Is Your Heart Hunger Truly Satisfied?

Is Your Heart Hunger Truly Satisfied?

The Lord is so gracious and merciful to interpret to us what He has done and has been doing in our lives and hearts when we are set on Him and knowing Him and His ways! Today I want to share something that is undoubtedly the first step in our life in Christ, and it should be something that we know for sure, and have experienced in our heart.

Heart Hunger

Heart hunger is that longing of the heart that we try to fill with all kinds of things. Before the Lord revealed Himself to our hearts, and before we heard his calling, our heart was hungry, never satisfied. We may have perhaps tried to fill our longing hearts with the pleasures of this life, and the things of the world. Or we may have tried to satisfy the hunger by pursuing our goals and dreams. We may have relied on another human being to satisfy the heart hunger in us.

But in the end, I know not one person who can honestly say that anything in this world and life, and especially in the other people God has created, there has ever been one to find their heart hunger satisfied by any of those means!

 It has been and always will be an empty pursuit. 

Christ The Only Satisfaction

When one has truly found the One who can satisfy this longing hunger in our heart, they have found Christ Himself! When the Lord called us, He revealed Himself in some way to our hearts, and this revelation of Himself to our hearts is what has satisfied that longing desire and hunger that the things of this life and world could never satisfy.

This is because He is the “Bread of Life”! We find our satisfaction in Christ, in knowing Him, in finding Him when He reveals Himself and speaks to our hearts. He answers our heart hunger. He has met our soul’s longing with Himself!

Why do we try to find in the creatures or in the world what only the Lord Himself can give to our hearts?

Haven’t our pursuits only left us hungrier than we began?

This truth can only be known in actual experience. We can only know true heart satisfaction by the experience of Christ as our Bread which satisfies our hearts longing and hunger.

And when we experience this for ourselves, we know for a fact that there is nothing else in all the world that could ever compare to Him! We give up our empty pursuits in an instant! Because we have found he answer we have been searching for all our lives!

The Process Continues

Though having our heart satisfied by Christ is truly an initial experience in our life in Christ and union with Him, I have found it is an ongoing process.

There are times when we somehow lose sight, and forget, and our hearts begin to long again, and we mistakingly turn aside to pursue other things again, perhaps blindly, to fill that longing of our heart. But because we have been born again, the Lord does not let us go astray for so long anymore. He smashes the things we seek to fill our hearts with, and so by way of His Cross leads us back to the only satisfying Bread for our hearts: Himself!

And we come to the point again where we see our own folly in pursuing after things that can never satisfy our hearts, and we turn our hearts back to the only source of Life, and we are filled again and our heart is satisfied!

And as time goes by, those off-road experiences lessen and lessen, because with each new filling of His Life, we are more and more detached from the things of this life and world and we keep losing our appetite for anything other than Him as our Bread!

Test Your Heart

Ask yourself truly if in your heart, you have experienced the Lord Jesus as the very Bread of Life that satisfies your heart longing. Do you know this in experience? Do you know that there is nothing else in all the world that could bring to your heart the satisfaction that is only found in Him?!

If you have not, I pray that you might have eyes opened to see Him as the only Bread of Life that can satisfy your heart’s longing. He is faithful, and what He says is true. Turn to Him and taste and see for yourself that the Lord is ONLY good!



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