Loving Him, Just For Him

Loving Him, Just For Him

I want to challenge us today on something that is so very real and true. Do we love God just for who He is? Or for what He can give us and do for us? This question is very searching and if we stop and think about it, it will most likely reveal a lot about our hearts. So I pray the Spirit will open our eyes to the truth and show us what is truly in our hearts!

Loving For What You Can Get

If we only love God for what we believe He can give us and do for us, to make our life better, or to bring us comfort, then that really isn’t love at all. True love is when you love not for what you can get, but just for who they are.

  • Are we the type that only praises God when things go our way?
  • But we are disappointed, upset, scared, and angry when things don’t work out as we hoped they would?
  • Do we turn on God when we feel He is not doing something that we want Him to do?
  • Are we likely to stop seeking God when we have prayed over and over for something and it just doesn’t happen, so we believe God is not giving us what we want, and therefore we have no reason to seek Him anymore?

If any of this describes us and our relationship to Him, then we need to see something here, by the Spirit’s help.

Every trial and every loss is the Lord’s way of getting us to set our hearts on HIM alone!

When we are not getting anything from the Lord, that is when we prove our love for Him! When nothing else matters in the world to us, as long as we have HIM (His presence and fellowship) —- that is love. Jesus Himself taught that if we only love those who love us, what love is that? And if we only associate with people who can give us something in return for what we can give them, what kind of love is that?

Let’s turn this around and see it from a different perspective —- if God only loved us for what we could do for Him and give to Him, would we even feel loved?

Is that the love we desire of God or from any person?

No. I don’t want someone, or God, to love me for what I can do for them, or give to them. I want them to love me for me, and nothing else!

In the same way, God has not called us to Himself just so that He can give us things or do what we want Him to do. He has called us up and out, and given us NEW LIFE in Him. And when we have His Life dwelling in us, we are drawn more and more to Him, and loving Him, not for what He can do for us or give us, but just for Himself. And that is what He desires!

And that is what God has shown to us — that even when we were yet DEAD in our sins, He sent His Son to die for us! THAT IS TRUE LOVE! We could offer Him absolutely NOTHING—– yet He loved us and gave Himself up for US!

The truth is if we have HIS presence with us, everything else honestly doesn’t matter anymore. If you haven’t experienced this, I pray you will seek the Lord about it because when we truly see Him by revelation of the Spirit in our hearts, and we know Him—that is LIFE. And Life is worth more to us who belong to Him than anything else we could ever have or want!

What About Your Husband?

When I saw this, it immediately occurred to me that, this applies to our loving our husband and everyone really.

Do we only love our husband for what he can give to us and do for us?

Do we get mad and feel like we don’t love him anymore if he can’t give us what we want? That is not love!

If we can honestly say that if tomorrow, our husband became homeless or worse, we would still not leave him and would remain faithful to our marriage and to him —- then that is love. But this kind of love only comes by us having accepted the Cross of Christ, and letting go of all our own personal desires for life and marriage! Because if we are living only for what WE can have and get, then we are living a self-centered life. And those who live unto themselves have no part in the Kingdom of GOD! It is only those who lose their life that will find it in Him!

Let this word search our hearts and by God’s grace lead us into more LIFE in Him! 🙂


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