Join Me for a 40-Day Journey on What it means to be Content!!!

Join Me for a 40-Day Journey on What it means to be Content!!!



I will be working through the book: “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” by Jeremiah Burroughs over the next 40 days! You are invited to join me as I take a look each day into what it means to be truly content in any circumstance! I will be taking an exert from the book and allowing the Lord to speak what it means for us in our life! I pray He will open our eyes to see, and teach us what it means to be content in every thing.

We are all facing a trial that looks impossible to get through, I know I am!

Maybe some of you are:

  • facing an illness
  • grieveing the loss of a loved one
  • unemployed or your husband is unemployed and you are not sure what will happen
  • unhappy with your current job because of all the negativity you have to face each day
  • facing a separation or a divorce
  • facing mariage/family problems that seem unbearable
  • unhappy with your life at this moment and are aware of your need for a Savior
  • striving to attain more material possessions in hopes that it will bring you happiness/contentment/satisfaction
  • at rock bottom and feel like there is absolutely no hope
  • feeling hopeless about your life and can’t seem to understand why
  • rebelling, or turning from God, because of all the pain/suffering He has allowed  in your life
  • scared to trust God because you think He will take away the things you love the most (family,job,money, etc)
  • afraid to surrender ALL of your life to Jesus because you think He will allow things to happen that you could not bear
  • burdened down by your own sinfulness and shame and feel like you have no way out to true peace and contentment
  • not getting YOUR own way and do not Trust God to work all things for your good
  • living in self-protection mode and taking things into your OWN hands because you believe if you don’t, everything will fall apart
  • convinced that nothing/no one in this life will ever make you happy/content/satisfied

Whatever the case may be, we are all going through something that feels like it would be impossible to truly be content and at peace. However, it IS possible, and we are about to start on this journey to discover the secret of Christian contentment in every circumstance! I pray you will be blessed and encouraged as you take your eyes off of your situation, and place them wholly on Jesus, who alone is worthy and able to create in us a pure heart, and a heart at rest in His sovereignty!




Here is a link to each day of the Journey!

Day 1 Test Your Heart

Day 2 Surrendering to His Will

Day 3 Desires of the Heart

Day 4 The Difference

Day 5 Letting Go

Day 9- Adding a Burden

Day 8- By Way of Subtraction

Day 7- The “Mystery” of Contentment

Day 6- Repentance in Prayer

Day 10- The “Duty”

Day 12- Dealing with Bitterness

Day 11- His Will Is My Will

Day 13- Love & Affliction

Day 15- The Promise

Day 14- Stream of Affection

Day 20- Knowing Him Inwardly

Day 19-You Must Be Born Again

Day 18- Your Own Interests

Day 17- Emptiness

Day 16- The Presence 

Day 23- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 1

Day 22- By The Hand of God

Day 21- Humility Precedes All True Contentment

Day 25- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 2

Day 24- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 1 Con’t

Day 29- When Your Husband Doesn’t Want to “Talk”

Day 28- A Precious Lesson From the Wilderness

Day 27- What Is God Doing?

Day 26- Lessons From the Wilderness Part 2 Con’t

Day 33- No Feet Stomping Allowed!

Day 32- Heaven on Earth

Day 31- Won’t Marriage Solve ALL My Problems??

Day 30- As a “Homebody”

Day 37- When You Let Things Affect You

Day 36- When Your Heart is Torn

Day 35- Murmuring is Rebellion!

Day 34- Murmuring = Ungodliness

Day 40- A Real Life Example Of Contentment in Every Circumstance!

Day 39- Living in Reality

Day 38- Overcoming Starts in the Mind


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