For Those Being Attacked & Who Are Feeling Hopeless!

For Those Being Attacked & Who Are Feeling Hopeless!

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling more attacked than ever. It seems as though every time there is any new breakthrough with the Lord, the enemy immediately seeks to steal the LIFE AND PEACE AND JOY from us! And it makes sense — he knows that if he can just get us to start questioning, or doubting, or focusing on something other than Christ —– he has got a foothold into our hearts and minds and we are immediately led astray and end up feeling alone, hopeless, and far from God!

In a way, the attacks confirm that God is truly living inside me and is truly using me as His vessel —- and the devil hates that. He hates that Life can be ministered to you through this blog. He hates that Life can overcome death. He hates LIFE period.


Attack On Our Weaknesses

If there are any natural weaknesses and limitations found in our bodies, the enemy will never fail to make use of them and exaggerate them, in hopes of getting us to base our relationship with the Lord on how we feel.

For example, for those of us who have ADHD, or depression, or bi-polar, or any other mental health issue, along with any physical ailments and issues, the enemy will never fail to make his attack upon us when we are feeling at our lowest, and he will put a twist on our condition and say that we are feeling these ways because the Lord is not with us and does not love us.

He will implant in our minds the idea that what we are going through is because of something terrible we have done, and he will try to convince us that the Lord is against us! 

I have been through this many times, and when it is happening, the feelings that I feel seem to be so true and so real, and many times I have fallen under the impact of such feelings! But where does it lead every single time? SPIRITUAL DEATH AND PARALYSIS! And that is how I know it is of the enemy!

I am learning to see where it leads —- if it leads to spiritual arrest and death, then I know that it is of the enemy, and that he is seeking to steal, kill, and destroy the Life of Christ, the Testimony of His Life in me! And I admit that sometimes, it is so strong, and no matter how much I pray, nothing changes and I can’t seem to come out of the fog!

Why does the Lord allow this?

I believe the Lord allows this in order to provide the needed opportunities to grow us spiritually, to give us a chance to believe Him for who He is, and to stand upon the FACTS in Christ, and to learn how to not fall under our own feelings.

One of the main things we will learn on our spiritual walk with the Lord by the Spirit is how NOT TO LIVE BASED ON OUR FEELINGS!


Especially us women with our feelings —- it can seem sometimes that how we feel IS THE TRUTH. We can’t see anything else because how we feel just seems to be the only TRUTH! And then we act upon those feelings, and we find that in the end, our feelings were wrong!

Think about when you have felt far from God, or that you are not really saved, or that your husband doesn’t love you, or any number of things you may have felt.

What were your feelings based on? How you saw things, and how you judged things in your natural mind — APART FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

That is what we do — in our own feelings, our own reasoning, our own will — we are acting apart from the Spirit, and that is when we get into trouble!

The way of deliverance, and the safe route in all things is to submit and yield all our own feelings, judgments, and willing to the Spirit! 

For example, the next time we are feeling like the Lord has left us, or that we have done something so terribly wrong which is accounting for such feelings, we have to purposely take a stand in our spirit and say, “How I feel is NOT the truth! The TRUTH IS FOUND IN CHRIST! And CHRIST’s Blood ALONE secures my union with the Father, not my feelings!”

Christ Jesus is the WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!

  • My feelings are not the way, the truth, or the life!
  • My feelings are not the Shepard, the Vine, the Door, or the Bread to live upon!

Our feelings, judgments, and will are ruled out by the Cross of Christ —- therefore they can NEVER lead us in the way we should go, and they are not a reliable source for ANYTHING. The only thing we can do with our feelings, our judgments, and our willing is yield it all to the CROSS, daily, and commit our way unto the Lord, believing and resting in Him as our Way, Truth, Life, Shepard, Vine, etc.!


