“I Shouldn’t Have Said That!”

“I Shouldn’t Have Said That!”

“For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father who sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.” John 12:49

Lately, I have been seeking the Lord for Him to show me what it means to do nothing from myself and what it actually looks like.

How do I know when I am just doing something that I thought of or want to do or think is the right thing to do, compared to Him and what He is willing in any thing?

A Lesson Learned

The Lord is faithful to teach us by His Spirit what it means to do nothing of ourselves if we are really yielded to Him and His purposes in conforming us to Christ.

Something that we all have to learn and ever learn is when to speak and what to speak, so as not to speak from our self (with it’s own mind, judgments, feelings, desires), but only what the Spirit is speaking through us.

This at first sounds a bit tricky or hard, because it sort of seems impossible to be able to not speak from your own mind about things.

But at some point, if the Holy Spirit is truly in control of your life and dwelling in you, He will start giving you a horrible feeling when you say something that is from your own mind and not from His.

Whatever comes from your own mind is of the old man, and it will line up with all the things of the old man. 

Things such as:

  • lies
  • gossip
  • slander
  • anger
  • bitterness
  • deceit
  • selfishness (and all it’s forms)
  • pride

And if you are sensitive and alive to God through the Spirit dwelling in you, then you will sense within your heart that what you have said is not from the Spirit but from your own mind.

You will get a feeling inside that says, “I don’t feel right about what I just said, I know it wasn’t true.”

Or you will get a feeling inside that says, “I shouldn’t have said that about him/her.”

Or you will get a feeling inside that says, “That was not from God, that was from YOU and what You want and what YOU think.”

And this is one of the ways the Holy Spirit conforms us to Christ—-by giving us that sense inside of us when we say something contrary to the Word of God and to Christ. 

And then we realize that it was our own words and thoughts and mind coming out, and then we are eager to ask the Lord to place that fault under His Blood and to keep us sensitive to His Spirit working in us. Eventually, we will not be able to just say what we want from our own mind, we will pause before we say anything.

I think this gives us an idea of how different the Lord is than we are as women especially, who like to talk.

If all what we are talking about is not coming from the Spirit inside of us, then is it really worth saying at all?

It also sheds light on if we are trying to make something happen that we want to happen, instead of trusting in the Lord to bring it about. If we have to constantly speak in order to try to make something happen or go a certain way, we can be sure that we are just trying to steer the course to fit our own agenda!

This is a practical experience in our lives, or at least it should be. Sometimes we can go on and on in a certain thing and not even realize it because we are not giving attention to the Spirit in us. But if we are truly surrendered to Christ, He will see to it that His Spirit opens our eyes to what we are saying that is contrary to Him and His Word, and He will begin to empty us of that and replace it with Himself. He will become the source of our words and no longer our own mind and self.

Lord, make it a reality in all who belong to you. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.



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