Introspection Leads To Spiritual Death!

Introspection Leads To Spiritual Death!

What Is Introspection?

Introspection is when we start to look inside ourselves for an answer to God. It is when we start searching within ourselves for something good, or for an explanation as to why we are doing or not doing what we should or shouldn’t be doing. It is when we start going round trying to figure out what is wrong with us, and try to solve our problems by figuring out what is wrong with us to come up with a solution that will make us change so that we can live up to God’s standards.

For example, maybe there was a time in our life when we realized that we were failing miserably to be godly. We were aware of our short-comings, so we started searching our own hearts and looking for the problem. We may have concluded that the problem was our anger, or our impatience, etc. So once we diagnosed our problem, we came up with a solution (probably a list of rules to keep us from anger or impatience), and set off in our own strength and will power to keep the solution we came up with.

The problem with this is that, we will never find anything good in ourselves, and the answer is never going to be found in making ourselves better or changing our ways and selves to answer to God’s standards.

Introspection Is A Tactic Of Satan

When we take our eyes off of Christ and His finished work, and turn our eyes in upon ourselves, it is a tactic of satan in order to lead us astray and to heap accusations and condemnation upon us! If we give in to this introspection, we are giving satan an open door to start whispering in our ears how far beyond God’s grace we are!

What happens is, we get pinned down under all the condemnation and guilt and accusations, and we literally become physically weak and stressed and totally thrown off course all because we have believed that we can find something somewhere in ourselves to answer to God’s standard, or to solve the problems.

But that is the lie that holds us down in death!

Introspection Leads To Spiritual Death

The truth is, when we turn our eyes upon ourselves and seek to find something to justify or answer to God in ourselves, we are on the straight road to spiritual death!

There is absolutely no rest, no joy, no peace found when we are constantly searching within ourselves to be good enough and trying with all our might to live up to the standards of God in ourselves!

All the joy of Life will have left us. We will be miserable, and totally in bondage! Not enjoying the Liberty of the Spirit! That is how we can tell if we are caught up in introspection — if we are miserable, feeling hopeless, joyless, lifeless!

And this is the goal of the enemy — to put us back into bondage through getting us to put our eyes on our selves instead of THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST! He knows that if we keep our eyes on ourselves, we are spiritually weak and defeated, and we will have no life and strengthening from the Lord to overcome all the condemnation and accusations!


When we are in a state of introspection and spiritual death —- there is a way out! And immediately!

The way out is realizing and accepting THE CROSS OF CHRIST!

  • The Cross says that in us is NO good thing —- and there never will be any good thing found in us!
  • The Cross says that in ourselves, we are DEAD (put out of God’s sight)!
  • The Cross says there is NO HOPE AT ALL in ourselves to ever do or be what God requires!
  • The Cross says that CHRIST has stood in our place, and has made the way for us to be right in God’s eyes —- by being joined to the Lord in spirit!

CHRIST alone has lived the sinless life, and He is our answer to God, AND to the enemy!

When we have been living under the constant attacks of the enemy and the condemnation and accusation —- we can literally overcome the enemy by standing on the ground of the CROSS and the fact that CHRIST is our righteousness!

When we accept the Cross, we are declaring that in us is NO good thing! And that puts the enemy out of action immediately!

Don’t Be Fooled Any Longer!

This is real, and it seems to be increasing in the children of God! How many of us have been found seeking and searching within ourselves the answer to God and the enemy! And we have been put out of spiritual life and action in the middle of it all, and have accepted a false position!

We need to stand up on the ground of Christ and accept the Cross and come into line with God’s mind about our selves in order to find LIFE! We are only creating our own prison cell when we give in to this introspection!

Let us live according to LIFE and TRUTH, and not the lie of our selves any longer!



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