We all have desires in our heart. Most times, the desires are for good things, and even things that God created us to actually need. This is not the issue. The issue is what we believe will actually meet/satisfy the desires and needs of our heart. 

 Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4

Learning to be content is bound up with our hearts. It is all a heart matter! The Lord showed me that I can easily see what I am trusting in to bring me satisfaction and contentment by looking at the desires/wants I have. These desires/wants tell me what I really value and need in life.


For women at least, I think there are several common things that we all desire/want. Here is what I identified as my heart’s desires that I believe most women desire as well:

  • Security
  • Love
  • Contentment
  • Joy
  • Life
  • Purpose
  • Stregnth (inward not physical)
  • Salvation
  • Rest/Peace
  • Freedom
  • Emotional Connection
  • Spiritual Nourishment/Growth
  • To be taken care of
  • Identity

**I don’t know everything or anything for that matter, this is just what I found to be true of my own heart, and I can see it is true for many women I have come in contact with and have known! 


Here is the blind spot that we usually can’t see until we really allow the Spirit of God to examine and expose what’s truly in our hearts! The desires of our heart are all legitimate needs, and I think they are good things in and of themselves.

They only become an issue when we believe that anything other than JESUS can actually satisfy the need/desire we have! 


What do you believe will satisfy your desire for security? Is it :

  • A Job/$/401 K?
  • Having/being in control of your life/world?
  • Knowing the future so you can plan accordingly?
  • Being married?
  • Having children?
  • Being “smart” or having a college degree?
  • Carrying a weapon?
  • Having a home security system?

What do you believe will satisfy your desire for love? Is it:

  • Having a husband/boyfriend/children/friends/a pet?
  • Having male attention/affection?
  • Sex?
  • Being good enough?
  • Being showere with gifts, text messages, being pursued?
  • Having emotional connection with your husband?
  • Being loved how YOU want to be loved?

What do you believe will satisfy your desire for contentment? Is it:

  • Life externally from you going how YOU want it to go?
  • Having a husband/bf/child?
  • Having a new home?
  • Being engaged?
  • Being in love?
  • Having a job, $, car?
  • Living in a certain place?
  • Having health insurance?

What do you believe will satisfy your desire for a Purpose? Is it:

  • Having a job?
  • Being a wife/mother?
  • Having a ministry?

What do you believe will satisfy your desire for Salvation? Is it:

  • Religious practices?
  • Going to Church?
  • Good works?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Self-righteousness?

If we really allow God to search our hearts, we will see that we are trusting in so many other things to bring us satisfcation. These other things will NEVER be able to satisfy us, though. We will always be left feeling empty, bitter, sad, and alone when we are believing and seeking to be satisfied by anything else except Christ!

Our security both in this life and in heaven is solely on the shoulders of Jesus Christ. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is on the throne and He sits as the rightful Heir of this world. He alone is worthy of our heart’s devotion and praise! He has all power and authority over everything whether it be principalities, dominions, or powers—HE is LORD OF ALL!!! Our security rests in Him, and when we set our hearts on HIM alone as our security, we can rest in His love and in His sovereignty, believing that He is keeping us by His sovereign power and plan to will and to do of His good pleasure!

Our desire/need for love will never be found in having a husband, boyfriend, friends, children, or a pet. It does not lie in getting attention from a man, having sex, having male attention or anything like that. IT LIES SOLELY IN CHRIST! Christ is the only one who can meet our never ending, deep dark hole of need in our hearts for LOVE! His love NEVER fails. His perfect love casts out all fear! WOW! HIS LOVE CASTS OUT ALL OUR FEARS!!! That is great news!!! No sinful human being can meet the need for love that is God given in our hearts. The bible says that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost (Romans 5:5)!

Our purpose, according to the Bible, in Isaiah 43:7 says that we were made for God’s glory! WOW. We were created to bring Glory to GOD! We were created in Christ and predesinated to be conformed to His image before the foundation of the world! We were chosen by God before the world was. That is some serious purpose! 🙂


No matter what the desire is, Christ Jesus is the answer!!!

He spoke to my heart when He showed me this, and He said “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will SATISFY your heart! The Lord wants me to delight myself in Him….and as I delight myself in HIM ALONE, He satisfies my heart’s longing and desires with HIMSELF! With His Presence! The Bible says in the presence of GOD is  FULNESS OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray you will allow the Lord to speak to you and search your heart to reveal to you the things that you might be trusting in that will never come close to HIM! It is worth it, and it is freeing! AMEN!

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