There is ONE object of satan—- to alienate man from God.

It started in the Garden—when he succeeded in alienating the human race from God by getting Adam to sin out from his own soul (self). Instead of abiding in his spirit, and referring and deferring all things to God in spirit, he decided to act out from his OWN self, and eat the fruit in order to gain something for HIMSELF.

Satan HATES our Lord because he wanted to be the heir of all things. But Christ Jesus our Lord is the rightful Heir of ALL things! And satan stole what was rightfully our Lord’s when he deceived Adam into sin. And the world as it is, apart from God, “lies in the evil one”.

Now that as a very general background, I want to talk about a #1 tactic that satan uses against the TRULY BORN AGAIN children of God, in order to try to get them out from abiding in Christ and standing on the ground of FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS.


If you are a truly born again child of God , there will come a time, if it hasn’t already, when you will begin to question, doubt, and fear that you are NOT truly a child of God.

Behind every doubt and fear is the DEVIL.


The Lord has NOT given us a spirit of fear! If only we truly saw what the Lord has done in His Cross—- that He has BOUGHT BACK what is rightfully HIS! And He has forever cast out the prince of this world! That ought to stir our hearts to rejoice if we really see what He has done!

In the Cross of the Lord Jesus:

  • our sins are forgiven!
  • we are united with CHRIST IN SPIRIT!
  • and we are JUSTIFIED before GOD!!!!!
  • we are delivered out of the authority of darkness!!!

And though there is MUCH more to be said about the Victory in the Cross of Christ, let us look at one way that the enemy tries to get us off the ground of Christ by faith:

  • Accusationthe enemy is seeking to get us to accept condemnation in whatever way he can (through other people, our own minds, etc.). When we accept his accusations—- we open the way for condemnation, and when we accept this condemnation, we in effect toss aside what the Lord has done in His Cross on our behalf. Accepting accusation and condemnation leads to spiritual death and paralyzation really fast. It leads to us stepping away from God because we fear that we are not really His, and that we have no right to come unto Him in prayer. We start to believe that we are a hopeless case, and that we are so horrible, there is no way the Lord can have grace/mercy for someone like us. (This is actually pride in another form). It can start with someone hurling accusations against you, and then if you accept what they are saying, you begin to think about that, and then you start questioning if whether what they say is really true, and you begin to look at yourself, and you see how vile you are, and you start to truly believe that you may NOT be saved. This leads to depression and misery. It starts to consume your mind, and you frantically search for some evidence that it is not true. You are stuck right there until you see that in the Cross—- you are justified!


Christ paid for all of our sin—-and when we are IN CHRIST—- THERE IS NO MORE CONDEMNATION!

There is a negative side and a positive side to this. The devil is all the time trying to get us to fall into condemnation in order to paralyze us and get us off of the ground of the Spirit and faith in  Christ (negative side) and all that we have in Christ because he knows that when we are in Christ and walking in the spiritual abundance found in Christ, we will represent Christ, and we will count for God and we will have power over the darkness!

The positive side of seeing how truly vile we are is when the Holy Spirit is filling us, we are made more and more to see how DESPERATE we are for our Lord and Savior! If we are not being led to see what is in our own hearts, and how utterly vile and in need of mercy and grace, then there is something wrong with that. It is not in a condemning, miserable, introspective way at ALL—- that is negative. This positive way is when the LORD opens our eyes to see the TRUTH of what we are, and in that time, we see HOW GREAT our Lord’s mercy and grace and love is towards us, in that He died in order to bring us back to life in our spirit union with Him!

If we are all the time doubting our salvation, that is DISHONORING TO THE LORD’S NAME! And when this is the state we are in, the devil is pleased.

We have to consciously toss out everything that says that we have to do this, that and the other thing in order to be saved. That is NOT the truth—-the truth is that JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS IN ORDER TO CAST OUT THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD AND TO MAKE THE WAY FOR US TO COME BACK TO GOD IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! It is a FREE gift of eternal life! FREE— so that it is not by works, or by man’s will—NO—it is a FREE GIFT and it is only in Christ Jesus! All who come to the Father come by Him—NO OTHER WAY!


If you are going through this spiritual attack—I pray you will turn your eyes back to CHRIST and ALL THAT HE IS MADE FOR US!

  • HE is our WISDOM


You and I can be perfectly sinless, and still not be a truly born again child of God. That is because being born again is not based on our own whiteness or our own perfection or sinlessness. Being born again is an act by the SPIRIT OF GOD OUT FROM HEAVEN—– It is out of the hands of man—we can not do it ourselves, or even decide to do this. GOD MUST DO IT IN US! It is ALL out from God!

I pray you will let this word stir your heart to rejoice and be glad in the Lord!


Tomorrow, I will talk about how the Book of 1 John is the letter that unfolds the assurance of our life in Christ. His letter was written to the Church in a time when a lot of false teachings had come in, and the people did not know what was true and what was false. People were divided on doctrines and things, so John wrote this letter to confirm the faith of the believers and to set forth the truth of Christ!

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