“I Want To Have A Peaceful, Gentle, & Quiet Spirit!”

“I Want To Have A Peaceful, Gentle, & Quiet Spirit!”

Especially with our kids, don’t we all want to have the peaceful, gentle, and quiet spirit we all hear so much about that we should have as women according to 1 peter 3?!

I know I wanted this and prayed about this for a long time. I guess I imagined that the Lord would some how just change the way I am and make me be a totally different person somehow. If only He would just change me and give me this peaceful, gentle, and quiet spirit, all would be well!

Only By Death

But in reality, the only way this peaceful, gentle, and quiet spirit is ever formed in us is by the death to self that the Cross demands!

What happens is that, instead of us being magically changed some how just because we prayed for it to happen, the Lord uses the people and circumstances of our life to break us down in our natural mind, heart, and will. We have to realize how utterly unpeaceful, ungentle, and unquiet we are FIRST, before we can ever be ready to die to ourself and be raised in newness of life in Christ!

And that is what happens! We pray for this gentle spirit, and the Lord allows our children, or whoever around us, to utterly oppose us to no end, until we give up all hope in ever changing in ourselves and changing our reactions that are anything but peaceful and gentle!

And that is when we cry out to the Lord, believing against all hope that it can only be done by the Spirit in us!

And we let go of trying to change ourselves, and that is when the Spirit takes over and grants us the grace we need to have a gentle spirit in the midst of the same difficulties we faced before.

Only this time, our reaction is not from our flesh, but from the Spirit, as we have now come by experience to realize that in ourselves, there is nothing peaceful, gentle, or quiet!

The minutes it took to write this out has come from a background of YEARS of experience and breaking of my self! The lessons we learn have a lot of experience and time put into them, or they are not really of any value!

We can not gain what is of God in us by merely ‘knowing’ about it, or praying for it. The Lord must take us through actual trials, experiences, sufferings, and adversities to actually create in us what we are knowing about and praying for!

This is the narrow path that leads to LIFE! 

Do you know any woman that is truly peaceful, gentle, and quiet in the face of oppositional children, family members, etc?

How did she get to the point where it did not make her break out in anger and irritation?

It is because she has been broken by the Cross of Christ and has experienced in her own heart that in herself (her own mind, heart, will) she has no resource whatsoever to be peaceful, gentle, or quiet!

And she has learned that, and now is changed by that experimental knowledge! And it has become a reality that she can be peaceful, gentle, and quiet in the face of opposition because she is not trusting in herself, but in the Lord who she knows is allowing all of this for His glory and as His will!

She has learned to let go of her own way in life, and her own will, and her own strength to be peaceful, gentle and quiet, and has clung to the Lord and His Spirit to do in her what only He can do!


Let us seek to always have a renewed mind in the Lord which always leads to more Life! 🙂



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