Submission For ‘Dummies’

Submission For ‘Dummies’

So I really just want to explain submitting to our husbands in the most easy way to understand it. I think that it is easy to MIS-understand this, when really, it is not that big of a deal that the whole world makes it out to be.

PLEASE NOTE: I am addressing this post to christian wives who are married to regular husbands who are not out drinking, doing drugs, stealing, lying, cheating, etc. Even if your husband is not saved, if he is living a normal life — then you have no reason not to submit to him!

So here is my personal explanation of what submitting to our husband means:

Have you ever had a job in your life? If you have, then you have had a boss at the job. You at some point took orders and instructions from whoever was in charge at the job. You did what they asked you to do because they were the one who was given the authority to tell you what to do and what not to do. If you were unsure about what to do at your job, you asked the boss. And then you did whatever they told you to do because that is what people do at jobs.

No one who has had a job has thought to themselves, “I can just do whatever I want at work because no one is responsible for me here.” Most people go to work, do what they are supposed to do, and don’t deliberately seek to go against whatever their boss asks them to do. Most people don’t go to their boss all the time and try to tell them what to do at their job, or how to run the place. Most people know their place and stay there. Wise people actually do what they are told joyfully because they realize that they are not ultimately the one who is responsible for whatever they were asked to do.

If something goes wrong, but you did all that you were asked to do, it is not on your shoulders at all, but on theirs because they are in charge!

Have you ever been a boss at your job? Then you know that the employees that do everything you tell them to are your favorite ones and you trust them more than the rebels at work, and you ask them to do more because they are reliable and don’t give you any rebellion! They listen and do what they are told, and that makes you want them to be around more than any other employee who doesn’t do what you tell them to do!


If we have a husband, then God has assigned THEM as the “BOSS” — the one in charge — the one who gets to decide how our life together is run. He is the one who has the responsibility laying on HIS shoulders to tell us what to do or what not to do —- and then if things go wrong, it is on him, not us!

And it’s not necessarily as in depth as we think. At a job — we are still ourselves, with our own personality, morals, behavior, and decisions to make. But when it comes to the job — we have someone in charge of us that we need to listen to.

In marriage, we are still ourselves, with our own personality, morals, and behavior and decisions to make —- but when it comes to our life together with our husband, he is the one who gets to call the shots, and if we go against him, then we are being rebellious, and going against what GOD has ordained ultimately for our protection!

It’s that simple ladies 🙂

When I was working at that job for a few months, I ultimately trusted God and did what those in charge asked me to do. I didn’t try to tell them what they should do, or how to run the place. I didn’t freak out when they asked me to work on a certain day until a certain time. I trusted God to put me where and when He wanted me to, working through those in charge, whether they were saved or not.

This is how I see marriage and what my job is here. I am to do as I am told from my husband, trusting in God ultimately to direct me through him. I don’t need to try to tell my husband how we should run our life together, or what he should do in his own life, or how he should run our family. If there is a major issue, I can suggest my side of things — but ultimately, I need to trust God and do what I am told because that is the way God has ordained it for OUR protection!


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