“I Let Go to God, And Nothing Is Happening Or Changing.”

“I Let Go to God, And Nothing Is Happening Or Changing.”

A very sure lesson we all have to learn once we are in Christ is having to let go to the Lord. There are situations, things in our life, problems, difficulties we face in life, and we bring them to the Lord in prayer, maybe for years, or even decades, and we beseech and beseech the Lord to do something, change something, change someone, and nothing happens.

And then the Lord, at some point, sooner or later, brings us to the place where we let go of that person, thing, situation, and we truly surrender it to the Lord because we come to see that HE IS LORD of ALL, and that we really have no control over anything, and that it is not about what we want, but what HE wants.

So we come to this point of letting go to the Lord whatever it might be—-and we find that peace and rest of heart that we have so long gone without concerning that situation.

And we find joy in the midst of the difficulty because we have let go!

And we trust that the Lord has asked us to let that thing/person go, in order for His purposes to work out in it.

But then time goes on, and nothing happens. Nothing changes.

And if we are not careful, we will be totally swept away by the enemy who is ALWAYS looking for an opportunity to whisper in our ears, “see the Lord doesn’t really love you or care about you!”  or “You are all wrong, you have taken the wrong course!”

And then we start to doubt and question the Lord, and before we know it, we are found in total despair, bitterness, resentment, and without hope in the world.

How this grieves the heart of God.

What Is Happening When Nothing Changes?

When we take a position in the Lord, whether it be one of letting go of that person/thing, or as being content with Christ alone, or as Christ being our righteousness, whatever position we take in the Lord, we are tested as to our position.

Have you experienced this?

Perhaps you have been to the point of letting go of your marriage, your husband, your job situation, your financial situation, whatever it might be, and you took a stand on the Lord’s Sovereignty and His love for you, and truly have “let go and let God”. And time has passed, and passed, and nothing has changed in your situation. And perhaps things not only have not changed, but maybe they have gotten WORSE than before you actually let go! You find there are even more troubling difficulties involved in this thing, and you are really lost and not sure what is going on.

You thought letting go would mean that the Lord was going to sweep in and take over and make everything start working out right.

You trusted Him for that, perhaps.

Do not lose heart! If this is you right now, you have not gone all wrong.

What you are experiencing is the Lord testing and proving your heart as to the position you have taken in Him! 

When we are at this point, what the Lord is doing is letting us be tested, to show us whether we are truly all out for the Lord’s purposes, if we have truly let go to Him in this thing or not. He shows us whether we still have any personal interests in the thing or not. Meaning, whether we are just wanting Him to come in and make things be ok and change things the way we want them to be, or if we are truly surrendered to His timing and purposes for this situation to work according to His plan. That is a very testing place to be, and it exercises our faith to the full! It also sends all of our personal interests to the Cross where they have been dealt with already!

Moving Forward

When we see that the Lord is allowing this situation to continue, or perhaps things have gotten worse than before, is because He is testing our heart as to the position we have taken, we must rise up in fresh faith, and seek the Lord to make the position we have taken REAL in our hearts! It must be worked out, and worked in to our hearts. We have to be found in the place where we have TRULY let go to the Lord, not for our OWN purposes to be accomplished, but HIS.

We have to be totally surrendered to whatever the Lord wills, even if it means that thing never ever changes or gets any better.

In my experience, when the Lord got me to this place of TRULY letting go (which took months, years), within a week of truly letting go, He came sweeping in like the Mighty Sovereign Lord He truly is, and He changed the whole situation for the better! GLORY BE TO GOD.

Now, I’m not promising that He will do that. Only God knows His true purposes—-but what I can say is that, no matter what happens in the end of that situation, you learning to truly let go and be surrendered totally to the Lord’s purposes will open the door wide for the Lord to come and and work His will into YOUR LIFE AND HEART. He will have an open way with YOU, to do what only He can do in YOU for His glory! And that is great news, either way. Even if we don’t get the thing we wanted all along in that hard situation.

You will definitely be tempted in this experience to go back and try to take over or gain control or make things work out how you want them to, but in the end, you will hit a wall. You won’t be able to reach the thing you wanted so jealously. You will spend yourself out for nothing. You will become weary, angry, and bitter.

The only way to find rest and peace in it all is to truly seek the Lord for this letting go, and for Him to work in the heart to truly let go to Him for His purposes to be accomplished!

The end result of this experience is intended to bring true LIFE and LIBERTY in Christ! It is intended to get our hearts detached from this world and the things of it, and to bring our hearts to the place where the Lord has His full way and rights in us for His purposes! That is the end in view, and it is a glorious place to end up, believe me! Because when we are there, nothing is impossible for the Lord. And we see that He truly is Lord of ALL things! And there is new found rest and peace and joy in Him. 🙂

If you are in this experience, and you need a listening ear, please feel free to send me an email in the contact page. There is strength in fellowship, there is life, there is peace and the presence of God to be found 🙂



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