Living Triumphantly In The Midst Of Difficulty

Living Triumphantly In The Midst Of Difficulty

When we think about our life, and all the many different trials, provocations, difficult people, situations, circumstances, physical problems or disadvantages, or anything that makes for a harder life than would be desired—we have to bring home a very important fact that might perhaps release us from a lot of heart problems in connection with all of these different things.

Everyone desires good health and easy jobs and lovely people to be around—but we all know how that is just not reality and more likely our life speaks of the opposite in a lot of directions. We may suffer physical issues, have jobs that are anything but pleasant in this world, and be around difficult people most of the time. And it is especially in all these things that we find our biggest provocation to un-Christlikeness, and our biggest test as to our walk being worthy. It is also our biggest test in what we are depending on for life and victory in the realm of all these issues.

If we are fixed on being relieved of all our physical sufferings, and perhaps we do gain a lot of help from medicine in such times which we can praise God for, but when we can not be relieved for whatever reason, how are we to live triumphantly in the midst of such difficulty?

If we are set on finding a different job in this world where things are more pleasant and perhaps not as stressful, which would certainly be a benefit for anyone, but when we are constrained to a certain job and we have no release in sight, how will we live triumphantly in the midst of such difficulty?

And if we are set on being rid of those difficult people in our lives, which would absolutely help in terms of the way we live and react, but the only way that would be possible is if we move to an island alone, how are we going to live triumphantly in the midst of difficult people?

It is definitely human nature to want to just get rid of what is seen to be the problem in every case. We believe that if those things that are difficult would be removed, then of course our life would be better, we would be happier, and we would be able to be more loving and Christlike.

But the truth goes far deeper than this, and it actually is found to be an issue of our very nature, more than anything else.


We were all born with an ‘Adam’ nature—the nature of the flesh. This nature is linked with the evil powers and is more or less always gravitating to SELF and what it desires, lusts for, etc. This old nature is a nature within mankind that can never be glorified, and which can never be used by God for anything. This old nature is all the things that we are told to “put off” in the New Testament–lying, cheating, stealing, anger, bitterness, jealousy, selfishness. All those types of things are what characterize the old nature that we were born with. And we all know about this, and experience it, and are glad to know that one day it will be totally gone forever from us!

Here is where psychology is deceived—because psychology is based on improving man as himself, making him self better, and therefore dealing with all his issues that are mentioned above. This is false, and it is why psychology doesn’t change anyone. It is deceitful and a waste of time, at best!

This is also why it is vain and unprofitable to try to change yourself and make yourself not get angry, bitter, selfish, etc. as if we had the power in ourselves to change ourselves. We do not. We can do nothing. We are helpless, just like the man at the side of the pool who could not help himself into the water to be healed. He was crippled and lame and without hope in the world of ever standing up right and walking triumphantly in newness of life.

The answer to all these issues, and to living triumphantly in the midst of difficulty is only found in…….


The only answer, the only way, the only truth, and the only life triumphant over all the difficulties we encounter is within a new nature received at new birth from above.

When we were born from above, our human spirit was brought back to life, and joined to the Lord by the Holy Spirit, and within the Holy Spirit is the NEW NATURE, or in other words, DIVINE LIFE.

This new nature is the nature of CHRIST. It is a Divine Nature, one that is only possessed by Christ, and is imparted to us by His Holy Spirit, joined to our spirit.

In order to receive this new nature, we must have had to by faith accept all that the Cross means in us and for us, and reckoned ourselves DEAD (our old nature as dead), and by faith we were given the Holy Spirit and raised to newness of life in Christ! Glorious Day! šŸ™‚

This is where a lot of issues stem from—-us thinking that now that we are “saved” we are to transfer all our energy of our natural life and resource from serving sin, self, satan and the world over to serving God, heaven, and good things.

