Have You Always Been Rejected In This World?

Have You Always Been Rejected In This World?

If you are a true child of God, chances are you have been rejected your entire life by everyone including family, friends, relationship partners (whether spouse or otherwise), and maybe even supposed “Christians”.

I have never read of, or met any true child of God that this wasn’t the case in their life.

There may be some who had godly parents that didn’t reject them, but eventually, and in some way or form, they were rejected by someone, or some institution one way or another.

Now, for those who have been rejected their entire life — there is a special blessing and secret that I wish to uncover for you, that it may bring life and encouragement to your heart through Jesus Christ our Lord!


Never Good Enough

From my own experience, and that of others, when we are rejects, nothing we ever do or did has been good enough for our family, friends, bosses, spouses, even children. No matter what, if we seek to please people, we find that it is never good enough no matter what we do, and we are rejected and cast off as if we are just nothing.

Though we often don’t understand what the reason is for this rejection, it is real, and it tears the heart up until we see by the Spirit what the purpose of it is.

Always Feeling Alone

The effect of constant rejection is the feeling of being alone in the world, with no one who truly understands you. This is such an important effect of this rejection because we will see how it leads to the ultimate end that the rejection is intended for!

But just know that if you feel this way, and always have, there is good reason for it yet!

The Purpose

It really doesn’t matter WHY our family, friends, or anyone rejected us. It only matters that we see by the Spirit the actual purpose for this rejection.

And thanks to the Lord and His abundant grace, I have come to see and learn first hand that the reason for us being the rejects in this world is so that we will have no one and nothing else to turn to for love and acceptance except the LORD HIMSELF!

We are rejected by this world, but chosen and accepted by THE GOD OF ALL!

Does This Touch Your Heart?

When you realize this, are you touched in the heart by it being the truth?

If you aren’t, and it is just another thing you heard, and tried to accept to make yourself feel better about being rejected by all who were supposed to love you, it proves that your heart is attached to wanting acceptance from all those other people, instead of from God alone!

Paul said to the Corinthian church that they should look around and see that all those that were chosen by God were people who were really not that special, the outcasts of the world. The rejected ones!

Now that is because God would shame the wise and special by choosing the weakest things to confound them all!

He chose us, the REJECTS!

That is comforting and melts my heart to know that the Lord Sovereignly allowed all to reject me that I would come to find His acceptance and love alone, and look no where else for it anymore!

Oh I tried to get this love from my husband, but that was thwarted until I finally let go, and have given up all hope in that man’s love! (He loves me, but in the end, his love is nothing compared to God’s)!

Are you still holding on to some kind of desire to be accepted by men, and by those who are supposed to love you?

Holding onto this will only hinder the Lord pouring out His fullness of Life in your heart if you are willing to let go and accept His love and acceptance as the only thing you need in this life!

If the Lord allowed you to be accepted by everyone else, you may have never felt that hungry desire for love and acceptance, and would have never turned to Him to find true acceptance through Jesus Christ. His giving of acceptance is not for our sake to make us feel better, but for His own purposes in redeeming us to Himself through Jesus Christ because He desires our HEARTS and our Love!

See with renewed eyes, see the sovereign hand of God in allowing all to reject you, that you might turn to Him, and that He might capture your heart, that you will love Him alone and cherish His acceptance and desire nothing else!:)



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