Foolish Faith

Foolish Faith

Have any of you, like myself, ever given into this false idea that we can somehow build up enough faith to move God to do something we want to see happen?

Where does the idea come from that we have to somehow get enough faith in order to see God move on our behalf, to see Him do what we believe is His will?

In my experience, I believed this false faith idea based off of the whole scripture that “according to our faith it’ll be done unto us”. And I’ve certainly heard and read many things where the person was promoting this type of foolish faith where it is said that we just have to believe enough, then God will act on our behalf!

I’ve been listening to some messages on this very topic by Michael Chriswell on youtube, and have been listening with inner ears, and have not only seen myself having done this in the past, but I started wondering how many others have been believing in this foolish faith and waiting for God to move in a situation where He is not going to move because it was OUR will that we wanted to see happen, not God’s will.

You Won’t Find It In Scripture

Chriswell points out so clearly with numerous examples (Abraham, Noah, Jacob, Paul, etc.) from the Bible that no man in any story in the Bible sought God to do something that THEY wanted Him to do because they believed it was His will.

God always came to His servants FIRST with a promise to them, and then He required their obedience and faith in relation to the promise.

And then the Lord had to test their faith on that very promise given, and even then, we learn in Hebrews that all that were given the promise did not see it fulfilled in their lifetime because God was waiting for us (the Church) to fulfill the promise to all of those before us!

The one great promise by the way is Christ! 🙂

But the principle of this whole foolish faith thing is what we are focusing on right now.

God only asks us to exercise faith in Him for what He has given to us as a promise!

We never once see anyone seeking out promises and then claiming them and exercising faith. We see God coming to His people, and giving them a direct Word, and then the servant exercises faith in God in relation to what He has spoken to them.

Take the Israelites as a whole — they were promised freedom from bondage after 400 years, and when the time was appointed, God sent Moses to lead them out, and the Israelites has to exercise faith in that promise and follow Moses in order to come into the promised land. But as we know, they did not BELIEVE GOD, and therefore they perished in the wilderness!

This is just a symbolic representation for all of us who are called up and out of this present evil world, and we are given the promise of salvation through BELIEVING ON JESUS CHRIST. But we have to exercise FAITH in relation to this promise, in order to receive the blessing of the promise (which is true victory over all death)!

Foolish Faith

Foolish faith is the idea that if we just believe enough for what we want God to do for us, He will do it because we believe it is good.

This can be anything —- anything we think is God’s will, when we haven’t actually received a word or promise in relation to it from God Himself.

I’ll use Michael’s example because it portrays this foolish faith so clearly. When him and his first wife were young, they had this desire to DO SOMETHING FOR GOD. They decided that starting up a franchised gym called “The Lord’s Gym” was God’s will for them.

Though they didn’t have a single dollar to start this half a million dollar business, they one day decided that this was what they needed to do for God, and it was a good thing, so God was going to see them through it and provide all the funds, etc. if only they just have faith enough to believe God to do it!

Can you see how foolish that was to begin with?

The Lord’s gym was a godly type of gym with a dress code, and scriptures all over the wall and prayer before aerobics classes. Chriswell and his wife really believed they would be doing God a favor, and that it was a good thing to do for Him, so of course He would provide all that was needed to accomplish this great work for God!

Well, in the end, the Lord DID miraculously provide all the funds to start this business, only for it to fall apart some months later. The contractor for the building robbed them of over $100,000 and they had no choice but to close the gym and I believe file bankruptcy. They were on the news in their town for a week and were slandered and totally humiliated in front of the whole public! They were left with half a million dollars in debt!

Now, the lesson Chriswell learned through this experience is that, we can NEVER decide to do something “good” for God, and then believe Him for it to work out, and expect it to either happen that way, or not fall apart if He does by chance allow it to go through!!!!

This principle is so important friends.

We have got to see how foolish it is to think that if we just believe enough and have faith in our faith for believing God, that God will move on our behalf.

Real Faith

Real faith is the faith we exercise in relation to God’s Word and His will! When God opens our eyes through His word, or through whatever means, to something that is in His will for us, that is when we are to exercise faith in relation to Him, believing that He has spoken, and He will do what He has spoken!

To not exercise faith in God towards His own revealed will or word to us is to be like the Israelites who were given the promise, and did not mix faith with it, and therefore they died in the wilderness, never reaching that Promised Land!

This real faith is also exercised in action when we hear from God in terms of something specific in our life, and we exercise our faith in Him and His spoken word to us by executing the action involved.

For example, 2 years ago, when I was homeschooling my stubborn child, I was at my wits end not only with that, but my marriage. I cried out to God to lead me to the truth, and show me what I was doing wrong. That’s when He led me to April’s site and He opened my eyes to all the disrespect in my marriage and all the self-will I was living in.

And it wasn’t long before the Lord clearly opened my eyes and spoke to me about how I was homeschooling my son in rebellion against my husband and my son’s father. They both wanted him in school, and instead of submitting to my husband in all things (obeying God’s word), I had been blindly rebelling and therefore the Lord allowed homeschooling to be the disaster it turned out to be for me.

So when I saw that God spoke clearly to me that I was rebelling against His Word and my husband, I exercised faith in the Word He spoke, and executed the action of enrolling my son back in school a few days later. The Lord blessed my obedience and faith by granting me peace in heart as to that decision, and later on leading me to the help I needed for my son!

So we can see from my own experience that I exercised faith by actually putting my son back in school when the Lord revealed that to my heart as to His will for me and my son!

Don’t Be Foolish

I pray that we all might be given the grace to see that it is plain foolishness to think that if we just believe enough, God will do what WE want Him to do on our behalf.

All we have to do is what the Lord tells us to do. When He presents a promise or truth to our hearts, and really speaks to us, showing us that it is indeed His will for us, that is when we are to exercise faith in relation to Him, to see HIS WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED, not our own will!

It has got to be about Him and His will, and faith in relation to Him accomplishing what He has shown to be His own will for us, or it is foolish!

Don’t be fooled by all these teachers who say that if you just believe enough for X,Y,Z then God will do it for you. That is foolish! And it will never happen. And if it does happen, be sure it will fall apart and you will learn a very important less the HARD way! I know I’ve learned MANY lessons this hard way.

There are so many things I foolishly believed for that ended up in destruction and more harm than anything else.

At some point, I learned this lesson myself, way before hearing Chriswell talk about it in his message. I learned like him that we can’t just think up some thing as God’s will that is good in our eyes, and move forward in foolish faith, believing He will come in and do the thing we think is His will.

I’ve learned to literally do nothing except what God shows me to be His own will in my life. That is the only thing that works out. And even then, when He has shown it to our hearts, we will be tested as to our faith in that thing. He doesn’t usually automatically do what He has spoken if we exercise faith.

For example, when I put my son back in school in faith in what God spoke to my heart, I encountered endless issues with him in school because of his untreated ADHD. I was sorely tried in faith. I at some point thought maybe it wasn’t the right thing to have put him back in school afterall, because all he had was problems everyday in school. But the Lord empowered me by His grace to cling to what He had showed me about rebelling against my husband, and He tried my faith by all the problems. And when my faith was tried and proved, that is when the Lord was pleased to bring about only good from having put him back in school as I followed Him leading me to seek help for my son.

Now, he is in school and has no issues. He couldn’t even read when he started 2nd grade last year, and by the end of the year, he was reading chapter books on his own! My faith was tried and tested and the Lord proved faithful and true!

Let this be a witness and testimony to the fact that God will do what He has spoken to us when we exercise faith and cling to His word and to His faithfulness!



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