“I Become Weak In Order That…”

“I Become Weak In Order That…”

This is the sixth post (first & second  & third  & fourth  & fifth post) I’m doing in the series about things that have happened, and what they were allowed to happen for in terms of what the Lord wanted to teach and reveal about Himself. I am praying it might bless you if you have ever experienced them as well, or if you are going through them right now! 


This is a glorious truth that I pray might be sent deep into your hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit as you read! This is a freeing, glorious reality for the children of God! I pray it becomes a reality in all of us by His power working in us to conform us to the image of Christ Jesus our Lord!

Weakness In Ourselves

In our natural self, we have our own will, mind, and emotions—which make up the dominating thing when we are living as out from ourselves, apart from the Spirit of God in us. And as we saw yesterday, the Lord takes a lot of pains in order to bring us down to the point of despairing over our natural self, breaking us of that natural self in order to bring the Cross in and open our eyes to reckoning ourselves as dead, that His life may come in and take control!

Oh just think of all the situations on a daily basis! All the things we face that are out of our control!

  • The weather!
  • Other people!
  • Job stresses!
  • Traffic jams!
  • Sicknesses!
  • Unpredictable losses!

The things are endless that we can face, and they vary in degree as to severity, but nevertheless, they are all real, and they most certainly will bring us under if we try to face them in our natural strength, mind, and will. 

We may have once been the determined type to face life in it’s harsh realities, believing that it was within ourselves to meet the difficult situations, and to make them go how we think they ought to go. We were determined to fight the battles ourselves and bring them under our control and domination. And maybe that had its advantages in a time of ignorance, but once in Christ, those days are long gone!

Once in Christ, we slowly but surely find out that we can not meet the situations of this life in our own strength anymore. Our strength runs dry quickly. We can not meet the situations with our own natural mind and its judgments; the plans falter and fail. We can not meet the situations in our own natural will power—we utterly fail and the situation prevails over all the forces of our natural self!

We hit the point of despair and we are at the bottom of it all, feeling drained, weary, and hopeless! 

But this is NECESSARY!!!! Praise God, it is necessary!

In Order That…..

All of this failure and futile attempting to face life in our natural life is in order that:

  • The Lord’s Life becomes the ONLY source of ALL things in us
  • We do not trust in our natural life, but in the life of the Lord in us in all things
  • We become dependent upon Him and His life manifests from within us
  • Christ will be seen in and through us in all situations

Friends, I have only just seen this glorious truth myself! And I pray it hits home in your heart today as well, to see that the reason we are constantly drained, wearied, and worn down in our daily life situations and struggles is because we have not understood properly how to appeal to the Lord in faith as within us to meet the situations of life!

What we must learn and see is that when we are up against a difficult situation, and we have no hope in ourselves to meet that situation victoriously, we must not appeal and pray to the Lord as if he is somewhere in outer space, asking Him to come into the situation as outside of ourselves, as if He should snap His fingers from Heaven and make the situation change for us.

The victory is in realizing that the Lord Jesus DWELLS WITHIN US, and we must turn to Him as within our very hearts by faith, and appeal to Him as within us!

So when we are up against any situation, or just our daily life in general, instead of praying,

“Lord, I pray you will come in and change this situation and make it work out for the best. I know you are able to do all things so I pray you will do X,Y,Z in order for this situation to be changed and for me to be able to get through it.”

We must instead pray,

“Lord, I appeal to You as within me, to rise up and meet this situation.”

And by faith, we make this appeal, and stand up in our spirit in the Name of the Lord and we claim His mighty energizing as within us! “Strengthened with might in spirit by the Holy Spirit”! We actively believe that He is within us, and that He will rise up as from within us, to quicken our spirit within, and as our spirit is quickened, the Holy Spirit energizes us from the inside out to meet the situation not in our own natural life or power, but in the power of God!




Are you facing a very hard situation today?

Or are you just tired in your natural self (weak)?

Whatever the need you have today, you are able to turn to the Lord, believing that His very Divine Life is dwelling within you, an you are able to appeal to His life within, to rise up and meet the need for today! This is an opportunity for the Lord’s life in you to be manifested, to be proved as truly dwelling within you! 

What a prospect! The Lord’s life within is to be manifested as transcending our natural life, in order that Christ may be seen in us! That He may be evidenced from within us! When we face hard things, and we are able to get through them victoriously, it is only by the Lord’s life within rising up to meet the situation, and HE GETS ALL THE GLORY!

Rejoice with me today! I never understood, or really saw this truth until this morning! It dawned on me—the clouds parted and the light shined into my heart and my eyes were opened to see that all along, the weakness was in order that I might turn to the Lord as WITHIN me, and appeal to His Life to rise up and manifest itself as I surrender and yield my spirit unto His and co-operate with His working in me to energize my spirit with His Might!

We are children of God, and we are called to learn and know and experience the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION LIFE within us!

I pray that this day will have proven that the Lord’s Life is within me, and that He is truly Greater in me than he who is in the world! 🙂


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