Nobody Wants To Die

Nobody Wants To Die

If we have ever truly “seen” with the eyes of our heart that when Christ died on the Cross, He died as us in place of us, and that He took on Him the whole race of Adam, and in the eyes of the Father, we were all brought to death when Christ died on the Cross — then we know how joyful it is to accept it!

And now those of us who have believed on Christ Jesus as Lord, are now brought back to life in the Resurrection of Christ from that death He died as us. He died for us; He was raised for us. And when we believe on Him as Lord, that is what we are acknowledging to be true. We reckon ourselves dead to self in Christ’s death, and now alive only to God (not our self anymore)  in Christ’s Resurrection! (Romans 6)

And how easy it is to reckon ourselves dead once we see this by the Spirit’s illumination in our hearts! It is cause for rejoicing! It is true joy and life when we can enter into this experience of what Christ has done for us on the Cross!

That is what we would call the “objective” side of the Cross. It is the outward side that we did not actually have to partake in. It is entered into as our experience BY FAITH.

The Subjective Side Of The Cross

Then there is the “subjective” side of the Cross, which is the side of the Cross that we DO have to partake in, in actual life and experience, in order for us to actually experience the “power of His Resurrection” life in our hearts and lives.

That is what the Cross does — it always leads to MORE LIFE!

And this is the side that no one likes. We all accept the death of Christ as ours, but when it comes to the Spirit actually applying the Cross of Christ to our souls, we do not willingly allow it, let alone desire it! Yet this is the ONLY way for more Life to spring forth!

This is a Law of God that is found in all the creation, not just in the spiritual realm. Look at any thing that is planted and see that it has to die first (to germinate) and THEN it can spring up in NEW LIFE. It is sowed as a seed, and springs up in NEWNESS of Life! Think of the seasons in the year. There is a season of death (fall/winter) which eventually issues in the season of NEW Life (spring, summer)!

Everywhere, the Lord has placed this law in His creation that we might be ever turned back to the great truth that before NEW LIFE can spring forth, death must first come!

No One Wants to Die

You can know when a season of death has come around in your life when you are faced with new trials, sufferings, and circumstances that you do not like. The Lord in this trial and season is wanting to take this soul of ours into a deeper death, that NEW LIFE might be brought forth.

But when the Cross is being applied to our lives, we usually do ANYTHING but joyfully lay down on it, knowing we will be nailed to it, and die on it! Instead, we kick and fight against the trial, adversity, or circumstance, and do all we can do avoid surrendering to it and laying down on it because we know that it means we must DIE!

We do anything to avoid letting this SELF be killed!

But that is the very reason for the trial or hard circumstance! That we might yield to the Cross, to the will of God, knowing and believing that He has good reason to allow such a Cross, which is to bring our self into a deeper death, that the Life of His Son in us might grow and spring up in newness!

Surrender And Live!

I know how hard it is to hear, and how much harder it is to actually face and go through with when we are faced with new trials and troubling circumstances that we do not want to be in!

But it is the only way.

It is the NARROW way that leads to life!

Instead of kicking and resisting the Cross, let us see that the only way for us to go in this trial and circumstance is to embrace it as from the Lord, surrender to it, and lie down on it willingly, knowing that we must die, that His Life will spring up in newness!

The longer we resist, the more misery we will endure as we are only putting off the inevitable: death to self!

But the sooner we surrender, and give up the fight, and follow the way of the Lord Jesus in self-resignation, and give ourselves freely to this death the Lord has arranged, the sooner we find the grace, strength, rest, and peace that the Lord will give to us when we surrender! And though it does not take away the pain of the Cross we are hanging on, it accomplishes much quicker what the Lord is intending, which is to bring forth new life in us!

To resist is misery; to surrender is life and peace!

Be Encouraged

What hard circumstance are you currently facing that you are trying desperately to fix, or make better, or get out of?

What are you facing that you can not accept or stand to be in right now, but is out of your control entirely?

What is in your life that you wish was not at this time?

What are you having to do in life that you would give anything to not have to do?

What is causing you to feel so unhappy and unsatisfied with your life at the moment?

What is making you bitter and resentful right now?

These are the things that the Lord has allowed as our Cross, to willingly surrender to, and embrace, which will lead to the death of self in some way, that He may bring forth new life in us!

Let us be encouraged by these Crosses, seeing that the Lord has something much better for us than what we would want to happen! Let us not resist Him, but yield to whatever it is, that He may have His ends reached, and new life spring forth for His glory!

This is the only way to life and peace, and the only way to get “on top” of whatever it is in our life right now that we are fighting against! Let go, and let God do what He intends, and the blessing will come!


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