It Is Not What I am, But What Christ Is That Matters!

It Is Not What I am, But What Christ Is That Matters!

In our walk with the Lord, there is going to be many different things that the enemy will try to use to get in between us and the Lord. That is because the enemy knows that the single most important thing is our union in spirit with the Lord, and that when we are united as One with Him, the enemy has lost all his grounds!

Most times, it will be in our own souls that the enemy gains the advantage in leading us away from the Lord and standing on His solid Rock. When we talk about our soul, what we mean is our natural mind (reasoning, judgments), natural heart (desires, feelings), and our natural will. Those 3 make up the soul. The soul is not evil in itself —- but it must be won over to the Spirit.

That is essentially what the Lord is always trying to teach us —- how to allow the Spirit to gain full control of our soul and bodies to do His will and live for Him. When our soul is in charge, it is energized by the enemy because the soul is what the enemy captured when he deceived Eve.

There Is No Truth In Us

What happens is, when we experience a bad time, or when we hit difficulties in life, or maybe we just wake up in a bad mood for no reason —- the enemy immediately jumps on the opportunity to plant the thoughts in our natural mind that we have done something terribly wrong, and the Lord has left us because of it.

So we start to reason and judge ourselves with the natural mind (which is energized by the enemy) and we come to the conclusion that the Lord has left us, and we are instantly crippled and in defeat, spiritually speaking. We get pre-occupied with ourselves and are launched out on an introspective journey to find out what is wrong with us.

Other times, we have a really strong conviction that something is the Lord’s will, and we set out with all our energy and might to accomplish the thing that we strongly believe is God’s will, when in reality, it is not God’s will at all and it is contrary to the Lord’s Name in many ways. But because it was our NATURAL WILL that was convinced of it, we were deceived and blinded to the truth about that thing.

And then again, we experience so many different emotions on a daily basis, and sometimes for longer periods of time, when we feel a certain way, and we are convinced by our natural feelings that something is this, or that, or the other way, and we fall into the trap, and are crippled spiritually due to our natural feelings.

The point is that, in our natural mind, heart, and will — THERE IS NO TRUTH.

Our natural lives are energized by the enemy, and they are a lie. They are not what God ever intended them to be— and that is why the Lord will have us accept the Cross as to our natural life, and by faith would have us walk in “newness of life in Christ”!

On any given day, what I think, what I will, what I feel —— if it is in my self — it is a LIE.

It is utterly false, and when I allow the lie to take over, I am spiritually stuck.

Jesus Is The TRUTH

The Truth is not a fact it is a person!!! It is what Christ Jesus our Lord IS that is TRUE, and what He is is totally different than what we are in ourselves!

And this is how we overcome the enemy when we are spiritually crippled by our own natural life taking over —– when we are feeling terrible in ourselves, and led to believe that the Lord has left us —– the TRUTH is that CHRIST will NEVER leave us! The TRUTH is that, Christ ALONE is what answers and satisfies our Father God!

What we feel, and what the Truth is are two different things.

For example, let’s say I am feeling like I am not really saved because I don’t sense the joy of the Lord, or I am feeling like a failure —– that feeling I have is not the TRUTH.

The Truth is that CHRIST ALONE IS MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, and my salvation will NEVER be based on my feelings!

There can be times when I am convinced that God would have me move in a certain direction in life, and I am utterly convicted that the way I am going is His will — when in reality, it may be totally contrary to His will.

For example, Paul was convinced that he was doing God a favor by seeking to kill Christians. He was utterly convinced that he was doing God’s will —- and yet — he was TOTALLY wrong! His will was a LIE!

Not What We Are!

Our mind, heart, and will can NEVER be true, and that is why the Lord will call on us to “lean not on our OWN understanding, but in everything acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our paths!” We are called upon to utterly reject our natural life, and agree with God that in it is nothing good, and it will NEVER be able to satisfy the Lord.

Christ alone is God’s satisfaction, and by faith, we stand in the good of all that Christ has done on our behalf! 

The only way we can be sure that we are in line with God in all those areas is by submitting EVERYTHING unto the Lord: thoughts, reasonings, judgments; desires, feelings; convictions and will.

When we are feeling something contrary to a fact in Christ, we must purposefully say, “How I feel is not true. It is not what I am, what I feel at all, it is only what God says, and God says that in Christ I am righteous!”

And if we stay on that line of things — of having EVERYTHING in Christ alone —- we will find peace in our hearts, and we are delivered from our own feelings and thoughts and will!

This is a serious struggle for true children of God, so I pray that we might find Life in knowing that it is NEVER going to be found in US, but only in what He is!! 🙂



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