The thing that is so challenging to us in such times is believing God for who He is, and for what He has said. So often, we are praying and praying and praying for the Lord to help us out of the way we are feeling, and for Him to come in and do something, but it seems nothing happens and we feel as though He does not even hear us! And when that happens, discouragement is knocking on our door, and if we let it in, we are going to fall really fast and it will be hard to get back up.

When we are tempted to be discouraged, and are starting to doubt and question the Lord and His ways, the spiritual life will be drained immediately, and we will find all the joy, and all the spiritual impact has come to a standstill. 

What is needed at this time is for us to purposefully go AGAINST our own feelings, and all that seems to be so real, and deliberately stand against even ourselves, and believe in Him for who He is, and for what He has said and done in Christ! The Lord can’t do anything when we are doubting! His hands are tied! FAITH is the way to go, even when all odds are against us, and in ourselves we are feeling so contrary to it!

That is what faith is all about — believing when all seems to contradict! Believing against all odds! Believing when there is nothing to stand upon except the FACT!

When I am feeling like I have gone all wrong and like I have made a huge mistake and am lost and hopeless, faith says, “I reject these feelings and stand upon CHRIST as MY RIGHTEOUSNESS!” 

We will ever be called upon to exercise FAITH in the facts, and to stand totally against all that is natural and what is seen here on earth! That is the way out of the fog! Standing up in our spirit, believing and resting in the finished work of the Cross, and rejecting every feeling and thought and reasoning that tries to crush the FACTS!

Our Hope

If we are in a time of attack, and it seems our feelings have taken over completely, let us stand against our selves (even though it will still feel like our feelings are in control), and rise up in spirit, and stand upon the fact of CHRIST, and reject all such feelings!

Let us claim an in-strengthening in our spirit by the Holy Spirit, for the Life of Christ to rise up in us! Let us yield all that is of our natural mind, feelings, and will to the Holy Spirit, and stand upon the fact that in Christ, we are freed from our self and our own feelings and mind and will!

We are in a battle, and though it has already been won, we must purposefully grab a hold of the Victory of the Cross, and stand upon it and bring it to bear upon all that is of our natural life that is seeking to take over. We must bring that Victory to bear upon the activity of the enemy in our lives as well!

The Cross is the very power of God in clearing out all that is of the old man, and making room for the Life of Christ in us!

And as the Life increases in us, we grow spiritually and are more and more under the Life of the Spirit, and the power of the natural and the enemy is more and more overcome!

Nevertheless, our hope is always and only in Christ alone! Not in our feelings or our reasoning or in anything else. He alone is our hope and we must stand upon Him in every situation that is seeking to paralyze us spiritually!

Lord, strengthen us inwardly with might by the Spirit for your Name’s sake! Increase the Life in us! Open our eyes to see you and to walk in the Liberty of the Spirit! Make the Victory of Calvary an ever increasing reality in our lives for your Glory alone! In the Name of Jesus, Amen



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2 thoughts on “For Those Being Attacked & Who Are Feeling Hopeless!

  1. Bookmarked! Thanks Sis, I pray that you are being refreshed as you refresh others. ” My feelings are not the way, the truth or the life!! —The only thing we can do with our feelings, our judgments, and our willing is yield it all to the CROSS, daily, and commit our way unto the Lord..” There it is!

    1. Brandi,

      Amen! It seems the clouds are parting, and by God’s grace, there is hope always! But the times of darkness are real, and it’s hard to get out when we don’t know what is going on and when we don’t realize that our own soul is the issue most times! I want to see God’s children living in the freedom we have been given in Christ, and living in the satisfaction that comes from Christ alone, and in the Spirit’s Divine illumination, and expressing the Glory of God’s grace towards us who believe!

      Our own feelings and thoughts and will are a self-imposed prison and bondage where only death abides!

      He has freed us from the shackles of DEATH and we must stand up in spirit on the account of this fact and persevere under attack by abiding in the TRUTH that HE HAS SET US FREE!!!! 🙂


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