“I Lost My Job/Money In Order That….”

“I Lost My Job/Money In Order That….”

This is the second post (first post here) I’m doing in the series about things that have happened, and what they were allowed to happen for in terms of what the Lord wanted to teach and reveal about Himself. I am praying it might bless you if you have ever experienced them as well, or if you are going through them right now! 


Losing A Job/Money

In my experience, I wasn’t the one that lost the job, but my husband. It was completely out of his control when it happened. It wasn’t even because of anything he did. It was the entire company that was let go from the specific job at the time. In my life, I have gone without jobs before, but only because I was living at home and really had nothing to worry about. I was not on my own yet really, and even when I was, I always had home in the back of my mind to go to. So when my husband lost his job, and I was clearly out on my own now being married, what a scary experience it started out as!!!!

I was scared! I didn’t know what was going to happen, if we were going to lose all of our savings, if we weren’t going to be able to pay our bills, if we would have to sell all our stuff, if we would be evicted. All these things started running through my head and I didn’t know what to do!

At first, I rushed off in “save myself” mode, and I tried getting a job to “save” us. I was trying to deliver us from the unknowns! But the prospect of me getting a job was just not possible because if and when my husband got another job, I would have no choice but to be home with my son because he often had to leave out of town for work, and I had no one here to rely on for my son. Plus, during that time, the Lord was not letting me do this. Inside I had a sense that I was NOT to get a job and work, so I ultimately adhered to the Spirit’s voice in me about it all and did not take the job I was offered during this time.

The Lord will allow this to happen to us or to our husbands for a very very important reason, that we will see presently!

In Order That……

When this situation arises, and it is truly out of our control, don’t be fooled—the Lord has allowed it for a reason!

In my experience, the Lord allowed my husband to lose his job, and for us to lose everything we had saved in order that:

  • we would not trust in ourselves or money or a job, but in God who created ALL THINGS
  • to learn that HE IS SOVEREIGN in/over our lives
  • I would learn to be content with much or with less
  • and ultimately, it happened in order that we would turn to HIM in total surrender and let go of everything we had

During this trial, though, it was not so easy to accept! It was faith-trying! It was a true test of where my heart really was, and who I was looking to to meet my life needs.

Was I trusting in myself or my husband alone?

Was I relying on jobs to hire my husband?

Who exactly was I looking to in order to trust and expect to be delivered from this situation?

What I found was that I was definitely not looking to the Lord alone for our deliverance! I was looking all around, hoping, waiting, expecting something that we were trying to make happen, to follow through and deliver us from that situation.

But the Lord had other plans, and he allowed me to get to the bottom of it all, despairing of it ever being ok again. And when I got down to that, that is when the Lord led me to the truth. He used Andrew Murray’s, “Waiting On God” book (free online) to open my eyes to see that I was to wait ONLY UPON HIM for the deliverance of any such needs.

That time of waiting (it lasted about 3 months) ended up being a very special time between me and the Lord, and I was led to see that He wanted me to trust in HIM ALONE, and to look to Heaven for all things! He wanted me to wait expectantly on HIM, because He was the maker of ALL, and He is the owner of all things, and He can surely deliver us and provide for us in our times of need!

In that time, I learned that the Lord is truly sovereign, and that if we belong to Him, He will meet our every need in His own timing, in His own way! I learned that my hope is in Him alone, and not in money. I learned that money can be given or taken away in a moment, and it is not to be trusted in or relied upon! It is worthless in the end. But the Lord’s resources are of Heaven, and they are never ending!

But the most blessed thing I learned during that time was that He wanted me to let go of everything in order to gain knowledge of Him! 

He was calling me to let go of the things of this life and world, and turn my whole heart to Him. And getting to know Him in that time was truly life-changing for me! He revealed Himself in such a way that He never had before! He was right there with me through it all, and I was drawn nearer and nearer to Him in that time, to the point where I found contentment! I was content losing everything we had, if it was His will for us! I knew that He was over and above everything we were experiencing, and I was so thankful, anyway!

He Delivered!

In the end, when my husband was at the point of despair of it all, the Lord opened a door for him to work again! I was waiting expectantly, I knew in my heart that the Lord would deliver and come through, and that He would not be honored if we couldn’t pay our bills on time. We were down to nothing at that point, and unless the Lord would have provided, we would have been left with nothing and no way to pay our bills! In my heart, the days before this door opened, I just KNEW the Lord was going to open something up—and He stirred my heart by His Spirit to wait expectantly—-I was literally waiting expectantly for those few days, knowing that something was going to come through from the Lord because He promised to never leave us, and that if we sought His kingdom first and His righteousness, then our needs would be provided by Him. And He proved beyond faithful and true!! PRAISE GOD!

But see how it all unfolded—–it started out as a personal matter to me. I felt it was about me and what I needed. But in the end of the trial, it turned around to be all for the LORD and what HE wanted! And that is the abiding value of this experience—-it had the power to change my heart and it lead me to let go of this world and the things of it, in order to gain knowledge of God and Christ!!!!! And that is priceless, anyway! 🙂

A Word Of Encouragement

If you are in this situation, I pray you might have eyes opened to turn to the Lord, to seek Him. I suggest reading Psalms 34 & 37—they were what I clung to in that time! And if you are able, I recommend reading Murray’s “Waiting on God” which you can find free online for sure! And most importantly, I encourage you to ask the Lord to reveal Himself, His purposes in this time, which He will surely honor. He wants us to trust in Him, and not ourselves or money or other people or anything in this world. Our life is to be a heavenly life, one that is lived not on the resources of this world, but in the resources that are provided through our union with Christ in spirit! He is the LORD OF ALL! And He is ruling and reigning over EVERYTHING right at this moment—– And He is jealous for His Name’s Honor.

Sure, He allows us to hit the bottom, but only in order that it is HIM ALONE that can lift us up and send us on our way rejoicing! 🙂



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