Learning From The Mistakes Of Others

Learning From The Mistakes Of Others

What I want to share today comes straight from my life and I pray it might help someone who is seeking guidance or answers to any number of issues or situations in life currently.

When I was a teenager, I never wanted to learn from other people’s mistakes. I always did what I wanted, and learned the hard way. But that was a long time ago now, and I have learned to take into account the mistakes of other people, whether I know them personally or not. And especially if the outcome of people’s choices is the same in more than one person’s life — I take account of the outcome and seek to avoid it!

For example, with this whole work situation I just recently went through —– I truly knew better than to step into that, having seen the outcome in my own parent’s lives and marriage, and other people I know. And thank God, I had more guts than some I have known to actually walk away from it than to stay in it, and cause further disruption to God’s clearly distinguished order for life and marriage. I saw looking back what it did to my family and my mother’s health when she went against Pastoral counsel, which was to avoid working while her children were young. I see what it is doing to people I know in the present time. It creates disorder, chaos, and instability for the home life. It leads women to have an “independent” spirit, thinking it is on their shoulders to carry the weight of all the burdens for the family.

But we can branch out into so many different categories where we can learn from other people’s mistakes. For example — raising our children. We know what we were raised in and how we were raised — and we see what kind of effect it had on us. We will be wise to avoid the things we know caused us to be led astray when teaching and raising our own children.

It is things like this that we have our own life of experience to learn from. We have our parents lives and experience to learn from. It would be foolish to just blindly go about life, not taking notice of what was right or wrong and seeking to go the way that should have been taken in other’s lives.

This even goes for temptation. If we know by experience that certain people, places, and things lead us into sin —– it is the wisest thing to stay away from them and avoid it at all costs!

If we see something good that has benefited someone we know, it is wise to seek to follow their example!

This can even come down to regular things like eating food. If we know and have seen every person in our extended family die from a heart attack, or diabetes or some other health issue that is greatly impacted by the food we eat —– it would be wise to STEER CLEAR OF THAT SAME MISTAKE and eat better!

We are responsible for living a life that is set apart for the Lord, following the Spirit of Christ in us, and seeking to do right in life.

Let us learn from our own past mistakes, and the mistakes of others in moving forward in the life God has called us out to in Him.



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