Marriage: The Target of the Enemy

Marriage: The Target of the Enemy


If you are married, and you are both professing Christ Jesus as Lord, your marriage is the target of the devil and all his forces from hell.

****special note: if you are married and your husband is NOT a believer—– this post may still be helpful in the sense that as a wife in Christ, you have a responsibility for the Lord’s testimony in your own individual life—and you may perhaps have even greater trials because you will be standing against the enemy in a much more difficult way. You will have to stand in Christ, and learn how to NOT react in the flesh when your unsaved husband is perhaps hard to deal with. Marriage can be a tool in God’s hand whether we are both in Christ or not. God will use everything in the life of His child to bring about His eternal purposes!

Marriage—-The Target 

Right from the very beginning, marriage has been the target of satan. Adam and Eve were united in that blessed state of spirit union with God, and united as one together in the garden. What was the immediate result of Eve eating the fruit and Adam not trying to stop her? Marital division and blame-shifting.

Has anyone ever stopped to ask WHY the devil is so opposed to marriage? The answer lies in the fact that there is a spiritual meaning behind human marriage relationships between two believers in Christ.


” This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.” Ephesians 5:32

Now we know that Paul was telling husbands and wives about how to treat one another—and how it is correlated to Christ and His Church.

The husband is to love the wife as Christ loves the Church.

Wives are to be in subjection to their husbands as the Church is in subjection to Christ, and she is to respect the husband as the Church is to respect Christ. (To learn more about respect/submission in marriage, visit April’s site:

We have a responsibility for the Lord’s testimony in our marriage relationship.

Therefore, if the devil can  get in between husband and wife and smash that, he has succeeded in a very, very big thing, because he has then robbed Christ of a testimony to Himself and His relationship to the Church.

The answer is quite clear as to why satan is so opposed to marriages and perhaps we have heard it all before, yet marriages are falling apart everywhere—-especially the ones that are supposed to be standing for something far greater than just an earthly thing.


The arrows aimed at us can happen in so many ways, we don’t even detect them sometimes. It can be in our own minds that we allow thoughts to creep in that are accusatory of our husbands. We can harp on something that happened that has hurt our feelings. We can constantly look at how our husband is affecting us with the way he treats us or relates to us.

All it takes is one suggestive thought to get us to totally go against our husbands in our hearts and minds before we even realize what has just hit us!

Ways the devil likes to keep couples in Christ divided:

  • stirring up any kind of strife in order to get us to react out of our flesh which in turn makes us spiritually paralyzed and the Testimony of the Lord and His Throne is compromised
  • temptation aimed at whatever past sins you were most inclined to do (pornography, drugs, etc.)
  • speaking lies in our ears about our husband/children in order to lead us astray and from abiding in the Christ
  • getting us to believe that we are incompatible with our spouses—that their personality doesn’t mix with ours
  • getting our eyes to stay focused on our own personal interests for the marriage and getting our own needs met
  • bombarding us with contrary worldly wisdom when we seek for answers to our human relationship problems
  • getting us to mind earthly things instead of heavenly things
  • subtly deceiving us into believing lies about ourselves in the marriage
  • getting one of us to “vent” our problems to a friend of the opposite sex
  • getting us to “hide” our true feelings and selves in the marriage in order to avoid any conflict, but in turn it creates bitterness/resentment

I would love to hear if anyone has any other ways the devil has tried to keep their marriage divided! I know there are probably many many more ways! I am still learning and beginning to see how the enemy has been attacking our marriage.


I see my marriage now as a grounds for the Lord to conform me to the image of Christ, and I believe that even when conflict is present, we can learn the ways of God and truly allow God to change us in the midst of it all to become like Christ! We MUST look past the husband to the true enemy—– and we must see that our marriage is something the devil absolutely hates because he knows that if we were united, we would be a huge threat to his kingdom. It is all about the Testimony of the Lord in our individual lives, and our marriage, church bodies, etc.! All is about the Lord!

I think it is important that we do stay focused on what God wants us to do in our marriages—– we are to live a heavenly life here—- a life that speaks of Christ Jesus—- and even though it hurts when others might be unkind, and it can get confusing if we are not careful to keep close to the truth—- we must still remember that Christ has called us up and out of this world—-to be a living testimony to the LIFE OF CHRIST in us! If we can’t live this first in our own homes—- we will have no effect anywhere else in the world.

The testimony starts in our very most personal lives!!!

I believe it is imperative that we look past our husbands to what the devil is trying to do here.

He is trying to steal our testimony!!

And because the marriage relationship is intended by the Lord to represent something so great—–the devil is utterly opposed to it and will do whatever he can to divide and destroy that relationship.


*******I am going to be sticking with this topic and adding more and more as I feel led out of what I am experiencing in my own marriage of this. The fight is real. The war is REAL. I am in a battle for my marriage because if my marriage is to be the way God intends it to be—the devil will be losing A LOT in his kingdom.



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