He Throws Us Into It And We Don’t Know What To Do!

He Throws Us Into It And We Don’t Know What To Do!

WOW! I stand in Awe at our Lord—really, His ways are SO not our ways. We imagine He will work and act according to how WE think He will and should, and He doesn’t. And then we look back and see that He was right all along, and He knew what He was doing, even though at the time, it looked so wrong and foolish to have allowed us to go through what we did in our utter ignorance of how to handle the whole situation.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about times when we truly have NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever with a situation that the Lord allows us to be brought into.

Is this not the “child training” we must experience by our Father? IT IS!

In natural life, how does anyone or especially a child learn anything or how to do anything? Certainly not by sitting around all day and learning about it and then tucking the notebook away.

No, they get thrown into the EXPERIENCE that calls for the knowledge that they either don’t have, or only have in their mind, for it to be made a living thing and a living answer to their need in a time that it calls for.

We can tell our kids how to tie their shoes 20 times in one day, but unless they sit down and do what we told them and actually do the tying of the shoes, they will be unable to do it. They have to be thrown into something in order to learn how to actually do it and actually get through it!

This is what the Lord is doing with us in our spiritual lives—when we go through experiences and trials and different things, and we feel like we have no idea how to handle it, and we are crying out to the Lord ‘to do this, and give us that’ and He doesn’t answer—- it is because He has thrown us into the situation in order to teach us a very important lesson and unless we seriously learn how to handle it or get through it, it is the end of it all for us.

The ironic thing though is that the Lord knows we don’t know yet. He knows we have not the saving knowledge to bring us through those experiences. He knows that we will be hitting rock bottom before we turn our eyes to Him, and realize that what we need is a NEW REVELATION OF HIMSELF to save us in that trial or experience. Unless we see Him in a new way, we can’t go on.

It is almost like a pressure that starts building up in our hearts, we feel it, and we don’t know what it all means! We are being stretched to the limit! We are being stretched out in order that we might cry out to Him in that time of desperation, for a fuller revelation of Himself!

We will not grow unless the Lord allows these experiences. If our life was perfect, we would never need a fuller revelation of the Lord to save us in our time of need!

Nothing else will save us in that time except a new revelation of Him. Another person, perfect circumstances, answered prayers–or anything else will not save us in that desperate time. It is only a new unveiling in our hearts by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus.

I wish I could explain what I’m trying to share in a simpler way. What I’m saying is that, when we hit real trials in life, whether it be job loss, hopeless marriages, child issues, money issues, whatever it might be, and then on top of those issues in our life, we have serious spiritual issues like feeling we are not really saved because we keep reacting to our life issues in the flesh, and we are at a loss in our spiritual effectiveness and seriously don’t know how to handle anything the way we are “supposed” to as a Christian—-in those times, those experiences, the only thing that will truly DELIVER US from the pressure and the hopelessness that is found in such times is by the Holy Spirit in our hearts, revealing something new that we have never seen before of our Lord Jesus.

We might see in these troubling times that He died in our place and took us with Him. We might see that He is sovereign over ALL things, even our life circumstances. We might see that HE IS TO BE OUR PORTION ALONE, and not a perfect marriage.

Whatever the true answer is, it will always be Christ in one way or another that saves us in those desperate times!

And when we actually “see” Him in a new way, that revelation in our heart becomes the very power to overcome what we were despairing of only moments before!

One thing is certain friends—- if in those experiences we toss the Lord aside and give it all up and just go about our life in our own way and just settle for it the way it is—the Lord will leave us where we are until we turn to Him again. This may be over a course of YEARS or even decades in some cases!

But if in those experiences, we determine to hold onto the Lord, even though we can’t see how He will possibly deliver us at the time, and we insist that He reveal Himself—-He will sovereignly lead us to whomever, or whatever will be the vessel in which He uses to reveal Himself to us in that time!

It may be another Spirit-filled child of His, a blog, a book, a local company of believers—it can be a sticker on the back of someone’s car— either way, that vessel will turn our eyes completely to Him and we will see something of Christ that we never saw before with the eyes of our hearts, and it will be the very answer to our heart cry, and we will “go away rejoicing”!!!! Our whole situation will be turned around in that moment we see Him!

This is how the Lord does it when we are thrown into experiences that we just don’t have the knowledge for! It may even seem cruel of the Lord when we think about it, but if we see with eyes enlightened, we see that He has to do this in order to produce real and lasting growth in us! And even then, the answer in Christ may come years later. Sadly, we may go on and on in that state of not knowing what the answer is for a long time, or we may think we found the answer to our issues in something other than Christ and that will only take us so far. But then one day, the real answer is unveiled by the Spirit, and in that instant we are delivered from the things that held us so tightly in limitation, and the Lord is glorified!!!!!

I pray that any who read this will experience the true freedom that is found in seeing Christ by the Holy Spirit in our hearts! Let us seek the Lord if that has not been the case, and if we are in a desperate time of hopelessness! He waits for us—- we get in the way of Him! Let go of self and reach out for Him! He is our deliverer!!



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