we know not where to find the thing our heart so longs for, and He presents Himself. He allures us by creating in us this hunger that increases and increases until we cry out to Him, believing that He alone has the bread wherewith to satisfy our longing hearts!!

Are You Still Thirsting?

If you are reading this, IT IS NO ACCIDENT! Perhaps the Lord has led you right here in this moment to find out the way to true, satisfying water that quenches our thirsty hearts forever!

If you are thirsty, it means you are seeking to be satisfied.

You are seeking to bring relief to the pain of thirst you feel in your heart. You are searching left and right, and seeking to bring joy, happiness, comfort, and life to your heart perhaps in things of the world, or in other human beings.

Why else does the world seek and strive after success, money, relationships, children, sports, hobbies, and entertainments? It is to bring some kind of joy or happiness to their heart that they are aware is lacking in them.

But those who are called of God never find this thirst satisfied by the things in the world, or the other humans in the world!

We will always come up thirsty again when we seek what only God can give to us in these other things!

Turn Your Heart To Him

If you have never tasted and seen that the Lord is good, and if you are thirsty, and always coming up thirsty again after you’ve sought and attained what you thought might bring relief to the pain in your heart, then I pray you will turn your heart to the Lord, and set it on seeking His face!

If we are born again, then Christ dwells in our hearts by faith. Through the Holy Spirit, the Lord dwells in our hearts! That is where we must seek Him. He makes His presence manifest in our hearts, no where else! The Lord is able to speak to our hearts in such a way that it is as if He has just fed us with the living water that quenches our thirst! When we turn to Him, and set our hearts on Him, and believe Him to speak to our hearts, He is faithful, and will reveal Himself to our hearts, and we will be satisfied!!!!!!!!

And once we’ve tasted His presence, we will lose all taste for the unsatisfying things of this life and this world. We will learn in first hand experience that the answer to our longing heart can be found in nothing and no one but the Lord Himself!!!!

The problems we had in the forefront cease to be in our minds. All else we had focused on dies off as our heart becomes captivated by the presence of the Lord!

I tell you the truth, if you belong to the Lord, He will make sure that you NEVER become satisfied in the things of this life and world, or in other people. If you can find satisfaction in anything other than the Lord Himself, then I pray you seek the Lord as to whether you are truly His child or not.

Usually when we are newly born again, it takes time to come to this point. But whether newly born again, or born again for many years, the Spirit will SURELY lead us to the place where this life, this world, and the things and the people of it can not and will not satisfy our hearts.

The Lord’s purpose in this is to capture our WHOLE heart for Himself, that we will turn to Him alone for ALL things, and cease to fix our eyes on things created instead of Himself!

Stop doubting! The Lord is delighted to give Himself to the hearts who wholeheartedly seek HIM! It is His joy to do! He is pleased with the heart that loses all to find Him! If only you will turn to Him, and stop focusing on the people in your life, or the things you think you want to make you happy, and seek in the Lord what this world can NEVER give you, you will find life abundant! You will find all that your heart has ever longed for!

Does anyone remember what seemed like a “secular” song on the radio years and years ago:

“There’s got to be more to life, than chasing down every TEMPORARY high to satisfy me”

There is more to life my friends!

There is MUCH more to life than just chasing all these things and people to create in us the joy and peace and life that ONLY COMES by our abandonment to the will of God, and from seeking the Lord alone to be our ALL IN ALL!

Don’t waste another minute on the things that promise to deliver but only leave you dry once more! Turn to the Lord, he is waiting!



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