Living Totally Dependent On God In A Self-Sufficient World

Living Totally Dependent On God In A Self-Sufficient World

If you live in America, I wonder if you’ve ever given this any thought. Have you ever thought about how in this country, there is literally every type of help and need you could ever have or want available? Think of all the government programs, religious organization programs, educational programs, banking systems, job market, food supply, and health care provisions in this country. For those who are considered in poverty level living, there are so many opportunities for those individuals to have health care, money assistance, food assistance, job inquiry and assistance. There is literally every provision for the needs of people available in this country. Not only are the needs provided for, above and beyond need, there is every kind of luxury and want available for people to enjoy if they are able to afford such things. We might not think cars, washing machines or even coffee makers are that big of a luxury, but to people who have no way of ever having such things, they are extremely luxurious.

The point is not that there is all we could need or want in this country.

The thing on my heart is that the Lord is calling us, if we belong to Him, to depend TOTALLY on HIM, in the midst of this self-sufficient world!


The whole world apart from God is a self-sufficient world. It relies on it’s own powers of strength, will, mind, and heart to accomplish it’s desired ends and goals. In America, we live in a world that is completely self-sufficient. All your needs and wants are available to be met either through government and other organizations, or through your own means of working and making money to spend it on the things  needed/wanted.

Where Is Your Trust, Truly?

Do you know that if we trust in ourselves we are living out from ourselves, and therefore can NEVER accomplish God’s will?

If you really sit down and think about this, can you honestly say that you do not have your trust in ANYTHING other than the LORD HIMSELF? Do you have any amount of trust in your job, your own strength to work to make money, your husband’s strength to make money, the government assistance, the available health care, or the available food supply in this country?

What is it truly that we are trusting in right now for our very life and sustenance?

This goes farther down than just the outward needs of food and shelter and clothing, etc. Who/what are we trusting in to supply the strength to even make it through the day?

This question can literally touch every single thing in our life as we know it!

Nearly Impossible

Living in the midst of a world of such self-sufficiency, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to trust in the Lord alone for ALL things! How can one trust in the Lord for all things when all things are at their very finger tips? How can we exercise faith and trust and hope in the Lord if all we need/want is within our own power of acquiring?

Please don’t get me wrong and think I am saying that to work, have health care or even government assistance is WRONG. That is NOT the point at all.

The point is, what is our ATTITUDE OF HEART towards everything, and towards the Lord?

It Is An Attitude

If we belong to the Lord, and we have truly accepted the Cross as to our lives, and we are seeking to live for the Lord, doing HIS will in life—then we can know for sure that He will bring us through experiences in life where everything that we have taken for granted will be shaken up to bring us to the place in our HEARTS that we now know and understand that ALL THINGS ARE THE LORD’S and that the Lord gives and takes away and that HE ALONE is our HELP and our SUSTAINER!

  • The Lord might allow us to lose our job/savings to accomplish this lesson in us.
  • He might allow us to experience thing after thing that requires money, and therefore we are unable to ever save up for the things we “really want”.
  • He might allow us to be in need of medical assistance that will take a miracle to be paid for.
  • He might allow us to be found in some kind of bizarre experience where we are not within the reach of community and we literally have no one to turn to except the Lord for help (for example in the true story movie 127 hours, a man gets into an accident while hiking in the Grand Canyon alone — this is a severe example but nevertheless it can happen)!

Whatever it will take, the Lord knows best how to bring us down to the place where WE HAVE NO HOPE, and not even the world can save us with its self-sufficient means. The Lord has to do this in order to get in our hearts this attitude that is well-pleasing to Him.

The attitude of heart towards Him that TRUST IN HIM ALONE!

The After Effects

Once the Lord truly brings us through any such experience, we will learn through it that our help comes from the LORD ALONE, and that those who put ALL THEIR TRUST IN HIM will not be put to shame! He is faithful, and He is satisfied and well-pleased when we honestly have a heart towards Him that puts our hope in HIM ALONE, and not in any self-sufficiency or the self-sufficiency of this world around us!

So that the next time we are facing some kind of trial or loss, we turn to HIM FIRST! And we put our hope and trust in Him to provide whatever the need, and we wait expectantly upon Him! And that is how we discover Him! That is how we get to know Him in a PRACTICAL way in our life! When we put our trust truly in HIM and not in man or any other thing!

And very often, the Lord uses the things that are available to work for His purposes (such as government programs or other organizations), and other times He works a miracle and heals our body in some way, or provides our need through another servant of His. But either way, OUR HELP COMES FROM HIM, and He gets all the glory when we trust in Him alone!

What a blessed thing to know truly in our own heart that it is the LORD who provides our EVERY need, and that we can turn to HIM alone to meet every need! 🙂

One Story

I’ll never forget before I was born from above by God’s grace, I worked at a golf club with another girl who was a Christian. This was around the time I was starting to feel my own need for the Lord in life. This girl hadn’t worked for a few days, and the next time she worked, she came in, and I had an envelope for her full of tips from the last time she worked that were hers that she never even knew she had made that day.

When I gave her the envelope, I remember her saying with such a joy-filled heart and smile, “THANK YOU LORD!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!” And she looked up to the sky and was just so THANKFUL and praising God and thanking Him. And she then told me that she was supposed to be going to visit her fiance who was in the military, but did not have enough money for the plane ticket, and this envelope of money was literally the answer to her prayers!

Seeing her experience the wonder of answered prayer has always stuck with me! It was a testimony from her to me, to my heart that the Lord is REAL and that He answers prayers and He provides for our needs when we don’t know what we are going to do!

I could tell many more stories of the Lord’s amazing provision in a world of the self-sufficient, but I pray that instead you will think back to all the times the Lord was your only hope, and He came through for you! Now I challenge you to see the need to have a continual attitude of heart that trust in the Lord and looks to HIM ALONE for all things!

This is well-pleasing to Him and is a blessing to us when we put all our trust in Him! 🙂



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