Losing Your Appetite For All Except God

Losing Your Appetite For All Except God

There comes a point in our spiritual life when we realize that the things that we once had such a craving and desire for in this world are no longer there.  And although we may think that we have lost certain cravings and desires, the proof is when or if we taste those things, we find that they literally do nothing. We find no enjoyment in them whatsoever!

This can be a test, as well as the proof of God’s working in our lives and hearts!

What We Once Craved

One of the ways in which God will lead us when He has truly gotten ahold of our hearts is to the experiences where we can no longer find enjoyment in the things that we once so highly favored and enjoyed. If someone were to have told me 10 years ago that I would no longer love or even want the things that I wanted at that time, I probably wouldn’t believe them. I could have never imagined that I would, 10 years later, have no desire or craving for the things which I loved at that time!

There are infinite things that this flesh of ours craves when we have not known the Lord personally, or tasted and seen that He is good!

Just think of all the things that people crave:

  • money
  • success
  • outward beauty
  • perfect body
  • children
  • love from another human
  • nice cars
  • friendships
  • alcochol/drugs
  • happiness
  • adrenaline rushes
  • sexual pleasures
  • freedom to do what they want
  • vacations
  • sunshine
  • socializing
  • sports
  • hobbies
  • food
  • diamond rings
  • $200 handbags
  • new homes
  • fame
  • power

The list is endless! And it is true that what you most craved may be something that another person never once desired. We all have our own desires and things we have sought after in this life to gratify our flesh!

The things we once found great enjoyment and pleasure in the Lord will be pleased to take and turn into displeasure when He gets ahold of our heart!

Pleasure Turned To Displeasure

This is what the Cross of Christ does when the Lord gets ahold of our hearts. The Cross is applied by the Spirit, and if we are open to the Lord and adjustment to Him, we will surely see that the things that we once found enjoyment in are no longer doing it for us!

How does this happen?

What happens is that overtime, the Lord reveals Himself to our hearts, and we experience a closeness with Him.

We experience His presence in our hearts, and we experience His joy and peace within! 

There are numerous ways the Lord may choose to reveal Himself, so there is no set order or way to it. It is by having a personal relationship with the Lord that He is able to reveal Himself to us. There is also the promise in John that if we obey and keep His words, then He will manifest Himself to our hearts! Elsewhere, it says that if we love Jesus, the Father will love us, and they will both come and make their abode in our hearts!

This can be experienced! It is hard to explain, but those who have experienced will know what it is! And if you have not experienced the Lord revealing Himself to your heart, I pray you will take Him at His word, and lay down everything else you might desire, and seek His face, and believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

Because once you experience the Lord for yourself in your heart and life, everything else you once craved and sought after is turned into DISPLEASURE compared to knowing the Lord personally!!!

Sometimes, the Lord allows us to lose things literally ($, family, possessions, etc.) in order that we might turn to Him, and have a heart that seeks after Him alone! That is another way the Lord uses to turn what we once craved after as nothing compared to knowing and possessing the Lord in our hearts!

Because either way, however the Lord might choose to bring us to the place where the things we once craved for are no longer our craving, in the end, it is because we have come to taste and experience the presence of God in our hearts that we no longer crave these other things!

This Presence On His Terms

Now even after we have experienced the Lord and have lost our appetite for all else —- the Lord has to deal carefully with us, because we may even turn experiencing His presence into something more important and sought after than the Lord Himself!

That is a deeper lesson that is learned after time. When we experience the Lord, it is so much sweeter than anything we have EVER tasted — so much more pleasurable than the most pleasurable thing on earth —- that if we lose this manifest presence in our heart, and we are no longer conscious of His presence, we begin to seek after the experience, and turn from seeking the Lord JUST for Himself, and not the experience!

I believe the Lord allows those times of “dryness” in order that we are all the more craving for Him! In that time of dryness where we don’t consciously experience His presence, we are tempted to look again for other things to fill that craving we have in us, and if we are not careful, we can start down again on the wrong road, seeking in things what only God can give, instead of surrendering to His will in that dryness, and clinging to Him by faith, waiting upon Him to reveal Himself again in our hearts!

In this way, He removes one by one all the other cravings we once had, that He may be ALL IN ALL!


What are you craving friend? Is it the Lord? Or is it something else?

I testify that there is nothing greater than having His presence in the heart. All else is literally as nothing compared to Him! I pray you might experience that too, if you haven’t already! And if you have, praise God that He is so faithful to do the work in us that is needed and that we can place our hope in His love and faithfulness!



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