“The Consequences Of A Wrong Step Happened, In Order That……”

“The Consequences Of A Wrong Step Happened, In Order That……”

This is the first of a series of posts I am doing about real life experiences that have happened to me either before I was truly born again, or after, which I pray might be a blessing to you if you’ve experienced any of them yourself, and are in need of a word of encouragement! As I wrote yesterday, it is from our experiences that the Lord wants to teach us something very important about Himself, and what He can do, and His mind and ways. And the things that happen to us are in order that we come to know Him more, and His ways! 


Now this first topic that I want to address is when we take a wrong step in our life, whether before we were born again, or afterwards—– and see why that step was allowed, why the consequences were/are allowed in our lives, even if in a time of ignorance.

A Wrong Step Before New Birth

If when we were in our time of ignorance, living apart from God and Heaven, we made choices that were against God’s design and way of life, we most likely are still living with those consequences.

The wrong steps in life we could have taken are things like:

  • having a child out of wedlock (creating a number of issues that last a long time from court orders, etc.)
  • marrying someone who is not godly (and perhaps it didn’t matter back then because we were not yet made righteous in Christ either, but the consequences are real when we are born again and they are not)
  • breaking the law in various things that left us with a criminal history
  • doing drugs/drinking alcohol
  • dropping out of school/college
  • getting divorced for the wrong reasons before being born again
  • making poor and unwise financial decisions
  • creating a lot of debt that lead to bankruptcy
  • having an abortion
  • giving a child up for adoption
  • eating very poorly all your life and ending up with numerous health problems/issues

I’m sure there are a lot of other things, other wrong steps we have all taken and could have taken, but hopefully you get the point from these examples.

I’m also sure that there are many of us who are living today with the consequences of our wrong choices from before new birth, and perhaps we have a very hard time dealing with those things in our lives that are the result of our wrong steps in a time of ignorance, and when we really didn’t know or care for anything better, especially not God’s way of life.

But the fact and trouble remains that many of us are dealing with a situation like this, that stems from BEFORE new birth, and we find ourselves in the present day despairing over our lives because we can’t live with whatever is troubling us. It is a heavy burden, and we can’t seem to get over it or on top of it spiritually, in victory.

“In Order That….”

Well I’ve got some good news for you!!! Those wrong steps, those wrong choices that have left us in the present day with troubles, trials, and problems, those very consequences have been allowed in order that we would come to see just how particular God is about the RIGHT THING, and we are learning it in our lives by being able to see and experience the AWFULNESS of the WRONG thing!

I’ll use myself as an example here. I had a child before being born again, and was not married, and I was left pregnant and alone. I’ve seen, and I experience the awfulness of having taken that wrong step, that wrong choice in my time of ignorance. I’ve since let go of it all, and trusted it to the Lord, but the fact is a daily experience. I can’t change it. I can’t rewind time, I can’t do it over. It happened how it happened, and yet, in the end, it has been the very thing that the Lord has used to show me that HIS WAY IS THE ONLY WAY THAT LEADS TO LIFE! And I tell you what, I never took that wrong step again, and never will. I learned my lesson friends. I will be plagued by this wrong step for the rest of my life. I can’t escape it. But that is the higher wisdom of GOD! He has allowed it in order to bring me to see HIS WAY, and to value HIS WAY in life! 🙂


The Wrong Step After New Birth

But what about AFTER we are born again? Things become, or seem to be a bit more trickier because we would think that the Lord would sovereignly overrule all of our wrong steps after we are born again.

But He doesn’t.

We still have the option of taking a wrong step in life, and the consequences are real. But thankfully, they can and will be used by the Lord to create Christ in us, and will be turned around for that good.

The fact is that when we take a wrong step, God does not cover it up for us. He does not save us from the consequences of our choices. Sometimes He does. We look back and see sometimes that He actually did sovereignly intervene in our lives after new birth and we are grateful because at the time, we didn’t realize what we were doing.

But then there are other times that the Lord really does not allow us to get away with anything, and when we take a wrong step, that decision is not hidden, and we suffer the consequences, and those consequences often stay with us for the rest of our lives. But this time around, it is even harder to bear because we come to realize that the Lord actually has made His mind known about that thing we chose to do the wrong way, and we violated it. (In His Word)

He most certainly allows us to experience the full weight and consequences of our choices when we take a wrong step in order that we will see that His way of life is the ONLY WAY!

The only right way! And this is how we learn. Just like a child in real life learns by mistakes, we must learn this very very important lesson. We must learn that God’s way of Life is the ONLY way that is not injurious! His way is Life and Peace! His way is RIGHTEOUS and HOLY!

The Lord is much more willing to lead us by His Spirit than we could ever expect. He wants us to live according to Christ and His Word! And when we are abiding in Christ, we are being governed and led by the Holy Spirit, and we will follow the way of Life if that is the case. Whenever we take ourselves and what WE want in or out of life into consideration, that is when we find ourselves off course and suffering consequences for our wrong steps!

It is never too late to turn to the Lord in total surrender. His arms are wide open unto us! If we have taken a wrong step, and we are suffering consequences, let us turn to the Lord with all of our heart, and seek Him to reveal Himself to us, and to lead us in the way of LIFE! 🙂


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