What is necessary for triumphant life is to have put to death the whole natural life with all its own abilities, energies, interests, ideas, ways, methods, and means and having received a totally NEW NATURE that only belongs to Christ!

Let us see this truth more clearly— think of all the “christian” counseling out there these days. Everyone with anger, marriage, porn addiction, and any other issues is told to seek counseling. How much of this counseling is changing anyone? How much of anything out there that claims to be the answer to people’s life issues is really changing anyone?

None of it changes anyone because the only thing that can EVER deal with the issues of mankind is the CROSS OF CHRIST, and dying to one old nature, and receiving a totally NEW ONE!

Think of all the things, the difficulties in whatever direction in your own life—-and think of all the failure and futile attempts we’ve made at “fixing” the issues that stem from our OLD NATURE—anger, pride, resentment—all things that are of the old nature. Think of how we have tried to deal with our physical pain, job stress, and difficult people once we realized they were the things that brought out our old nature like nothing else does. We tried to “be better” or we tried to do a million other things to “fix” our old nature!!


It is because the only way that anyone can live triumphantly in the midst of such difficulties is if they have been given a totally NEW NATURE in Christ, a Divine Nature, and are living upon this NEW LIFE as within them each day.

We will never fix our old nature. No amount of counseling, psychology, or any other so called remedy will improve one bit of our old nature. That old nature must DIE, and a new nature must be received!

Here Lies The Process

This is a life long process, even though we had a time where we definitely accepted the Cross as to our old nature, and we reckoned it dead. The old nature is not “eradicated”, it is still there, unfortunately. HOWEVER, even though it is still there, it no longer has POWER over us, unless we give it that power. This is where our spiritual training lies.

And what does the Lord use to train us spiritually, in order to teach us to live according to the NEW NATURE instead of our old?


All those physical issues, job stresses, and difficult people!

Perhaps this is not as helpful as it should be, but nevertheless, it is the truth that we must cling to! We are being transformed from one kind of human to another, and the only way for true growth into the NEW is through conflict! If we had no physical issues, no job stress, and lived only with happy loving people–we would NEVER need to grow into anything and there would be no need for a spiritual process of transformation and learning to live by the NEW NATURE!

All those difficulties provide the opportunity for us to learn to live triumphantly in the midst of it all by the power of the Holy Spirit!

I know personally that this is a lot easier said than done, especially in the middle of it all! It doesn’t seem like truth when we are up against difficult people or things. It seems to be the farthest thing from the truth when we are going through it, I know!

And perhaps those times when we really feel we just can not do it anymore, and we are being pressed on every side and in every way, those are the times we see how truly wretched our old nature is, and that is how genuine appreciation for the Lord Jesus is cultivated in our hearts, because it is in those times that we have nothing else to cling to besides the fact that He has already paid the price to deliver us from that wretched thing, and we are forever grateful!

Renewed Mind

If we can get this to our hearts though, by the Holy Spirit’s enablement, the next time we face something difficult, we may be able to remember that this is what is going on, and it is for a purpose. And if we can have this renewed mind about the whole matter, perhaps we will be able to face the difficulty in a new way, by a new strength that is not our own, but belongs to the Lord in us.

The next time we see a cold coming on, or worse—maybe we can be aware that it is not what is happening to us, for our body is corrupt still—- but it is an opportunity to live triumphantly by the Holy Spirit in us, and not succumb to the natural realm and it’s circumstances to decide how we act or respond to things.

The next time we are being provoked by someone difficult, let us ask the Holy Spirit to make this truth a reality that we can live triumphantly by the new nature in Him, and not react to this provocation and dishonor the Lord’s Name!


No matter the difficulty, what is needed is the new nature in us to rise up and meet whatever it is, in the strength of the Lord, in the power of HIS MIGHT, for His glory—and even when things are weighing down on us and we feel utterly wretched and unable to respond in a godly way—let us remember that this is the process of learning to live triumphantly in the midst of difficulty!! šŸ™‚



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