For the Spiritually Defeated And Weary

For the Spiritually Defeated And Weary

If we belong to the Lord, then a constant, ongoing thing in our life is going to be our facing situations all the time that require us to overcome them spiritually. When people who claim Christ but don’t understand their true union with Christ by the Spirit face constant breakdown and difficulties in their life, they are thrown out of the fight and end up fearful, overtaken, and spiritually weak. They are stripped of their Testimony of Jesus and to His overcoming Life, and become the play things of the devil.

The Lord allows us to face trial, adversities, and all different kinds of hard things in our lives to varying degrees in order to grow us spiritually.

In order to give us an opportunity to overcome it spiritually.

What ends up happening, though, is that we pray to the Lord to take away our hardships and deliver us from all the different troubles and make our lives different or better or to remove the problem all together, and when He doesn’t do that, we lose faith, and we are spiritually defeated and in the grip of satan and the power of evil all over again!

This is NOT God’s thought or intention for His people who have His Life within them, the power of a Life that OVERCOMES DEATH! We have this Life in us by His Spirit, and it is there for us to lay hold of in such times when the enemy is raging, and we are being put out of the fight and are going down under all the pressure of this life and the things of it that are seeking to overpower us and destroy the Testimony of Jesus!

Who do we see as most strong spiritually? Those who go through varying trials without losing faith, hope, or peace and who know the Lord and the power of His might to see them through victoriously!

Things To Overcome Spiritually

Let’s get right to the point because we all know that we face situations whether they seem minor or major to us that if left to ourselves will throw us down and in defeat, and we become spiritually weak and weary from all that we are facing!

These difficulties can be so varying, so here are some that might be the common lot of all God’s true children:

  • marriage issues
  • job stress
  • child stress
  • mental attack where we are giving in to the accusations from the enemy in our own mind and wander around defeated and mentally and physically drained from giving heed to these thoughts
  • loneliness
  • financial stress
  • fear
  • physical issues
  • attacks from the enemy through unsaved people we live with or have to be around a lot

There are many many more and much worse, but these are general things that most people face, especially as true children of God, that are intended by the enemy to get us out of the fight and weary and spiritually defeated.

What Does It Mean To Overcome Spiritually?

When these things come about, the reason the Lord allows such things is in order to give us the chance to exercise our spiritual position that we have in Christ to overcome them in our spirit. Those issues that we face, if we are not truly walking in our spiritual union with the Lord in His Risen Life, we will try to overcome the problems by our natural reasoning and natural ways, and it will never work. We won’t be able to handle all those difficulties in our natural will power and strength. We are defeated in our natural life apart from the Risen Lord and His strength!

So, having realized this fact– when we face such issues or worse,

The way to overcome them is by rising above it in spirit by calling upon the Lord to strengthen us inwardly with might by the Holy Spirit!

We don’t have to beg the Lord to take away the hardship or change people or anything like that. That will get us nowhere! What we can do is surrender to the Lord, knowing He is allowing these things, and appeal to the Holy Spirit in us to strengthen us inwardly with might, and enable us by the power of His Life in us to rise above the situation! And when that happens, though we are still in the difficulty, we have peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

When we can get to this point in spirit, we have overcome the situation and the situation no longer has power over us to break us down and weary us! We become strong in the power of HIS MIGHT, and are a Testimony to the power of Christ’s Life in us!

This overcoming involves the Cross as well because when we are hoping and begging the Lord to deliver us from our troubles, we are only concerned about ourselves and regaining our own comfort. That is for the self, and therefore God can not have anything to do with it. Instead, we must accept the situation in light of the Cross, accepting the death to our selves and it’s own things, and refocus on the things of the Spirit, and realize what we are going through is all for the LORD and HIS Glory to be realized, and not for our own anything! We are left to face hard things in order for the Lord to be glorified, and for no other reason! If we have our focus merely on ourselves and escaping these hard things for our own benefit or our own anything—-then we are already defeated before the fight begins!

The only safe ground to stand on is the ground of the Cross where the life we lived by and for our self has been put to death in the Cross!

And if we are truly there, then the things we face are to be turned into a Testimony of the overcoming Life of Christ in us by the Spirit!

If you are facing something today, I pray that the Lord speak to your heart and grant you the eyes to see and the ears to hear what the Spirit is saying! There is a way out in the Cross, and in the power of HIS LIFE!



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