Given the Right Circumstances………………

Given the Right Circumstances………………




Given the right circumstances, we are all capable of doing the worst. We are capable of any sin. Our circumstances find us out—what is truly in our own hearts. Oh! To see and know our own heart—just as the Lord sees. The Lord knows what is in man—- we as man do not know what is truly in our own hearts unless the Lord shows us.


The Lord will use circumstances—perhaps even the very work of the devil against us—in order to take an opportunity to show us what is actually in our own deceitful hearts.

You might recall Peter— the very rock that Christ said He would build His Church upon—– and how he had to find out the hard way what was truly in his own heart.

Peter declared his love for the Lord—-he declared that he was ready to go down to death with the Lord!

He was so sure of himself.

But when the time came, and the circumstance presented itself—-and Peter was questioned as to whether he was the Lord’s disciple or not—– he denied the Lord. Three Times.


If you think about it, have you ever found yourself in a time when you were so sure that you would obey the Lord, that you loved the Lord above ALL, that you only wanted the Lord’s will—-and then immediately you were faced with a circumstance that proved that your heart was actually not willing to obey, that you actually didn’t love the Lord above ALL, and that you in fact did not want the Lord’s will?

This is the recurring theme of my life lately.

And now I see why the Lord has allowed it.

He is showing me what is truly in my own heart, in order that I might break—-and be broken and lose ALL confidence in my self—that Christ Jesus our Lord may gain the complete mastery over me—and truly be my Lord!

I once read that when we find that our experience is usually us finding out just how vile we really are in our own hearts—we are actually on the right track, and that the Lord is in fact leading us and taking us on with Him!

What great news—to know that every time I realize how vile my heart really is in itself—the Lord is actually working in my life for His purposes and Glory!

What is the result of knowing our own deceitful heart?

We lose all confidence in ourselves—-we are brought down to zero—–and zero is the only place that the Lord can actually take us up and use us for His purposes. We must be made to know just how unable we really are of doing anything of spiritual value unless the Lord Himself does it in and through us.

Now, I am beginning to realize that I need to be honest in my professions and declarations about the Lord.

I have not known my own heart.

It is through trial, difficulty, and adversity that we come to know what is in our hearts—and when the Cross is applied to our life—-we realize that after all, we are not able to trust in our own heart—but rather, we must reckon ourselves dead—and turn to the only One who can keep us abiding in Christ.

Sometimes, it seems like the more I want to be able to stand up to trial in a godly way, the worse I react from my own heart in such times. Especially when caught off guard. I have absolutely no ability to control myself in those moments.


I’m not really sure, but I think it has to do with the fact that I can’t stand up to trial in myself in a godly way. I will only be able to stand up to trial in a godly way as my own soul is broken to the point that I dare not even think that in myself, I can obey and love the Lord.

Those personal interests really die hard.

The strength of my own personal interests!!!!

Lord help us to move off of earthly ground onto the heavenly in Christ Jesus our Lord!





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